So far, at least 1878 journalists died of Covid-19 in 84 countries, the 25 most affected countries:
Brazil 289, India 277, Peru 198, Mexico 122, Colombia 79, Bangladesh 68, USA 65, Italy 60,  Venezuela 58, Ecuador 51, Argentina 46, Indonesia 41, Russia 40, Iran 34, United Kingdom 32, Dominican Republic 28, Turkey 28, Pakistan 27, Nepal 23, Bolivia 20, Honduras 19, South Africa 19, Ukraine 19, Egypt 17, Panama 17.

Next are: Spain 16, Guatemala 11, Nigeria 11, Afghanistan 10, Nicaragua 10, Zimbabwe 10, Cuba 9, France 9, Algeria 8,  Paraguay 8, Philippines 7, Uruguay 6, Kazakhstan 5, Kenya 5, Morocco 4, Cameroon 4, Iraq 4, Romania 4, Azerbaijan 3, Costa Rica 3,  Salvador 3, Sweden 3, Albania 2, Austria 2, Belarus 2, Belgium 2, Benin 2, Bulgaria 2, Canada 2, Chile 2, Germany 2, Ghana 2, Guyana 2, Portugal 2, Sri Lanka 2, Bosnia 1, Czech Republic 1, Democratic Republic of Congo 1, Israel 1, Jamaica 1, Japan 1, Jordan 1, Kirghizstan 1, Lebanon 1, Lithuania 1, Malawi 1, Mali 1, Moldova 1, Mozambique 1, Myanmar 1, Palestine 1, Poland 1, Saudi Arabia 1,  Switzerland 1, Togo 1, Tajikistan 1, UAE 1, Uganda 1, Yemen 1.

Since the beginning of March 2020, the PEC has started a corona-ticker to pay tribute to the journalists killed by the Covid-19 around the world. Media workers have an important role to play in the fight against the virus. The safety of media workers is particularly at risk in this crisis because they must continue to provide information on the ground. A number of them died for lack of adequate protective measures when doing their job. The PEC requested early vaccinations for journalists on the frontlines. Our corona-ticker is designed to put names and faces to the numbers. The PEC team offers condolences to families and colleagues of the deceased.

24.11.2021. KAZAKHSTAN. Sixty-eight-year-old dissident journalist and poet Aron Atabek (photo) has died while being treated in a Kazakh hospital for COVID-19, one month after his release from a long prison term. Atabek (aka Edigeev) was released in early October after serving most of an 18-year prison sentence stemming from a 2007 conviction for helping organize protests that resulted in the death of a police officer. Between 1989 and 1992, Aron Atabek was editor in the newspapers Alash and HAK, which were then illegal in Kazakhstan. In 1992, he founded the weekly Khak ("The Truth").

22.11.2021. RUSSIA. Journalist Artur Tatarenko (photo) died of coronavirus in Dubna. 
He was only 37 years old. A few weeks ago, the man contracted the coronavirus, his condition 
worsened, so he was hospitalized in Dubna Hospital.
22.11.2021. UKRAINE. Ukrainian journalist and politician Leonid Pilunsky (photo) died in Crimea. 
Earlier it was reported that he fell ill with COVID-19. Leonid Pilunsky died in occupied Sevastopol 
at the age of 74.
21.11.2021. ARGENTINA. Murió el periodista Guillermo Blanc (photo) dedicado al mundo de la farándula y el espectáculo desde la revista Radiolandia 2000. Estaba internado en sala de COVID en la clínica Unas de Adrogué. Miembro de la Asociación de Periodistas de la Televisión y Radio Argentinas (Aptra) desde su fundación, según versiones de sus familiares difundidas por las redes, habría sufrido una infección en la sala donde se encontraba internado.

19.11.2021. RUSSIA. Famous journalist Nikolai Demin (photo) dies of coronavirus in Barnaul. He has been on a ventilator since October 10, reports the Union of Journalists of the Altai Territory. Nikolai Ivanovich was a veteran of journalism, for many years he worked at the regional radio, and in 2002 he founded the regional agrarian newspaper "Altai Niva".

19.11.2021. USA. Mark Farina (photo), a longtime PA announcer known for calling Chicago Public Schools sports, died this week. He was 61. Farina died Monday morning from complications of COVID-19 after being hospitalized, according to his loved ones and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. Farina called Chicago Public League football, basketball and baseball championships. He also owned a communications company and was a published author.

18.11.2021. COLOMBIA. A los 81 años falleció de Covid-19 el veterano periodista Jorge Molinares (photo), de amplia trayectoria en la radio barranquillera. Su deceso se produjo en la Clínica General del Norte en donde estuvo intubado los últimos cuatro días. Molinares era pensionado de la empresa Monómeros, pero su amor por la radio la desarrolló paralelamente.

16.11.2021. BELARUS. The famous TV presenter Sergei Filimonov (photo) died tonight.  Journalist and 
producer Sergei Budkin writes with reference to relatives that Filimonov died of COVID-19. Sergei Filimonov
is a Belarusian journalist and presenter. Sergei is known as the host of the cult program "Visibly invisible".
The program appeared on Belarusian television in 1992, and since autumn 2012 it has been broadcast on
the Belsat channel.
14.11.2021. ROMANIA. Dragoș Dumitriu (photo), former deputy and Sputnik journalist, died at the age of 57, 
after a post-COVID heart attack. After being infected with coronavirus, Dragoș Dumitriu stayed in the hospital
for almost a month, and the treatment seemed to bear fruit. Now, however, he has died of a heart attack.
The death was announced by the publication Sputnik, where Dragoș Dumitriu, aged 57, worked as an editorialist.

13.11.2021. USA. James Hopkins (photo, 61) worked as a journalist, died suddenly November 12, in Moravia

(NY), following complications related to a breakthrough case of Covid-19. He worked among other functions as

a newspaper reporter in Little Falls.

13.11.2021. UKRAINE. Anatoly Pivnenko (photo), famous journalist of Ukraine, head of the Alex TV 
channel, passed away at the age of 71 in Zaporozhye.According to the newspaper "Position", Anatoly
Pivnenko was hospitalized in serious condition, was in intensive care. Doctors fought for his life, but the
coronavirus, unfortunately, turned out to be stronger.

11.11.2021. BRASIL. Morre a jornalista Edna Nolasco (photo), vitima da Covid-19. Edna Nolasco, uma das jornalistas mais atuantes em Vitória da Conquista, sendo, atualmente, delegada do sindicato dos jornalistas na região. Edna lutava contra a covid-19 e estava internada no Hospital de Base.

07.11.2021. UKRAINE. Vladislav Lyashchevsky (photo), a journalist of the newspaper "Dnepr Vecherniy", had 
died in Dnipro. It is known that the man has been struggling with the coronavirus and its consequences for a
long time, but unfortunately, his heart stopped on November 7. Vladislav Lyashchevsky worked in the
"Prapor Youth", "Dneprovskaya Pravda", and since 2001 - in the "Dnepr Vecherny".
07.11.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista e professor Flávio Porcello (photo), de 70 anos, morreu em Porto Alegre na madrugada deste domingo (7) em decorrência da Covid-19. Ele sofreu falência múltipla dos órgãos após 38 dias de internação no Hospital São Lucas, da Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC).
05.11.2021. RUSSIA. Russian poetess, songwriter, writer, translator and TV presenter Lyudmila 
Shipakhina (photo) died at the age of 87 in Moscow. The cause of death of the woman was the consequences 
of coronavirus infection. This was reported on the official Facebook account of the poetess.
05.11.2021. GERMANY. Holger Obermann (photo) dies at 85 of the consequences of a corona infection, 
although the restless pioneer of football and television was already double vaccinated. Obermann was known 
throughout Germany from 1971 to 1984 as a moderator of the ARD sports show and as a commentator 
who reported on five soccer world championships from 1970 to 1986.  Since 1990 Obermann has been 
traveling on behalf of the German Football Association and the National Olympic Committee and has sparked
enthusiasm for football in East Timor, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Gambia, Sri Lanka and Australia.
05.11.2021. MEXICO. La comunidad periodística, amigos y familiares lamentaron el fallecimiento de Humberto Leal Valenzuela (photo), quien era el presidente de la Asociación de Periodistas de Ciudad Juárez. El también actor Humberto Leal falleció a los 65 años; el deceso ocurrió a consecuencia de complicaciones por Covid-19, informó Rosendo Gaytán, secretario general de la asociación.
04.11.2021. RUSSIA. The famous poet and journalist Sergei Yuryevich Sokolkin (photo) died at the age of 59 
from the consequences of Covid-19. He was secretary of the Union of Writers of Russia, Honored Worker of
Culture of the Russian Federation.

03.11.2021. USA. Longtime Golden Triangle radio personality Jesse Block (photo) has died following a bout with Coronavirus in Texas. Jesse Narmon Block, 53, of Nederland, died late Friday night after battling the illness since early September. Block had worked for several radio stations in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area since the 1980’s. His radio days stretched all the way back to KAYC (“KC”) AM, and through the years he worked for KZZB (“B-95”) FM, KQXY (“94-Q”) FM, and KAYD (“KD97”) FM.

02.11.2021. UKRAINE. Honored journalist of Ukraine dies of coronavirus in Sumy. A sad event happened for 
the journalistic community of Sumy region: after a severe course of an insidious disease at the age of 68, 
Viktor Mikhailovich Boyko (photo), long-term head of the Sumy region newspaper and head of the Sumy 
regional organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, left this world.
01.11.2021. RUSSIA. On November 1, at the age of 50, the journalist, art critic, curator and collector 
Alexander Panov (photo), who published under the pseudonym Fyodor Romer, died. According to art 
critic Milena Orlova, the cause of death was the disease caused by the coronavirus COVID-19. He worked for 
Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Itogi magazine, Kommersant Publishing House, Yezhenedelny Zhurnal, etc.
31.10.2021. IRAN. The Club of Iranian Journalists announced that Morteza Hosseini (photo), a photographer 
and reporter of "Shafaqna" news site in Iran, who worked in the field of Afghan news, has died due to the
Coronavirus. Mr. Hosseini was 36 years old, a resident of Qom. According to reports from Iran, many unions,
such as journalists, have not yet received the second dose of their vaccine, and according to the Ministry of
Health, only one-third of the Iranian population has been fully vaccinated so far.

31.10.2021. ROMANIA. Well-known journalist Doru Dinu Glăvan (photo), a lifelong correspondent of the 
Public Radio for Caraş-Severin, sports columnist and leader of the Union of Professional Journalists in Romania
(UZPR), died on Sunday, October 31, 2021. The famous journalist was 75 years old and was sick of Covid-19.
31.10.2021. VENEZUELA. La presidenta de la Fundación Casa del Periodista, Alecia Cristina Franco de Ortega (photo), perdió la batalla contra el Covid-19, luego de luchar por varias semanas con esta terrible enfermedad. Alecia Franco,  estuvo  al frente de los departamentos de Relaciones Públicas en las distintas salas de redacción de los principales medios de comunicación en Carabobo, entre ellos Notitarde y el Carabobeño,  en estos últimos años fue asesora comunicación  del Hesperia WTC Valencia.
31.10.2021. KAZAKHSTAN. Famous Kazakh sports journalist Yevgeny Gaidamakin (photo) dies of
coronavirus in Almaty. At the age of 39, a Kazakh sports journalist, author of the Sports True Youtube channel 
Yevgeny Gaidamakin passed away, Kazinform reports with reference to the website of the Kazakhstan 
Football Federation.

31.10.2021. RUSSIA. Igor Kirillov (photo) - the man known as the face and voice of the USSR for three decades - has died from Covid-19 in Moscow aged 89. Kirillov was Soviet TV's chief newsreader and announcer. He informed viewers of the first sputnik in space, and delivered the communiqués of the Communist Party. He also anchored all major Soviet set-piece events: from Moscow's Red Square parades to communist congresses. In 2018 he was given the Order of Honour by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

30.10.2021. VENEZUELA. La reconocida periodista Rita Betancourt (photo) falleció este sábado, según información difundida en redes sociales, por complicaciones asociadas al coronavirus. Su deceso enluta al gremio periodístico y empresarial larense, a los que dedicó muchos años de su vida.
30.10.2021. BRASIL. Morreu Silvio Santos (photo), um jornalista, productor cultural e um dos fundadores da Banda do Vai Quem Quer. Aos 74 anos de idade, ele era mais conhecido como Zé Katraca na cidade de Rondônia e faleceu em decorrência de complicações causadas pela Covid-19.
26.10.2021. BRASIL. Morre o cartunista, chargista, músico e jornalista Lailson de Holanda (photo), devido às COVID, aos 68 anos, no Recife. Com passagens pelo Diário de Pernambuco, também publicou no Pasquim, MAD, Bundas, etc
25.10.2011. ROMANIA. Mihai Bădescu (photo), one of the most famous journalists from Pitești, died on
 Monday, October 25, at the Intensive Care Unit of the Argeş County Hospital in Piteşti, killed by COVID-19. 
Mihai Bădescu, one of the most well-known journalists in Argeş County, had been hospitalized a few days ago,
 after being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. He worked for almost two decades at the weekly Jurnalul de 
Argeş, and for several years he had his own press website, entitled soaptereci.ro.

23.10.2021. RUSSIA. Famous journalist dies. “Echo of Moscow” Maya Peshkova (photo), a journalist

and literary critic, died at the age of 75 from the effects of the coronavirus, reports the Ekho Moskvy

radio station’s website, according to RIA Novosti.

22.10.2021. BULGARIA. The journalist Veselin Konstantinov (photo, 66) died. We are shocked by the sudden 
death of our beloved and respected colleague,who was killed in a few days by the ruthless COVID-19,
the statement of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists reads.

20.10.2021. AZERBAIJAN. The deputy general secretary and head of media at the Azerbaijan Judo Federation has died at the age of 47, after contracting COVID-19. Elnur Shukurov (photo), also known as Ashraf Oglu, had been hospitalised since September before losing his battle against coronavirus, the International Judo Federation (IJF) has confirmed. He was considered one of the most famous sports journalists in Azerbaijan and is known for producing the first sports entertainment programme, called Sport Digest, on national television.

16.10.2021. ALBANIA. Journalist Artjan Tepelena (photo) lost the battle with Covid today at the age of 58. 
The journalist was fighting the virus and had been hospitalized in the Sanatorium for a month. Artjan Tepelena
has been a journalist, editor-in-chief at TVSH, news director at TV Alba and most recently was part of
TVSCAN with a show of his own.

13.10.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. Globally acclaimed golf broadcaster and journalist Renton Laidlaw (photo) has died. He was 82. Renton was admitted to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee two days ago when he tested positive to Covid-19. Born in Edinburgh in 1939, started his journalistic career as a copytaker compiling sports results before moving to the Edinburgh Evening News where, after five years as a junior reporter, he was promoted to golf writer in 1962. Over the next 60 years, he moved into television and radio, while also continuing his love of writing, and rose to become one of the most recogisable voices and names in golf.

13.10.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na noite desta quarta-feira, 13, em Maringá, o jornalista Verdelírio Barbosa (photo), aos 80 anos. Referência do Jornalismo na cidade, Barbosa estava internado em uma UTI em tratamento de uma pneumonia, mas não resistiu.  Verdelírio Barbosa era proprietário do Jornal do Povo.
13.10.2021. BRASIL. Após 35 dias internado em uma Unidade de Terapia Intensiva (UTI) do Hospital Cliame, em Goiânia, em tratamento da Covid-19, o jornalista, publicitário e servidor da Prefeitura de Goiânia, Fernando Contart (photo), de 69 anos, faleceu vítima do coronavírus nesta quarta-feira, 13.

11.10.2021. BRASIL. O fotografo Charles Wellington (photo), de 44 anos, morre no Hospital Geral de Roraima, vitima da Covid-19. Ele trabalhou por mas de dez anos como reporter fotografico na Assembleia Legislativa de Roraima.

10.10.2021. USA. A fully vaccinated 58-year-old journalist in Palm Beach, Florida has died September 19 following a breakthrough COVID-19 infection. He had received the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Vincent Konidare (photo) was vaccinated against COVID-19 and proudly sent a photo of his vaccine card to a longtime friend on March 24 but was diagnosed with the disease on August 2. Vincent Konidare worked at The Palm Beach Post for 35 years, beginning as a pressman and rising through the ranks to become advertising placement manager. He left the newspaper in December 2020.

10.10.2021. BANGLADESH. Dhaka-based senior journalist, dramatist and  poet Rafiqul Haque Dadubhai (photo) died of belated Covid-19 complications on 10 October 2021. Haque (85) passed away at his residence in Mugda locality. The former feature editor of Daily Jugantor also used to work for Dainik Rupali, Dainik Janata, Dainik Azad, Bangladesh Observer, etc.   Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also expressed grief over his demise.
08.10.2021. NICARAGUA. El periodista Nelson Sequeira (photo) murió al sufrir un paro cardiaco, tras contagiarse de covid-19.  Sequeira fue colaborador de 100% Noticias hasta el 21 de diciembre de 2018 cuando fue allanado y confiscado por el régimen de Daniel Ortega. Tras la confiscación se dedicó a colaborar con las plataformas digitales La Mesa Redonda, del periodista Sergio Marín y con el analista político Jaime Arellano en el programa Jaime Arellano en la Nación.

08.10.2021. VENEZUELA. Con sintomatología asociada a COVID-19 falleció la noche de este jueves el periodista José Rafael Ramírez (photo) en Maracay. Ramírez fue un polémico periodista, que enfocó esfuerzos en develar la corrupción y las injusticias dentro del sistema penal venezolano, en especial en su natal Aragua. En su página noticiasjr.com reveló infinidad de hechos vinculados con corrupción.. Laboró para los diarios El Periodiquito y El Siglo, ambos en el estado Aragua; además ejerció en medios de Mérida, donde imprimió un semanario llamado El Estrado. También fue miembro de la plantilla de El Universal mucho antes de su cambio de dueños. Hace algunos años creó un grupo de whatsapp en el que incorporó a periodistas de todo el país, en el que se debatían temas de interés nacional.

07.10.2021. BANGLADESH. Dhaka-based senior journalist Arun Basu (photo) died of Covid-19 on 7 October 2021. Basu (68) passed away while undergoing corona treatment at Suhrawardy medical college hospital. He left behind his wife and a son.

07.10.2021. IRAQ (Kurdistan). Sulaimani-based Kurdish journalist Hersh Sangary (36, photo) died of Covid-19 on 6 October. The former KNN and NRT reporter was diagnosed with corona infection prior to his demise.
07.10.2021. INDIA. Veteran Odia journalist Vivekananda Dash (photo) died while undergoing treatment for Covid-19 at a private hospital in Bhubaneswar. He was 70. Dash is the Founder and Editor of fortnightly newspaper ‘Janatantra’, first published in the year 2001. He had worked with popular Odia dailies ‘Sambad’ and ‘Prajatantra’ and English weeklies ‘Eastern Times’ and ‘Organiser’ between 1971 to 2004.
06.10.2021. INDIA. Kochi (Kerala) based cartoonist C J Yesudasan (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 6 October 2021. Yesudasan (83) passed away while undergoing treatment at a private hospital. He bagged various honours including Swadeshabhimani Award, BM Gafoor Award, V Sambasivan Memorial Award, PK Manthri Memorial Award, NV Pylee Award, etc for political cartoons published in a number of media outlets including Malayala Manorama and Janayugom.

05.10.2021. INDIA. In a sad development, another journalist of Odisha has succumbed to Covid 19 infection. Young scribe Satyajit Mohapatra (photo) passed away at the age of 44 due to Coronavirus infection. Satyajit Mohapatra was the editor of ‘The Common Times’. He was under treatment in a private hospital for the last one month.

05.10.2021. ALBANIA. Famous sports journalist Kosta Grillo (photo) passes away. Sports journalist and commentator has died of coronavirus this Tuesday at the age of 59. He was treated in Turkey since August 27, but he could not defeat the virus.

04.10.2021. CUBA. El periodista cubano Juan Antonio Borrego Díaz (photo) falleció este lunes por complicaciones asociadas a la COVID-19. Durante 29 años, se encargó de reflejar en las páginas de Granma el acontecer de la provincia de Sancti Spíritus. Su labor como reportero, se combinó durante más de dos décadas con la dirección del periódico Escambray, un medio  que bajo su conducción conquistó todos los premios de periodismo que se confieren en Cuba.

30.09.2021. ROMANIA. Aralambie Stănuțiu, an employee of the technical direction of the Realitatea Plus television station, died due to the Covid-19 infection. According to Antena 3, the man was 46 years old and was hospitalized in Intensive Care, at the "Matei Balş" Institute. As far as is known, the Realitatea Plus employee did not suffer from other major ailments.

30.09.2021. BELARUSSIA. Vitsebsk journalist and poet Konstantin Seviarynets (photo) died at the age of 70  
at COVID-19. Seviarynets has been in journalism since 1979, ansd a speaker on the Belarusian Radio. About two 
weeks ago Konstantin and Tatiana Seviarynets fell ill with COVID-19. Mr. Constantine's disease began to be 
severe. Despite the efforts of doctors, Severnets failed to overcome the disease.
28.09.2021. VENEZUELA. Journalist Angel Cedeño, (photo, 38) a native of Venezuela, was a correspondent in the Latin American country for Telecinco and collaborated with the newspaper Nius. He died this monday. Cedeño himself could not believe the situation he had to face: «I couldn’t breathe, I thought I was going to die. And so I had to visit other hospitals until I reached the University Clinic where they treated me for the kicks and in inhumane conditions. There, Covid and non-Covid patients remain in the same place (…) Venezuela is facing a collapsed health system, ”Ángel wrote to a friend the same day he fainted.
27.09.2021. USA. On Monday, Sept. 27, 2021, longtime journalist and McDowell County Sheriff's Office Administrative-Public Information Assistant Richelle Bailey (photo) passed away at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem (North Carolina) following complications from COVID-19. Richelle worked for a number of years with McDowell News. Then in May 2013, Richelle joined the Sheriff's Office full-time as the Administrative/Public Information Assistant.

26.09.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Manoel Moreno (photo), de 59 anos, morreu na noite desde sábado (25) de Covid-19. Ele estava internado desde o dia 2 de setembro na Santa Casa de Paraguaçu Paulista (SP) devido a complicações da doença.Desde o dia 15 ele seguia intubado na UTI. Manoel era responsável por um site de notícias de Paraguaçu Paulista e região.

26.09.2021. ITALIA. E’ venuto a mancare dopo una breve malattia il giornalista pubblicista Germano Scargiali (photo). Scargiali aveva 75 anni ed è rimasto vittima del Covid; si è spento in ospedale.  La sua era una figura molto nota negli ambienti velistici italiani. Di questo sport era innamorato ed aveva cominciato a seguirlo sin dagli anni ’60, scrivendone, tra l’altro, su Giornale di Sicilia, Corriere dello Sport e sulla rivista Nautica.
26.09,2021. CUBA. El colectivo laboral de la Emisora Radio Florida de Cuba lamenta el fallecimiento en la tarde de este 26 de septiembre del destacado periodista Humberto Guevara Esquivel (phioto) a sus 80 años de edad, víctima de secuelas asociadas a la COVID-19. Destacan la Distinción Félix Elmuza de la Unión de Periodistas de Cuba por sus 15 años de labor, la condecoración Raúl Gómez García que otorga el Sindicato Nacional de la Cultura, la medalla Aniversario 50 de la Unión de Periodistas de Cuba y el Premio por la Obra de la Vida, también entregado por la Dirección del Gremio periodístico en la provincia de Camagüey.

23.09.2021. USA. Established local media figure Darian Dudrick (photo, 52), well-known for his interviews on Big Horn Radio Network’s “Daybreak with Darian Dudrick,” died Tuesday. The network announced his death Tuesday night on social media, Susan Patrick, co-owner of Legend Communications, the company that owns the station, said she is “devastated” over Dudrick’s passing. Patrick confirmed Dudrick died from COVID-19 and was “hospitalized for COVID and nothing else.” “He was a great journalist and recognized across the state of Wyoming,” she said.

22.09.2021. ARGENTINA. Las secuelas del Covid se llevaron a Mario Rodríguez Muñoz (photo). La redacción de PERFIL, Fortuna y toda la editorial ha sufrido un duro golpe por la pérdida de uno de nuestros mejores hombres en lo profesional pero por sobre todo en lo humano.

21.09.2021. TURKEY. Owner of local newspaper Son Nokta, Turkish journalist Erol Kes (photo) who didn't believe the pandemic is real died of COVID-19 on Sept. 20, his paper reported. "Erol Kes contracted coronavirus a while back. He was taken into intensive care on Sept. 10 when his condition became grave. Today, we received the sad news about him," said his daily in an announcement of his death.

21.09.2021. SRI LANKA. Senior Tamil journalist and Tamil B.A. Anthony Mark (photo) from Mannar has passed away at the age of 80 due to Covid-19 on September 21, while being treated at #Mullaithivu Hospital for COVID-19. He raised voices to know the whereabouts of disappeared Tamils and continuously demand the release of political prisoners.

20.09.2021. MEXICO. La madrugada de este lunes, falleció el destacado periodista deportivo Santiago Morales Ortiz (photo), quien tenía una importante trayectoria en diferentes medios de comunicación. Trascendió que Morales Ortiz, de 61 años de edad, habría perdido la batalla contra la Covid-19. Apenas hace 6 días, el pasado 14 de septiembre, su esposa, Martha Elba Sulvarán Blancas también perdió la vida.

19.09.2021. HONDURAS. El periodista y catedrático universitario Óscar Rafael Jananía (photo) falleció en la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos (UCI), a causa de la COVID-19, luego de permanecer internado en el Instituto Hondureño de Seguridad Social (IHSS) en San Pedro Sula. Según se conoció Janania se había aplicado la vacuna johnson & johnson en Estados Unidos, pero las enfermedades base le complicó su salud durante la pandemia. Jananía era catedrático de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras en el Valle de Sula (UNAH-VS), CEUTEC y director de prensa de VTV.

17.09.2021. PANAMA. El Periodista Chiricano Luis Alberto Gaitán (photo) fundador de Informe Especial en la Radio que se radiodifunde en @Megamix905 falleció la mañana de este viernes en el Hospital Regional Familiares confirmaron la noticia, el comunicador social sufrió complicaciones del COVID-19.
16.09.2021. INDIA. Agartala (Tripura) based veteran  journalist turned politician Gautam Das (èhoto) died of Covid-19 complications on 16 September 2021. Das (70), who edited Daily Desher Katha newspaper and was one of the founder members of  Agartala Press Club passed away while undergoing corona treatment in a Kolkata hospital.

16.09.2021. GUATEMALA. El jueves 16 de septiembre se dio a conocer el deceso de Mario Roberto Morales (photo), ganador del Premio Nacional de Literatura 2007. De acuerdo con allegados de Mario Roberto, el escritor y periodista fue internado en un hospital privado durante la segunda semana de septiembre debido a complicaciones por covid-19, pero después fue trasladado al Hospital Especializado de Villa Nueva.

15.09.2021. USA. Conservative radio host Pastor Robert "Bob" Enyart (photo), who swore off Covid-19 vaccines, has died from complications due to the virus."It comes with an extremely heavy heart that my close friend and co-host of Real Science Radio has lost his battle with Covid," said co-host Fred Williams on Facebook. Enyart is one of several conservative radio hosts who passed away recently from Covid-19 complications after complaining about masks and expressing skepticism about vaccines. Dick Farrel, a Florida-based talk radio host, passed away from the coronavirus in August, as did Nashville-based host Phil Valentine, who was 65 when he died. Marc Bernier, another Florida-based conservative radio host and an outspoken opponent of masking and vaccines, also died of Covid-19 last month.

14.09.2021. CUBA. El reconocido periodista avileño, José Aurelio Paz (photo), "JOPA", como solía firmar, Premio Nacional de Periodismo, falleció este martes 14 de septiembre, a causa de la COVID-19.

12.09.2021. VENEZUELA. Murió la periodista del estado Portuguesa, Nichols Fernández (photo), tras perder la batalla contra el Covid-19. Tenía además 22 semanas de gestación, por lo cual se transforman en dos las víctimas, informó Noticia Al Minuto. Trabajo en las emisoras radiales Rumbera 89.3 FM y Fanática 99.5 FM.

11.09.2011. BRASIL. Morreu, na noite deste sábado (11), o padre redentorista Jesus Flores (photo), aos 87 anos, vítima de complicações da Covid-19. Sacerdote há mais de 60 anos, ele também era jornalista e trabalhava na Rádio Difusora.

09.09.2021. KAZAKHSTAN. On September 9, the funeral of the editor-in-chief of the opposition newspaper 
DAT Bakhytgul Makimbay (photo) took place in Almaty. They tried to bring the journalist to court more than 
once, she was attacked, but she remained faithful  to her profession until her death. Bakhytgul Makimbay died in 
an Almaty hospital from COVID-19.

09.09.2021. ARGENTINA. Esta mañana, la dolorosa noticia del fallecimiento del periodista Julio Grandjean (photo) colmó las redes sociales con mensajes de despedida y homenajes. La muerte se produjo luego de batallar durante semanas contra una infección provocada por coronavirus. Se desempeñaba como director de comunicación institucional del Ministerio de Desarrollo Social de la provincia. acido en Buenos Aires y fanático de San Lorenzo, se radicó en Tucumán hace más de 20 años y, como Julio Grandi, comenzó una carrera como relator de radio de los partidos de Atlético y San Martín. También trabajó en El Tribuno Tucumán y en diferentes emisoras de la capital y Yerba Buena.

08.09.2021. CAMEROUN. Le journaliste camerounais Amobe Mévégue (photo) est mort de Covid-19 (famille). L’illustre homme de médias, spécialisé en culture a rendu l’âme ce 8 septembre 2021. Deux semaines après l’inhumation de de sa mère au Cameroun, le journaliste, animateur de France 24 et patron de la chaine Ubinnews, Amobe Mévégue  est mort à 52 ans.


05.09.2021. USA. Celebrity photographer Raymund Isaac (photo) died on Saturday, September 4, after being hospitalized for COVID-19 in San Francisco, California. He was 59. A veteran in the photography business, Raymund started out doing fashion editorials and later branched out into beauty and advertising photography.

05.09.2021. BENIN. La mort du journaliste Vincent Foly (photo), emporté par le Covid-19 le 3 septembre, a déclenché une vague d’hommages unanimes à l’endroit de cette grande voix du journalisme. La nouvelle de la mort de Vincent Foly est tombée vendredi 3 septembre dans la soirée. Atteint de Covid-19, le journaliste de 68 ans, promoteur de La Nouvelle Tribune, est décédé à Allada, non loin de Cotonou.

04.09.2021. IRAN. Elmira Manshadi, (photo), a journalist with the Iranian daily Shahrara, has died from the coronavirus. She passed away on Friday night at the age of 35 after a 10-day battle with the respiratory disease in the intensive care unit in a Tehran hospital.The Shahrara editor-in-chief said Manshadi was an experienced journalist who spent 14 years working for the Iranian daily.

04.09.2021. PUERTO RICO (USA). El legendario reportero  de la televisión puertorriqueña Efrén Arroyo Torres (photo) murió a causa del COVID-19, según se confirmó este sábado. Efrén Arroyo nació en Santurce, el 18 de junio de 1953. Comenzó su carrera periodística en 1978. El periodista no estaba vacunado y llevaba 2 semanas con síntomas.

04.09.2021. PHILIPPINES. Journalist and former Iloilo Press Club (IPC) president Rommel Ynion (photo) died on Friday, two days after he posted on his social media account that he tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Ynion was the publisher of the defunct The News Today Iloilo. He wrote a column for Panay News, too.

03.09.2021. USA. Longtime Channel 8 anchor Gary Waddell (photo) dies from heart attack while being treated for COVID-19. Waddell, who was 77, died Thursday night at St. Rose Dominican Hospital’s Siena Campus.

02.09.2021. PHILIPPINES. The publisher of a community newspaper in Bulacan province died of COVID-19 complications on Thursday (Sept. 2), relatives said. Josephine Bautista Reyes-Burgos (photo, 59), founded “News Core” in 2006, serving as its publisher until her death.

02.09.2021. SRI LANKA. Pragas Gnanapragasam (photo), a 26-year-old Tamil young journalist from Jaffna, Northern Province, died today after contracting Covid-19. His death just happened one day after the journalist publicly tweeted about contracting the Covid-19.  Pragas, a native of Kodikamam, was an independent journalist writing for magazines and newspapers in the North-East.

01.09.2021. COLOMBIA. El reconocido periodista Javier Ayala (photo) falleció este miércoles tras varios días de lucha contra el coronavirus, de acuerdo con la información suministrada por varios allegados. Ayala fue uno de los más destacados periodistas del país. Inició su carrera en la prensa escrita, más específicamente como redactor económico del diario El Espectador, y se desempeñó como jefe de información económica del diario El Tiempo. Fue el fundador de exitosos noticieros de televisión como Noticiero Nacional y En Vivo, así como miembro de los equipos informativos de Caracol y RCN Radio. También se desempeñó como comentarista económico del noticiero CM&.

29.08.2021. USA. Florida radio host died of Covid-19. A conservative radio host from Florida who criticised coronavirus vaccination efforts – and called himself “Mr Anti-Vax” – before contracting Covid-19 himself has died, his station said on Saturday. WNDB and Southern Stone Communications announced the passing of Marc Bernier (65, photo), who informed and entertained listeners on WNDB for over 30 years.

28.08.2021. BANGLADESH. Daily Janakantha Gaibandha Correspondent and Gaibandha Press Club General

Secretary Abu Jafar Sabu (photo) died of Covid-19. He breathed his last at a Bogura hospital.  Jafar is the 66th

Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.

28.08.2021. AZERBAIJAN. Azerbaijani journalist died of coronavirus. At the age of 32, an employee of the Femida.az

Oguz Altai has died.  In the last status of the journalist, it was said that people should be vigilant as coronavirus infection is

spreading strongly in the area.

27.08.2021. PHILIPPINES. Veteran journalist Melo Acuña (photo) died of COVID-19 on Friday, August 27. Acuña was 64. At the time of his death, Acuña worked at the media office of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) News, a contributor to La Croix, and UCAN; and was correspondent at the Asia Pacific Daily.

25.08.2021. MEXICO. El Pleno de la Comisión Permanente del Congreso rindió un minuto de silencio al periodista Mario Ruiz Redondo (photo), que falleció en su natal Chiapas debido a complicaciones por Covid 19. El presidente de la Mesa Directiva, Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar, recordó que el pasado 21 de agosto falleció Mario Ruiz Redondo, en Tapachula, Chiapas. “Hombre que por su buen ejercicio en la prensa escrita se hizo merecedor en dos ocasiones al Premio Nacional de Periodismo e igual número de ocasiones fue condecorado por el Senado de la República, con el Premio al Mérito Periodístico’’. Ruiz Redondo también fue catedrático en la Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales de la UNAM y ejercicio el periodismo por más de 47 años. Sus trabajos periodísticos fueron publicados en periódicos en el Universal, Excélsior, Televisa, Imevisión –hoy TV Azteca–; fue director adjunto a la Presidencia y Dirección General de Organización Editorial Mexicana y director del país.

24.08.2021. VENEZUELA. El periodista Miguel Gerónimo Arismendi murió con sintomatología COVID-19. Miguel Gerónimo Arismendi tenía 78 años. Su profesión la ejerció básicamente en la radio. Laboró en Radio América, donde ocupó el cargo de director de prensa; también en Satélite y en Radio Latina.

23.08.2021. ESPANA. El empresario y publicista cubano-español Arturo Villar (photo) falleció el 21 agosto en Santander, España, víctima del COVID-19. Tenía 87 años de edad. Villar fue el editor de Hispanic Market Weekly, que sirvió de puente entre los publicistas hispanos en Estados Unidos, y de Vista Magazine, una de las primeras publicaciones en inglés dirigidas a los hispanos. El empresario también fue el editor de ALA (The Latin American Features Syndicate) y de Opiniones Latinoamericanas, una revista mensual sobre temas hemisféricos. En su trayectoria se destaca el lanzamiento de la revista K, que llegaba en los periódicos más prestigiosos de América Latina.

23.08.2021. ALGERIE. La journaliste de l'Agence Algérie presse service (APS) du bureau de la wilaya d'El Tarf, Nadjet Fennouche (photo), est décédée lundi en début d’après midi, à l'hôpital Besbes à l'âge de 54 ans, a-t-on appris auprès de sa famille. Ayant contracté la Covid-19, la défunte avait été transférée, depuis une semaine à l'hôpital de la ville de Besbes dans la wilaya d’El Tarf et son état s’est détérioré au cours de ces deux derniers jours, selon une source médicale.

23.08.2021. BRASIL. Jornalista Ana Paula Veiga (photo) morre aos 30 anos, vítima de Covid-19, em Porto Alegre. Ana Veiga travou uma verdadeira batalha contra uma leucemia. No Hospital contraiu a Covid-19.

22.08.2021. USA. A conservative talk radio host from Tennessee who had been a vaccine skeptic until he was hospitalized from COVID-19 has died. He was 61. Nashville radio station SuperTalk 99.7 WTN confirmed Phil Valentine's (photo) death in a tweet Saturday. Valentine had been a skeptic of coronavirus vaccines. But after he tested positive for COVID-19, and prior to his hospitalization, he told his listeners to consider, “If I get this COVID thing, do I have a chance of dying from it?” If so, he advised them to get vaccinated. He said he chose not to get vaccinated because he thought he probably wouldn't die. After Valentine was moved into a critical care unit, Mark Valentine said his brother regretted that “he wasn't a more vocal advocate of the vaccination” (with Associated Press).

21.08.2021. CUBA. El periodista cubano José Luis Estrada Betancourt (photo), quien trabajó durante casi 20 años en la sección cultural del diario oficial Juventud Rebelde, murio de Covid-19 el sábado en La Habana, a los 53 años de edad. "Regresaba de un viaje al Turquino con la AHS (Asociación Hermanos Saíz) y pasó sus últimos días luchando con la enfermedad en el Hospital (Manuel) Fajardo", informó el periodista Michel Hernández en su perfil de Facebook.

20.08.2021. NEPAL. So far, 23 journalists have died in Nepal due to a coronavirus. According to the Federation of Nepali Journalists, 21 journalists and two communicators have died so far. Mahendra Sherchan, chairman and managing director of Rajdhani News Publication, and Ganesh Siwakoti, station manager of Radio Jhapa, died on Wednesday.  At the same time, the number of journalists and media persons who lost their lives due to coronavirus has reached 23, said Roshan Puri, general secretary of the federation. More than a thousand journalists have been infected across the country. The federation has said that the rate of coronavirus has increased in the last few days and has appealed to engage in professional work only by adopting health security measures.

20.08.2021. NICARAGUA. La periodista Margarita Rojas (photo), falleció hoy a consecuencia del Covid-19, confirmaron fuentes de  American Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce donde se desempeñó por varios años como su Relacionista Pública.
20.08.2021. NIGERIA. The family of the late Mohammed Fawehinmi (photo) said that he died of complications from COVID-19 infection. The Head of the family, Saheed Fawehinmi, who disclosed this to journalists at the GRA, Ikeja residence, said that Mohammed did not take any dose of the COVID-19 vaccines.  The deceased was the Chairman of Nigerian Weekly Law Reports before his demise.
19.08.2021. BANGLADESH. Daily Bangladesh Pratidin photojournalist and Chattogram Photojournalists’ Association president Didarul Alam  (photo) died of Covid-19. He breathed his last at a Chattogram  Hospital.  Didarul  is the 65th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.
18.08.2021. USA. A former ABC13 reporter who had a passion for sharing stories died of COVID-19, according to his family. Stuart Wayne Stanley (photo), who was 56 years old, died on Saturday, Aug. 7. He worked at several different TV stations early on in his career until he ended up at Houston's own ABC13.
16.08.2021. RUSSIA. Tyumensky writer and former television journalist Viktor Strogalshchikov died of coronavirus, 
according to his colleague, editor-in-chief of the Siberian wealth magazine, where he worked for the last 15 years, Svetlana
Kirsanova. He was 71 years old.
16.08.2021. VENEZUELA. El periodista Franklin Pazos (photo) perdió la batalla ante el COVID 19 luego de un mes de lucha contra la enfermedad. En la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos del Hospital Central de Valencia recibía los servicios médicos. El comunicador de 75 años era uno de los más apreciados personajes del gremio en la entidad. Laboró en distintos medios en la región central entre ellos Notitarde.
15.08.2021. ALGERIE. Amina Sahraoui (photo), une journaliste qui présentait la météo sur Ennahar TV, est décédée des suites du coronavirus. Selon la chaîne d’information, qui cite des membres de la famille de la défunte, la jeune présentatrice était à son cinquième mois de grossesse. La liste des journalistes décédés cette année se rallonge donc de plus en plus en Algérie. La famille des journalistes a déjà perdu, le mois de juillet dernier, l’animateur et journaliste Karim Boussalem ainsi que le présentateur télé Slimane Bakhlili.

19.08.2021. SOUTH AFRICA. Ragani Achary (photo) passed on due to Covid-19 complications. Achary (48), Head of News at Hot 102.7 FM, worked for television stations such as eNCA and SABC. She is well-respected within broadcast media and for the nurturing of young reporters. Achary also worked for various radio stations, such as Capital radio 604.

13.08.2021. NIGERIA. The management of Fresh FM has disclosed that the late Journalist, David Ajiboye (photo) who until his death few days ago was the General Manager, Fresh FM, Ado Ekiti, died of Covid-19 complications, reports The Gazelle News.com.This was revealed in a press statement signed by Samson Akindele on behalf of the FreshFM management.
12.08.2021. BANGLADESH. Jamuna Television Chuadanga district Correspondent Ariful Islam Dalim (photo) died of Covid-19. He breathed his last at a Dhaka Hospital. Ariful is the 64th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.
12.08.2021. INDONESIA. The press personnel of Payakumbuh and Limapuluh Kota Regency mourned 
one of the local senior journalists, Zulkifli Damhur. Zulkifli died on Thursday (12/8) at the Adnan Wd 
Payakumbuh Hospital while battling Covid-19 (Photo: Funeral procession for Zulkifli Damhur) 

11.08.2021. Brasil: 278 periodistas murieron a causa del COVID-19 desde que comenzó la pandemia (FENAJ).

Con este número, el país sudamericano encabeza las estadísticas mundiales de trabajadores de prensa muertos durante la pandemia. Según el registro realizado por el departamento de Salud y Seguridad de la Federación Nacional de Periodistas de Brasil (FENAJ) de los 278, 199 fallecieron durante los primeros siete meses de 2021. Veja o Dossiê completo:

11.08.2021. ZIMBABWE. Journalist and women rights activist Vimbai Nhutsve Musengi (photo) died from complications of Covid-19 in the early hours of today. She was 41. Her demise came barely one day after her mother had also succombed to Covid-19 complications. Vimbai's husband, Kudzi Musengi, also a seasoned journalist, confirmed his wife's demise.

09.08.2021. BANGLADESH. Freedom fighter and the Daily Observer joint news editor Abul Mansur Chowdhury (photo) died of Covid-19. He was 66. Abul Mansur participated in the Liberation War in 1971 while studying at the University of Dhaka. Prior to joining the Daily Observer, he held important positions in various newspapers, including The New Nation and The Daily Star.

09.08.2021. ARGENTINA. Este lunes se conoció la triste noticia del fallecimiento, a los 70 años de edad, de Miguel Oliva del Río (photo), periodista deportivo e integrante durante muchísimos años de la mesa de Juntos, tras haber contraído covid. Según informó la propia emisora, Oliva del Río dejó de existir este domingo a la noche en el Hospital San Juan Bautista, en Catamarca.

07.08.2021. INDIA. Shillong (Meghalaya) based veteran journalist Syndor Singh Syiem died of post Covid-19 complications on 6 August 2021. Syiem (67) was associated with a number of Khasi vernacular  newspapers like Pyrta Riewlum, U Nongsain Hima, U Peitngor, etc. The former president of the Shillong Press Club passed away while undergoing treatments in the hospital.

07.08.2021. USA. An anti-vaccine right-wing radio host in West Palm Beach, Florida died Wednesday from COVID-19 complications. Dick Farrel (65, photo), used his local talk show and social media to rail against Dr. Anthony Fauci, who he called a “power tripping lying freak,” and say that no one should get the coronavirus vaccine. When COVID-19 sent him to the hospital for three weeks, though, he changed his tune, urging friends to get vaccinated.

07.08.2021. BANGLADESH. The Daily Inqilab Senior Reporter Md Abdur Rahim (photo) died of Covid-19 at a hospital in Dhaka. He was 75. Abdur Rahim breathed his last at LabAid Hospital where he was undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit. Abdur Rahim was a member of the National Press Club and Dhaka Reporters Unity. Abdur Rahim is the 62nd Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.

06.08.2021. BRASIL. Morreu por volta das 3h desta sexta-feira (6) o radialista de São Carlos (SP) Luis Carlos Morelli Machado (photo), após um infarto fulminante em sua residência após um tempo de afastamento ao testar positivo para Covid-19. Luis trabalhou como jornalista e radialista na Intersom FM e estava trabalhando na Rádio São Carlos AM.
06.08.2021. GUATEMALA. Falleció el comunicador y periodista de LARED Moisés Vargas Elias Vargas Argueta, gran amigo y gran persona, muy profesional y respetuoso por Covid. Su pasion por el deporte lo llevo a trabajar en la radio TGW, luego en radio La Red, y en el canal Tigo Sports.

06.08.2021. ARGENTINA. El periodista y taxista Miguel Barredo (photo), miembro del programa radial de los sábados en Sí 98.9 Punto y Aparte, falleció este viernes por la noche por el agravamiento de su cuadro de covid-19. Cada sábado desde hace muchos años, co-conducía el programa Punto y Aparte.

05.08.2021. ABKHAZIA/RUSSIA. Honored Journalist of Abkhazia, Deputy Director General of the Abkhaz State Television 
and Radio Company (AGTRK) Otar Lakrba died at the age of 63 as a result of the consequences of the coronavirus. This was
reported by the Union of Journalists of Abkhazia.

05.08.2021. COSTA RICA. El fútbol nacional, lamentablemente, se tiñe de negro y despide a un gran periodista, pero sobre todo a una grata persona: Alejandro Oviedo (photo), encargado de comunicaciones del Club Sport Herediano. Oviedo, de 33 años, falleció este jueves por complicaciones relacionadas con el COVID-19, que lo mantuvieron hospitalizado por varios días.

04.08.2021. RUSSIA. Journalist Sergei Astafiev died at the age of 45 in Nizhny Novgorod. According to preliminary data, the 
cause of his death was COVID-19. Sergey Astafiev has worked in many regional publications. The last place of work was the
online edition of Business News.

04.08.2021. BOLIVIA. Moisés Torres Ramírez (photo), reconocido periodista, presentador de televisión y propietario de medios de comunicación, falleció la madrugada de este miércoles a sus 72 años en Sucre. La enfermedad del covid-19 complicó su estado de salud en los últimos días, por lo que estaba intubado en el centro centinela de la Caja Nacional de Salud, donde falleció por un paro cardíaco, informó su familia. Torres Ramírez era propietario de la emisora de radio y el canal de televisión Colosal.

03.08.2021. MEXICO. Falleció el periodista Sergio Rueda Ramírez (photo), originario de Villa Allende Veracruz, a consecuencia del COVID-19. Laboraba en el canal 53 y en canal 28 de televisión local de Monterrey. Había cumplido 30 años de edad el pasado 26 de mayo.

02.08.2021. SOUTH AFRICA. The South African National Editors' Forum (SANEF) said it is saddened that the deadly Covid-19 pandemic continues to claim more journalist’s lives. Four journalists died in the month of July. Former SABC football analyst Coudjoe Amankwaa died last Friday, Business Report (BR) journalist, Sandile Mchunu (51, photo), former Daily Sun journalist, Sonqoba Kunene, died on Sunday. Khopotso Bodibe, a former producer on SAFM, and later Health-E news also died during the week.

02.08.2021. KURDISTAN/IRAQ. Well-known Kurdish journalist Hunar Mizuri (photo) died after struggling with COVID-19 for over 30 days at hospital.

01.08.2021. VENEZUELA. Rossana Ordóñez (photo), periodista venezolana, falleció este 1 de agosto por Covid-19. Así lo anunció Delvalle Canelón, secretaria general del Colegio Nacional de Periodista. En su cuenta en Twitter, la comunicadora escribió: "Con profundo pesar lamento informar la muerte de una amiga, de una luchadora, de una colega y gran periodista Rossana Ordóñez". Durante su carrera trabajó en distintos medios impresos y audiovisuales venezolanos.

01.08.2021. BANGLADESH. Mamun Hossain (photo) died of COVID-19 at a Dhaka hospital.  He was a staff member of the department of IT for Dhaka Tribune. He was 26 years old. Mamun is the 60th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.

01.08.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. A memorial service to celebrate the life of Bob Satchwell (photo), former editor of the Cambridge Evening News, will be held in September. The Cambridge journalist, who edited the paper from 1984 to 1998 and was described as a "giant of the industry", died at the age of 72 after contracting Covid-19. More recently, he became the founding executive director of the Society of Editors in 1999, which campaigns for media freedoms.

31.07.2021. MEXICO. La reportera guerrerense, Mariana Labastida (photo), falleció este sábado a causa del Covid-19, que padecía desde hace poco más de un mes. A través de redes sociales informaron el lamentable fallecimiento de la periodista. Desde que fue diagnosticada, se pidió la intervención de las autoridades de Salud para que fuera internada en el hospital del IMSS Acapulco, dónde recibió atención directa y le brindaron todos los medicamentos y equipo de respiración, sin embargo, este día murió.

30.07.2021. PHILIPPINES. Former Movie and Television Review Classifications Board (MTRCB) chairman and television host Manuel “Manoling” Morato (photo) has passed away. He was 87. Morato died at a Quezon City hospital on Friday afternoon due to COVID-19, his family confirmed to ABS-CBN News. In a statement, the MTRCB described Morato as a legend of the Philippine entertainment industry.

30.07.2021. ARGENTINA. La directora del multimedios de Eldorado “Norte Misionero”, Sonia Ríos (photo) murió en la mañana de este viernes tras haberse contagiado de Covid-19. La comunicadora era también cofundadora del portal digital “Norte Misionero”. Estaba internada en terapia intensiva. Luego de conocerse públicamente el deceso de la mujer, las redes sociales se inundaron de mensajes de acompañamiento a la familia por parte de funcionarios, colegas y vecinos de Eldorado.

29.07.2021. MALAWI. Death has been announced of veteran journalist and Researcher Sweeney Chinkango (photo). Chinkango died of COVID-19 at Adventist Hospital in Blantyre. Until his death, Chinkango was working with the State controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

29.07.2021. RUSSIA. In the 86th year, the famous Crimean sports journalist Garrinald Nemirovsky (photo) passed away from Covid. This information to RIA Novosti Crimea was confirmed by the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Krymskaya Pravda" Mikhail Bakharev. The Crimean Football Union expressed condolences to the family and friends of Nemirovsky, noting that it is difficult to imagine Crimean sports without him.

29.07.2021. COLOMBIA. Eduardo Mantilla Trejos (photo) uno de los escritores, político, poeta y periodista que ha dado el llano colombo-venezolano, falleció hoy 29 de julio por causas asociadas al covid-19 en la ciudad de Bogotá. Autor de numerosos libros, ensayos, crónicas, artículos y monografías, Mantilla Trejos se encontraba internado en la unidad de cuidados intensivos desde el pasado sábado 24 de julio, en el Hospital Universitario de la Nacional.

28.07.2021. BANGLADESH. Journalist  Samsul Alam Dipti  (photo) died with COVID-19 symptoms while underway to a Dhaka hospital from Pabna district.  He was the News Editor of the local  Weekly Ajker Chetona. He was 48. 

28.07.2021. RUSSIA. Raf Gurevich (photo) died in Moscow on July 28. Raf Gurevich is a well-known journalist, writer, screenwriter and director. He is one of the screenwriters of the "Trace" series, the author of the book "Man in Law", as well as one of the founders and former presenter of the Perm "Autoradio". He recently contracted coronavirus and could not bear the consequences of a serious illness. Raf Gurevich recently turned 75 years old.

26.07.2021. BANGLADESH. Abdur Razzaque (photo) died of COVID-19 at a Rakshahi hospital.  He was a former Pabna district correspondent of Daily Ittfaq. He was 70 years old. He was a Freedom Fighter and former president of a local press club. Razzaque is the 59th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.

26.07.2021. CUBA. El periodista e investigador cienfueguero Andrés García Suárez (photo) nacido el 21 de julio de 1932 quien cumplió hace pocos días 89 años de edad falleció este domingo en el Centro Especializado Ambulatorio Héroes de Playa Girón, de Cienfuegos, por enfermedades asociadas a la Covid-19.

25.07.2021. ZIMBABWE. The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists is deeply worried by the number of media practitioners who are dying from COVID-19. At least six have succumbed to the virus since the beginning of this year. The union wants authorities and media houses to make sure reporters are safe while doing their jobs. The latest journalists to succumb to COVID-19, include state broadcaster ZBC journalist Tawanda Gudhlanga (photo), and former Voice of  America journalist Sandra Nyaira.

25.07.2021. ALGERIE. Le journaliste à l'ENTV, Karim Boussalem (photo), est décédé dimanche matin au CHU Nedir Mohamed de Tizi-Ouzou, à l'âge de 49 ans, a-t-on appris de la direction générale de cet établissement hospitalier. Le défunt était atteint par la Covid-19 et avait été admis au service de réanimation.

24.07.2021. COLOMBIA. En una clínica de Cartagena se apagó la vida del periodista y empresario taurino Alberto Borda Martelo (photo). Tenía 78 años de edad, y murió de un paro cardiorespiratorio tras sobrevivir a las secuelas del Covid 19, que le afectaron los riñones y pulmones.

24.07.2021. BRASIL. Na última sexta, 23, a jornalista Edna Barbelli (photo), de 61 anos, morreu por complicações da COVID-19 em Pirassununga. Edna era muito conhecida na cidade e se destacava na cobertura de assuntos policiais. Edna atuava no JC Regional.

23.07.2021. MEXICO. El reconocido periodista Cecilio Balam Ciau (photo), famoso en todo Quintana Roo por su manera de informar y sus decenas de collares, falleció por complicaciones a su salud derivadas del Covid-19. El “Chamán del Periodismo”, como también era conocido, permanecía intubado en el hospital general “Jesús Kumate Rodríguez”, desde hace casi un mes.

23.07.2021. MEXICO. Raúl Fernández León (photo), quien por muchos años fungió como defensor de derechos humanos en esta ciudad, además de transformarse en comunicador, a través de redes sociales, falleció producto del COVID-19.

23.07.2021. BANGLADESH. Mushifiqur Rahman Jhanda (photo) died of COVID-19 at a Dhaka hospital.  He was the Editor of Weekly Faridpur Bani. He was 65 years old. He was senior member of Faridpur Press Club. Jhanda is the 58th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.

23.07.2021. HONDURAS. La Asociación de Prensa de Honduras (APH) lamentó hy la muerte de Marlon Tovar Zelaya (photo) ampliamente reconocido por la población, especialmente de Puerto Cortés en la zona norte de Honduras. El locutor había logrado superar el covid-19, sin embargo las secuelas le provocaron la muerte. Fue la voz de Power FM en San Pedro Sula.

23.07.2021. VENEZUELA. Este jueves el gremio periodístico monaguense conoció el deceso del periodista y profesor universitario, Jesús González (photo), a consecuencia del Covid-19 en la ciudad de Maracaibo, estado Zulia. Tenía 54 años de edad. Jesús laboró como redactor en La Verdad de Monagas, al igual que en medios como el diario El Sol, El Oriental y en Extra.

23.07.2021. INDIA. Imphal (Manipur) based journalist Lairenjam Bijen Singh (photo) died of Covid-19 on 23 July. Bijen (45), who was working for  Imphal Times newspaper as a staff reporter, passed away while undergoing corona treatments at RIMS hospital in Imphal.

22.07.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Walter Menezes (photo), um dos pioneiros do Jornalismo em Goiás, faleceu nesta quinta-feira (22/7) em Conquista, no Estado de Minas Gerais. Ele foi mais uma vítima da covid-19. O jornalista foi presidente da Associação Goiana de Imprensa (AGI) e também um dos principais ativistas que lutaram pela criação do curso de Jornalismo na Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG).

22.07.2021. INDIA.  Raigad (Maharashtra) based senior journalist Naveen Soshte (photo) died of Covid-19 on 22 July 2021. Soshte (65), who was also an acclaimed Marathi writer, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at Alibag district hospital. His demise was mourned by many organisations including Raigad District Marathi Press Association.

21.07.2021. RUSSIA. Journalist Alexei Babich (photo) dies of coronavirus in Tver at the age of 49. Alexey Babich was in the media since 1997. He worked in newspapers, on television, in the press service of the ZS of the Tver region, and the last place was "Tverigrad".

21.07.2021. BANGLADESH. Muhammod Ruhul Quddus (photo) died of COVID-19 at a Dhaka hospital.  He was a former Senior Sub-Editor for state-run Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS). He was 66 years old. He was the founder of the North Bengal Journalist Forum (NBJF), and founder president of the Climate and Natural Resources Research Forum of Journalist (CNRRJ). Quddus is the 57th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.

20.07.2021. RUSSIA. Journalist Tamara Sapozhnikova (photo) died of Covid-19 in St. Petersburg. For a month and a half she fought the coronavirus, but the disease turned out to be stronger. In the evening, July 18, the journalist of the 47News portal Tamara Sapozhnikova died of coronavirus.

20.07.2021. ALGERIA. The former journalist of the daily El Chaab and the sports weekly Al Mountakhab, Abdelkader Djebloun (photo), died, Sunday, at the age of 75, following complications related to Covid-19, his relatives announced. He is considered to be one of the oldest Algerian sports journalist in Arabic.

19.07.2021. INDIA. Kolkata (West Bengal) based senior journalist Rajiv Ghosh (photo) died of Covid-19 on 18 July.  Ghosh (59), who worked for Aajkal, Bartaman, etc newspapers passed away undergoing treatment. He also authored many books including ‘Kotha and Kolkata’, ‘Kaliketa’, ‘Paratuto and Khosgalpa’.

19.07.2021. HONDURAS. Este domingo (18.07.2021) sobre Pedro Rosales (photo), un comunicador social en Olancho, zona oriente del país y que falleció por sospechas de la covid-19 en el municipio de San Francisco de la Paz de ese departamento. El estuvo ingresado en sus últimos días en un centro de salud en San Francisco de la Paz. Rosales fue corresponsal en Olancho para varios medios de comunicación.

19.07.2021. BANGLADESH. Journalist Syed Ayon (photo) died of COVID-19 at a Dhaka hospital.  He was a senior photo journalist of Y Magazine. The young fashion photographer also worked for Canvas magazine, Daily Samakal and Daily New Age. Ayon is the 56th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.

19.07.2021. ALGERIE. Le journaliste sportif Adlène Hamidechi (photo) est décédé, dimanche 18 juillet au soir, à Constantine, à l’âge de 51 ans. Selon ses proches, Adlène Hamidechi est mort des suites du Covid-19 après un récent séjour à l’hôpital d’Ibn Badis de Constantine.

18.07.2021. SOUTH AFRICA. The radio journalist Amanda Olivier (photo) died on Sunday morning in Johannesburg after she had lost her battle against Covid-19. She was 72. The SABC's RSG radio station first reported the passing of Amanda Olivier who worked for decades at the SABC and presented several programmes on RSG, as well as on the regional commercial OFM radio station.

18.07.2021. INDIA. Kumarghat (Tripura) based senior journalist Manik Lal Das (photo) dies of Covid-19 on 18 July. Das (58), who was associated with Bengali newspapers and led Kumarghat Press Club, Tripura Working Journalist Association and some other organizations, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at Agartala GB hospital.
17.07.2021. INDONESIA. Many Journalists Exposed and Died of Corona. The number of journalists 
who are exposed to Covid-19 is increasing day by day. In Jakarta alone there are hundreds of journalists
who were exposed to Covid-19 and not a few who eventually died in various regions. Based on a report by the Cross Media Journalists Association (IJLM), there were hundreds of media crews who were exposed
to this dangerous virus.
According to the results of the data collection of the Indonesian Alliance of
Independent Journalists (AJI) from March 2020 to June 19, 2021, there were 381 media workers infected
with Covid-19, nine of whom died (25/6/2021). In East Java Province (East Java), 38 journalists died due to Covid-19. They
consist of active and inactive journalists. The disclosure of the number of journalists in East Java who died from Covid-19,
after journalists in the area chatted together on the WhatsApp (WA) messaging application and jointly collected data.
journalists died today (17/07): Zed Abidien (61, photo), a former journalist for the Surabaya Post and Tempo magazine, and
Arif Noviantadi
, a former Jawa Post.
17.07.2021. MYANMAR. U Nay Min, an unsung hero of Myanmar’s pro-democracy uprising in 1988, died of COVID-19 at the age of 75 on Friday night, according to The Irrawaddy. He served as an unofficial stringer supplying information about the protests and government crackdowns in 1988 to Christopher Gunness from the BBC’s World Service, who was based in neighboring Bangladesh as an international correspondent. For his reporting he was arrested twice, spending 16 years in prison. The BBC later appointed him as its Myanmar correspondent, but he never received the appointment letter sent via the British Embassy in Yangon, as he had been arrested and imprisoned. In 2014, 26 years after his contribution to Myanmar’s democracy movement, he was awarded a press freedom award presented by international journalists.

17.07.2021. BRASIL. Aos 33 anos, o jornalista Denny Siviero (photo), que não tinha comorbidades, perdeu a batalha para a COVID-19 nesta sexta, 16. O profissional residia em Araras e atuava como servidor na área de comunicação da Prefeitura de Pirassununga. O jovem jornalista ficou hospitalizado em Limeira, mas infelizmente não resistiu às complicações causadas pelo Coronavírus.

16.07.2021. USA. Harry Rosenfeld (photo) , longtime editor of the Albany Times Union newspaper and a key leader in the Washington Post’s newsroom as it uncovered the Watergate scandal, died Friday. The man who had fled Nazi Germany as a child shortly before the Holocaust made holding the powerful accountable to the public the focus of a career that stretched more than a half-century. Rosenfeld survived a bout with COVID-19 in December and was still participating remotely in Times Union editorial board meetings as recently as Monday. He never fully recovered, though, and complications from the virus ultimately proved fatal. He was 91.

15.07.2021. BANGLADESH. Journalist Sadrul Kadir Sawn (photo) died of COVID-19 at a Satkhira hospital.  He was the Staff Correspondent of daily Bhorer Pata. He was 35. Sadrul is the 55th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.
15.07.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista, professor, escritor, historiador e psicólogo Marcus Vinicius Batista (photo) morreu aos 46 anos em Santos, no litoral paulista, na última quarta-feira (14), em decorrência de complicações causadas pela Covid-19. Marcão, como era conhecido, havia publicado, dias antes de morrer, uma crônica chamada 'O especialista', que fazia uma crítica a quem tentava escolher a fabricante da vacina contra a doença.

14.07.2021. ARGENTINA. Daniel Wilberger (photo), periodista pampeano y gran difusor del atletismo, falleció este miércoles 14 de julio, víctima del Covid. Tenía 56 años. Tuvo una larga trayectoria en el medio local. Además, fue director de Prensa de la Municipalidad de Santa Rosa y director de Canal 3.

14.07.2021. BRASIL. O jornalismo perdeu mais um de seus grandes nomes em Minas. Faleceu ontem, de complicações causadas pela Covid-19, e foi enterrado nesta quarta, o jornalista Hélio Fraga (photo), de 84 anos. Hélio Fraga foi também diretor do Sindicato dos Jornalistas de Minas e da Associação Mineira de Cronistas Esportivos (AMCE). Hélio Fraga teve uma extensa carreira no jornalismo.

13.07.2021. ZIMBABWE. Veteran Zimbabwean journalist Sandra Nyaira (photo) has died in Harare today reportedly of Covid-19 related complications. Nyaira (46) had a distinguished career as a journalist in and outside of the country and worked for the Zimbabwe Inter-Africa News Agency (Ziana) and The Daily News before she moved to the United States to pursue other career interests. At the time of her death, she was working as a public information officer at the United Nations station in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

12.07.2021. BRASIL. Morreu, na manhã desta segunda-feira (12), o jornalista Jailton Batista (photo), conhecido como Boca, aos 42 anos de idade. Ele faleceu por complicações da Covid-19. Jailton estava internado desde o dia 30 de maio na UTI do Hospital do Coração em Maceió. Jailson trabalhava como assessor de comunicação na cidade de Pindoba, no interior alagoano. Jailson também apresentou diversos programas de rádio em uma estação comunitária em sua trajetória jornalística.

12.07.2021. BRASIL. Morreu, nesta segunda-feira (12/7), a jornalista Neuza Meller (photo). Diretora da UnBTV por 10 anos, ela teve complicaçoes decorrentes da covid-19. Em nota, a Universidade de Brasília (UnB) lamentou o ocorrido e disse que na gestão da professora, o canal "cresceu em tamanho e qualidade". Antes de morrer, ela coordenava a equipe de Relações Institucionais da UnBTV e também atuava como diretora de Relações Institucionais na Associação Brasileira de TVs Universitárias.

11.07.2021. RUSSIA. Nikolai Vardul, an economic expert and former Kommersant journalist, died at the age of 68. For the last
10 years he has been a regular contributor to Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK). In June, Mr. Vardul was hospitalized with a
coronavirus, MK reports. Nikolai Vardul worked in the economic departments of Kommersant and Gazeta, published in business
magazines and was involved as an expert and commentator in radio and television programs.
11.07.2021. ARGENTINA. Sergio Retamal (photo) era un referente del periodismo de Victoria · Tenía 50 años y desde hacía dos semanas se encontraba internado en Paraná, peleando contra el Covid-19 · Falleció en las últimas horas.

10.07.2021. COLOMBIA/NEW ZEALAND. Well-known former New Zealand football journalist Dave Petraska (photo) has died having spent four weeks on a ventilator in a Colombian hospital after catching Covid-19. Petraska, 56, had been battling the virus and later pneumonia in the South American country, which had been his home for seven years.

10.07.2021. ARGENTINA. Con profundo dolor familiares y amigos, comunicaron el fallecimiento del reconocido periodista Dante "Daniel" Luis Contreras (photo). El deceso se produjo en la mañana de este sábado 10 de julio, a causa del virus del covid19. Daniel tenía una larga trayectoria en los medios de comunicación y había formado parte del equipo de Fénix como móvil del Departamento de Arauco.

10.07.2021. HONDURAS. El Colegio de Periodistas de Honduras confirmó esta mañana la muerte del periodista, ambientalista y abogado, Mauricio Torres Molinero (photo). El periodista a los 74 años es una víctima más de la Covid-19, enfermedad por la cual estuvo varias semanas interno en el Hospital del Torax de Tegucigalpa. Torres laboró en diferentes medios de comunicación, manejaba el programa radial “Café y Naranja” en una radio capitalina, también condujo foros y debates radiales.

08.07.2021. ARGENTINA. En el hospital de Vera falleció el periodista Heriberto Gervasio pajarito Barbona (photo), allí estaba internado tras dar positivo de covid 19, tenía 58 años. Pajarito había recibido una primera dosis de la vacuna. El periodista en la actualidad conducía un programa informativo en FM latidos.

08.07.2021. COLOMBIA. Luto en el periodismo cordobés, en horas de la madrugada se esté jueves 8 de julio falleció el periodista Leonel Guerrero Aguas (photo), quien desde hace más de 15 días estaba hospitalizado luchando contra el COVID-19. Leonel Guerrero, por muchos años perteneció al equipo periodístico del programa radial ‘Café y Noticias’, fue narrador de fútbol, y tenía su programa informativo en Montería.

08.07.2021. VENEZUELA. El periodismo larense está de luto. Durante la mañana del miércoles 7 de julio murió la periodista Marla Prato (photo), quien se desempeñaba como corresponsal de El Universal en el estado Lara. Tenía Covid-19 desde hacía tres semanas, según comentaron sus amigos más cercanos. Marla Prato trabajó en los diarios más conocidos en la región: El Impulso y El Informador.

07.07.2021. COLOMBIA. Este miércoles falleció como consecuencia del virus de la covid-19 el diseñador gráfico de Noticias RCN Ernesto ‘Paint’ Porras (photo). Es el tercer trabajador de RCN que muere por el virus.  El fallecimiento de Porras se suma a la muerte de Argemiro Hernández, camarógrafo de estudio del canal, el 27 de junio, y de Luis Fernando Rojas, camarógrafo de reportería del mismo medio.

07.07.2021. USA. Journalist Ayesha K. Faines (photo) Dies After Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine. Black Twitter is mourning the sudden death of journalist and influencer Ayesha K. Faines. The former traffic anchor at News4Jax died unexpectedly on July 2nd. She was best known as a panelist on the web series The Grapevine Show. She was also a contributor for MTV, Essence, Entertainment Tonight, Hot 97, and The Michael Baisden Show. Her cause of death was not made public, however Facebook friends say she took the Covid-19 mRNA injections recently.

07.07.2021. VENEZUELA. La cuenta oficial de Twitter de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) confirmó por medio de una publicación, el fallecimiento del periodista y trabajador de esa casa de estudios, Carlos Ortiz (photo), a causa de la covid-19. Ortiz actualmente era coordinador del Departamento de Audiovisuales de la Escuela de Periodismo de la UCAB. Anteriormente fungió como jefe de prensa de Corpoelec, empresa encargada del servicio eléctrico en Venezuela. También se desempeñó como reportero de la televisión local TV Guayana.

06.07.2021. BRASIL. Morreu no fim da manhã desta terça-feira o narrador da rádio Transamérica, do Paraná, Jacir de Oliveira (photo), aos 48 anos, vítima de complicações causadas pela Covid-19. Ele estava lutando contra a doença que já vitimou mais de 510 mil brasileiros há cerca de um mês, em uma UTI, em Curitiba, no Paraná. O Globo Esporte/PR fez uma homenagem ao narrador, e quase levou a apresentadora Janaina Castilho às lagrimas.

06.07.2021. BRASIL. Faleceu nesta terça-feira (6), vítima da Covid-19, o jornalista e publicitário Gustavo Sales (photo). Ele estava internado desde o dia 15 de junho no Hospital Rio Grande, em Natal. Gustavo havia sido transferido para a Unidade de Terapia Intensiva (UTI) há 15 dias; não resistindo e falecendo nesta manhã. Gustavo Sales já havia tomado a primeira dose da vacina contra a covid-19, no entanto ainda não estava com o esquema vacinal completo.

06. 07. 2021. COLOMBIA. Falleció por Covid el periodista Orlando Cancelado (photo). En la Clínica Chicamocha de Bucaramanga, falleció este martes el periodista Orlando Cancelado Sánchez a causa de las consecuencias del Covid-19 a sus 73 años. Además de su trabajo en canales como TRO y TVC, es muy recordado por una transmisión del temblor de 2015 en la capital santandereana.

06.07.2021. REPUBLICA DOMINICANA. El veterano periodista y director de la emisora Z101, Willie Rodríguez (photo), falleció la noche de este martes, tras sufrir complicaciones por la COVID-19. La información fue confirmada por un familiar del comunicador. El locutor, de 72 años de edad, se encontraba hospitalizado desde hace varios días en el Centro de Diagnóstico Medicina Avanzada y Telemedicina (CEDIMAT) in Santo Domingo.

05.07.2021. BRASIL. Adriana Roveri Alves Tanno (photo), de 35 anos, faleceu neste domingo (4), em Londrina. A morte da jornalista do Grupo Tribuna, Adriana Roveri Alves Tanno, de 35 anos, que faleceu neste domingo (4), no Hospital do Coração, em Londrina, deixa em luto seus familiares, amigos e colegas de trabalho. Internada há 16 dias, lutando contra a Covid-19, ela não resistiu ao agravamento do quadro.

05.07.2021. HONDURAS. El destacado periodista hondureño, Noe Mejía (photo), murió la madrugada de este lunes a causa de la COVID-19, tras varios días luchando contra el letal virus en el Instituto Hondureño de Seguridad Social (IHSS) de Comayagüela. Mejía de 41 años de edad laboraba desde hace varios años como jefe del departamento digital de Radio América.

03.07.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista e ex-vereador de Araraquara Geraldo Polezze (photo), morreu neste sábado (03). Ele tinha 75 anos e estava internado há alguns dias em decorrência da covid-19.  Geraldo Polezze foi em Araraquara que fez carreira na comunicação. Trabalhou por mais de 30 anos no rádio. Ele foi ainda proprietário de um jornal. 

03.07.2021. BRASIL. Morre de covid-19 o jornalista Antônio Carlos Marques (photo), aos 75 anos. Foi

editor do jornal impresso e criador e editor do site Diário de Petrópolis.

02.07.2021. ALGERIE. Le journaliste et directeur général de la chaîne de télévision El-Badil, Slimane Bekhlili (photo) est décédé, vendredi, à l'âge de 58 ans suite à des complications liées au Covid-19, a indiqué sa famille. Slimane Bakhlili, natif de Biskra, a débuté sa carrière de journaliste à la télévision nationale en 1985 en tant que journaliste avant d'occuper des postes de responsabilité dont  rédacteur en chef et directeur de la production.

02.07.2021. COLOMBIA. A la edad de 75 años, murió  el escritor, poeta y periodista Santandereano Germán Valenzuela Sánchez (photo), conocido en Piedecuesta como El Pica Pica, por el periódico que editaba donde se daban a conocer los hechos literarios, culturales y noticias destacas de la región. Falleció de Covid luego de permanecer hospitalizado por varias semanas en la Clínica Chicamocha de Bucaramanga.

02.07.2021. BOLIVIA. El periodista y productor chuquisaqueño Félix Bolo (photo) falleció la madrugada de este jueves a causa del coronavirus. La Asociación de Periodistas de Chuquisaca (APCH) emitió un comunicado sobre el deceso de Bolo, en el que repasa su carrera.  El periodista se desempeñó durante 30 años en medios como Canal 4 y radio Vida Nueva.

02.07.2021. SOUTH AFRICA. The media is in mourning after the death of three journalists - SABC's Moabi Litheko; eNCA's former output editor, Celeste Phillips; and Primedia technical manager, Dan Maswanganye (see below) - as a result of Covid-19 complications. On Wednesday, the SABC announced the death of bulletin writer for the Sesotho Television News Bulletin, Moabi Litheko (photo). He had been admitted to Flora Clinic for treatment for Covid-19 complications.

01.07.2021. PERU. La muerte de Oraldo Reátegui Segura (photo), hoy 1 de julio, luego de una dura batalla contra el COVID-19, significa una gran pérdida para el periodismo y la Amazonía. Él se desempeñaba como director de radio La Voz de la Selva (LVS), y desde ese espacio promovía siempre la participación juvenil y reafirmaba a diario su compromiso con el desarrollo de una región inclusiva.
01.07.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Jomar Bellini (photo) morreu aos 30 anos de Covid-19 nesta quinta-feira (1°), em São Roque (SP). Ele estava internado na UTI do Hospital São Francisco e chegou a ser intubado, mas não resistiu à doença após 19 dias do diagnóstico e 12 dias de internação. Ele trabalhou como repórter no G1, produtor de reportagem na TV TEM e foi assistente de Cedoc na emissora. Ele também teve passagem pela Rádio Ipanema e estava atualmente no Jornal Cruzeiro do Sul.

01.07.2021. VENEZUELA. El presidente del Colegio Nacional de Periodistas (CNP), Tinedo Guia (photo), informó este jueves que al menos 47 trabajadores de la prensa han muerto a causa del covid-19. Guia solicitó al régimen de Nicolás Maduro que los periodistas fueran incluidos en el plan de vacunación masiva. Seguidamente, recomendó a los profesionales de la prensa que acaten las medidas de bioseguridad, porque su contacto directo con las personas los hace estar más expuestos al virus.

30.06.2021. SOUTH AFRICA. Celeste Phillips (photo), a former output editor at eNCA has died from Covid-19 as a latest third wave of the global coronavirus pandemic is sweeping South Africa, fuelled by the more contagious so-called Delta-variant. Former and current colleagues started paying tribute to the journalist who had worked at the South African public broadcaster as a former SABC News reporter and producer between January 1998 and October 2007 in Sea Point, and at Media Investments' e.tv and its TV news channel eNCA as an output editor, notably on the NewsNight programme.
30.06.2021. SOUTH AFRICA. Fondly known as Bra Dan, Dan Maswanganye (photo) passed away in hospital on Tuesday night due to Covid-19 complications. Maswanganye was the technical manager at Primedia Broadcasting in Johannesburg. Bra Dan worked at Primedia Broadcasting for 37 years.Tributes have been pouring in on social media.

30.06.2021. COLOMBIA. Por complicaciones derivadas de Covid-19 falleció la joven comunicadora social, Karol Yedicsa Jiménez Huérfano (photo), Jefe de Prensa de Enerca, quien desde hace varios días había sido internada en la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos del Hospital Regional de la Orinoquia, por complicaciones respiratorias. El Covid-19 ya cobró la vida de cuatro comunicadores en el departamento de Casanare, durante este año, Omar Rey, Lucas Prada, Javier Alonso Gaviria y ahora Karol Yedicsa Jiménez.
30.06.2021. ARGENTINA. El periodista y locutor Luis Roberto Ale (photo), de 57 años, falleció come consecuencia del coronavirus. Un profundo dolor causó la noticia que se propagó entre sus colegas, familiares y amigos. Ale había ocupado el cargo de subdirector de Prensa en la Legislatura. También fue director de Radio Municipal de Monteros y trabajó más de 20 años en Radio Nacional Tucumán.

29.06.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista alagoano David Hernandes (photo) morreu por complicações da Covid-19 nesta terça-feira (29) no Hospital da Mulher, em Maceió. A informação do falecimento foi divulgada nas redes sociais do jornalista. David Hernandes também era radialista. Desde 2018, participava do programa Bem Assim, da TV Mar. Com a repercussão e o sucesso da participação do jornalista, a empresa o contratou e criou o quadro “Mundo dos Famosos”, que ele participava como comentarista.

29.06.2021. ARGENTINA. Ante la propagación del Covid-19 en Argentina, Eduardo Salim Sad (photo), también conocido como "El Turco", falleció de Covid-19 este martes tras haber dado positivo hace dos semanas. El Turco, víctima del coronavirus, se desempeñó en diversos roles dentro del área de comunicación. Entre ellos, periodista y locutor de la TV Publica, cofundador de Crónica TV, locutor comercial deportivo y hasta trabajó en varias radios, entre ellas Radio Continental 590 y Radio Buenos Aires.

28.06.2021. MEXICO. Con profunda pena participamos el fallecimiento del compañero periodista Manuel Martín Balam Ruiz (photo), acaecido en Mérida, Yucatán a la edad de 49 años, tras padecer breve dolencia por el coronavirus. Era subdirector editorial de Diario de Yucatán donde laboró 28 años.
27.06.2021. INDIA. Mumbai (Maharashtra) based television journalist Abbas Sayyad (photo) died of Covid-19  on 26 June. Abbas (55), who was associated with TV9 news channel, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at the hospital.
27.06.2021. BANGLADESH. Journalist Mahmuda Nasrin (photo) died with COVID-19 symptoms at a Pabna hospital on Sunday.  She was the News Editor of the local daily Shatakantha. She was 50. Mahmuda is the 54th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.

26.06.2021. BRASIL. O Jornalista Adão Gomes (photo), de 45 anos, morreu na manhã deste sábado (26) vítima da Covid-19. Ele deu entrada em um hospital particular de Porto Velho no dia 3 de junho e desde então estava internado na Unidade de Tratamento Intensivo (UTI). Adão era rondoniense, natural de Ji-Paraná, e trabalhava há 16 anos na Rede TV Rondônia.

24.06.2021. ARGENTINA. Un profundo dolor en el periodismo fueguino tras confirmarse pasada las 18 horas de este jueves el fallecimiento de Charly Molina (photo) , un reconocido y querido periodista de Ushuaia y quien supo liderar las crónicas policiales durante más de 15 años. El conductor radial quedó internado en el Hospital Regional Ushuaia, tras sentir síntomas del coronavirus y que luego se confirmó en el propio nosocomio.

24.06.2021. PALESTINE. Abd Al-Nasser Al-Najjar (photo), a senior Palestinian journalist and a columnist for the Al-Ayyam daily, died on June 23, 2021, at the age of 61, of covid complications after contracting the virus several months ago. Al-Najjar served in the past as the head of the Palestinian Journalists Union and as a lecturer on communications at Al-Quds University. In 2020, Al-Najjar devoted two of his columns to warning about the inadequate response to the covid pandemic in the Palestinian territories.

24.06.2021. COLOMBIA. Murió Armando González (photo), editor político de “El Nuevo Siglo”. Aunque hace cuatro semanas recibió la primera dosis de la vacuna contra el coronavirus, se contagió y tuvo que ser trasladado por sus familiares al Hospital de Kennedy. Dentro de su trayectoria profesional, también hizo parte de La FM de RCN Radio. Tenía 58 años.

24.06.2021. HONDURAS. Este martes falleció por Covid-19 el periodista y lider miskito Jacinto Molina González (photo), informó el Colegio de Periodista de Honduras (CPH). El Colegio de Periodista de Honduras confirmó la muerte del periodista a través de su cuenta de Twitter.

23.06.2021. VENEZUELA. Extendemos nuestras condolencias a la familia del periodista Héctor Villamediana (photo) en Barinas, quien lamentablemente falleció este 22 Junio a causa de la Covid-19. Villamediana conducía el programa OK Prensa en Emoción 98.1 FM.
22.06.2021. INDIA.  Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) based journalist Alok Sharma (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 21 June. Sharma (45),  who was associated with a number of local newspapers, recovered from corona ailments and discharged from the hospital, but he succumbed to various health problems due to the novel corona virus.
21.06.2021. RUSSIA. Petersburg sports journalist Alexander Kuzmin (photo) passed away at the age of 53. 
As his colleague Kirill Legkov wrote on Facebook, death was due to the coronavirus. In 1991 he began working
for the Sport-Express newspaper. Later, the journalist worked in the magazine "90 minutes", the newspaper
"Sport day by day", as well as in the sports editorial office of Channel Five and at the radio station "Sport FM".

21.06.2021. MEXICO. Este lunes se informó sobre el lamentable fallecimiento del periodista Daniel Lorca López (photo), tras perder la batalla contra el coronavirus. Era periodista en Radio Fórmula Tabasco.

21.06.2021. MEXICO. El gremio periodístico de la región de Martínez de la Torre, se encuentra de luto, el compañero Julio Jiménez (photo), reportero del grupo MS Noticias y jefe de prensa del diputado federal Rodrigo Calderón, pierde la vida tras una larga lucha contra el Covid-19. Julio Jiménez a sus treinta y tres años de edad, falleció en un hospital del Puerto de Veracruz.

21.06.2021. BRASIL. Morreu, nesta segunda-feira (21), o jornalista automotivo, radialista e publicitário Igor César Ribeiro Pereira (photo), 35 anos. Ele foi vítima de complicações causadas pela covid-19. Igor César estava internado há 90 dias no Hospital da Cidade, em Salvador.

20.06.2021. HONDURAS. Este domingo falleció el veterano periodista Carlos Eduardo Riedel (82, photo), debido a complicaciones relacionadas a la enfermedad del COVID-19 en el municipio del Distrito Central, capital hondureña. Al menos 13 periodistas han muerto por COVID en Honduras. Considerado el “Señor de la radio y la televisión” será recordado por muchas generaciones de periodistas.

20.06.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista José Alves Pinto Júnior (photo), de 53 anos, morreu na madrugada deste sábado (19), em Natal, no Rio Grande do Norte, devido a complicações da Covid-19. Ele foi o fundador do jornal Potiguar Notícias, que circulou por quase 20 anos na cidade.

- BRASIL. O jornalista André Canevalle Rezende, de 35 anos, morreu por complicações da Covid no sábado (19). André trabalhava como assessor de imprensa da vereadora Iara Bernardi (PT). Em nota, a Câmara de Sorocaba lamentou a morte do jornalista, sendo a primeira entre os funcionários do Legislativo. André era casado com a jornalista Riana Martins.

20.06.2021. RUSSIA. The legendary TV journalist, general director of OTR - Anatoly Lysenko (photo) died 
in Moscow. He was 84 years old. The preliminary cause of death is coronavirus. Anatoly Lysenko passed away
on June 20, 2021.
19.06.2021. RUSSIA. In Novosibirsk, the host of "Avtoradio" Pavel Levin (photo) died of coronavirus at the 
age of 48. Pavel Levin started work at the "Russian Radio", also worked at the radio "Classic" and
"Radio Siberia". From 2008 to the present, he worked for Avtoradio Novosibirsk.
19.06.2021. INDIA. Jaipur (Rajasthan) base senior journalist Rajendra Godha (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 19 June. Godha (60), who edited Samachar Jagat newspaper, passed away during  hospitalization for many days.

18.06.2021. BRASIL. Foi confirmada na manhã desta sexta-feira (18), a morte do jornalista Ednaldo Guedes (photo) de 30 anos. Vitima da Covid-19, Ednaldo estava internado no Hospital Metropolitano, em Santa Rita, na Grande João Pessoa. O comunicador tem passagens por várias empresas de comunicação da Paraíba. Já atuou como repórter de TV e na redação dos veículos.

18.06.2021. ARGENTINA. Dolor en el fútbol: murió el periodista Rodrigo Munilla (photo) tras contraer coronavirus y pasar varios meses internado. Falleció este viernes tras una larga lucha contra el COVID-19. En los últimos tiempos cubría el fútbol de ascenso en Deportv. Tenía 45 años.

17.06.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na manhã desta quinta-feira (17), o jornalista Valdemir Ribeiro do Nascimento (photo), vítima da Covid-19, no município de Tenente Portela. A vítima apresentou os primeiros sintomas no dia 05 de maio, sendo internado no dia 16 no Hospital Santo Antônio, de Tenente Portela. Nascimento, como era conhecido, tinha 57 anos e trabalhava na Rádio Municipal de Tenente Portela.

16.06.2021. ARGENTINA. Dolor en la región: falleció el periodista Miguel Ángel Ruppel (photo). El lamatritense tenía 40 años y más de dos décadas dedicadas a la profesión. Hace pocos días había contraído Covid-19, que derivó en una neumonía.

16.06.2021. COLOMBIA. En las últimas horas se conoció el lamentable deceso del administrador público Javier Alonso Gaviria Giraldo (photo), debido al Covid-19. Gaviria Giraldo asumió el pasado 03 de mayo como Jefe de la Oficina Asesora de Comunicaciones de la Alcaldía de Yopal, luego de la renuncia de la periodista Leydi Katherine Porras tras el fallecimiento del locutor y periodista Omar Smerling Rey también por afectaciones relacionadas al virus de Covid-19. Javier Alonso Gaviria tenía una amplia trayectoria en el gremio periodístico de Casanare al ser socio fundador del Colectivo de Periodistas de Casanare, socio de la Organización Nacional de Periodistas de Investigación Consejo de Redacción y cofundador del portal web suversión.com.co.

15.06.2021. ARGENTINA. Pesar por el fallecimiento del periodista costero Humberto Rohr (photo). Humberto tenía 59 años y era un querido periodista local que actualmente tenía un programa en la mañana en FM Omega de San Clemente. Además de su rol como comunicador fue un luchador incansable por el bienestar de la comunidad, colaborando con infinidad de instituciones.

15.06.2021. SOUTH AFRICA. Covid-19 claims life of renowned Eastern Cape journalist Wandile Fana (photo), editor of Skawara News. Wandile Fana, seasoned journalist, publisher, chair of the Association of Independent Publishers (AIP), and board member at the Press Council of SA, has succumbed to Covid-19.

15.06.2021. BRASIL. O empresário e jornalista Carlos Bueno de Moraes (photo), de 48 anos, é mais uma das vitimas da Covid-19 em Goias. Ele estava internado em estado gravíssimo desde o último dia 5/6 em unidade de terapia intensiva (UTI) no Centro Estadual de Reabilitação e Readaptação Dr Henrique Santillo, na capital goiana.

14.06.2021. AFGHANISTAN. Nabi Misdaq (photo), founder and former head of the Pashto department at the BBC World Service, died of COVID-19 at the age of 77, sources confirmed. Nabi Misdaq recently served as President Ashraf Ghani’s advisor in media affairs and has written many articles in both Persian and Pashto languages. Misdaq had worked for almost 20 years for the BBC World Service, mainly he was based in Bush House, where he founded the Pashto section for the BBC service.

O jornalista Domingos Fraga morreu na manhã deste sábado por complicações da covid-19. Fraga estava internado havia 90 dias num hospital em São Paulo. Tinha 62 anos.... - Veja mais em https://tvefamosos.uol.com.br/noticias/redacao/2021/06/12/domingos-fraga-diretor-de-jornalismo-da-record-morre-de-covid.htm?cmpid=copiaecola
13.06.2021. BRASIL. Domingos Fraga (photo), ex-professor e diretor de jornalismo da Record, morreu, aos 62 anos, no último sábado, 12, vítima do coronavirus. Domingos Fraga foi editor-chefe do Jornal da Record, diretor de redação da Record Brasília, diretor de Jornalismo da Record TV, diretor de redação do R7 e trabalhou nas revistas Quem e IstoÉ.
13.06.2021. INDIA.  Angul (Odisha) based journalist Pradeep Ghiwala (photo) died of Covid-19 on 13 June. Pradeep (35), who worked for newspapers like Dharitri, Prameya and web channel Bada Khabar, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital in Bhubaneswar.

12.06.2021. GUATEMALA. Esta tarde la unidad de información del Hospital General San Juan de Dios (HGSJD) dio a conocer que, el periodista Jorge Celis (photo) falleció a consecuencia de un paro cardiorrespiratorio, complicación provocada por el Covid-19. Celis laboró por varios años como reportero en Radio Mundial dando cobertura a varias fuentes.
12.06.2021. INDIA. Ukhrul (Manipur) based senior television journalist Thotshang Shaiza (photo) died of Covid-19  on 12 June. Shaiza (52), who worked for ISTV cable news channel and also a Tangkhul newspaper, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at Jawaharlal Nehru medical sciences institute. Manipur hill-journalist’s union and Ukhrul district journalists association condoled his untimely demise.
12.06.2021. INDIA. Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh) based senior journalist Ashok Mahajan (photo) died of Covid-19 on 12  June. Mahajan (69), who worked for Punjab Kesari newspaper for three decades, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital in Mohali.

11.06.2021. INDIA. Jayanagara (Karnataka) based veteran journalist LH Suresh Chandra (photo) died of Covid-19 on 11 June.  Chandra (60) passed way while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital in Bengaluru. Also recognised as a popular actor, Chandra was associated with Kannada publications like Sanjevani, Prajavani, Chandana etc.

09.06.2021. INDIA. Jaipur (Rajasthan) based television journalist Anita Singh (photo) died of Covid-19 on 8 June. The young news presenter of News18 channel passed away while undergoing corona treatment at the hospital. Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot and former State CM Basundhara Raje with others condoled her untimely demise.

08.06.2021. BRASIL. Entre as vítimas, o Pará já perdeu grandes nomes do jornalismo local, como o radialista, narrador e apresentador de televisão Ronaldo Porto. Na tarde desta terça-feira (8), o jornalismo do Estado perdeu mais uma grande profissional. A jornalista Marinalda Ribeiro (photo, 54 anos) não resistiu e faleceu por complicações da Covid-19. Ela estava internada desde o dia 16 de abril, fazendo o tratamento contra a doença. 

06.06.2021. VENEZUELA/COLOMBIA. El periodista venezolano, Eduard Ortega Sánchez (photo), presentó el pasado 28 de mayo un reposo médico por síntomas de Covid-19 en el Diario Extra de Bogotá, Colombia, donde laboraba. Luego de dos días, lo despidieron sin ninguna explicación. Falleció este 5 de junio, y aún después de muerto, la empresa le niega a su esposa el pago de la liquidación para los gastos fúnebres. La denuncia hace eco en el gremio periodístico colombiano y venezolano.

07.06.2021. RUSSIA. The oldest TASS journalist Igor Veksler (photo) died at the age of 83. His daughter 
Ksenia Yukhananova told TASS that the cause of death was COVID-19. In December 2020, he received the Tass
Chief Personnel Award for Contribution to the Development of the Agency.
06.06.2021. INDIA. Patna (Bihar) based senior journalist Krisna Kisalay (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 6 June. Kisalay (50), who used to work for Nababharat Times, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Prabhat, Aryavarta, etc died at home even after recovering from Covid-19 a few days back.

06.06.2021. INDIA. COVID-19 has claimed the life of another journalist in Manipur on Sunday. Saikhom Shantikumar (51, photo), who worked as sub-editor of Ireibak, a daily newspaper based in Imphal, succumbed to COVID-19 related complications at a hospital in Chandigarh where he was treated for other ailment on Sunday morning, reports said.

05.06.2021. INDIA. Gajapati  (Odisha) based journalist K Krushna Prasad (photo) died of Covid-19 on 5 June. Krushna  (40),  who worked for  Telugu daily newspaper Eenadu from Gosani area, passed away while undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

05.06.2021. BRASIL. Morreu aos 44 anos, nesta sexta-feira (4), o radialista Fábio Diniz (photo), vítima da Covid-19. Ele era apresentador da rádio Arapuan FM, em Patos, no Sertão paraibano. Fábio Diniz estava internado no Complexo Hospitalar Regional de Patos, não resistiu às complicações da infecção e faleceu. Ele havia sido entubado ontem (3), na UTI do Hospital Regional de Patos.

04.06.2021. PARAGUAY. No solo La Nación está de luto, el periodismo pierde a una de las plumas más brillantes. Esta tarde partió a la otra orilla el popular “Pototo” Mario Rubén Velázquez (photo), quien desde hace poco más de un mes estaba internado en el Hospital Central del Instituto de Previsión Social por complicaciones de la diabetes, aunque estando internado se contagió de COVID-19. Trabajó en otros medios como ABC, Noticias El Diario, Hoy, y en los últimos 26 años enriqueció las páginas de los medios del Grupo Nación, Crónica y La Nación.

04.06.2021. INDIA. Jaipur (Rajasthan) based young journalist Ashish Sharma (photo) died of Covid-19 on 3 June. Ashish (37), who was associated with Rajasthan Patrika newspaper, passed away during corona treatment  at Ganapati hospital. Days back, his mother also succumbed to corona complications.
03.06.2021. INDIA. Guwahati (Assam) based eminent author-journalist Dr Lakshmi Nandan Bora (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 3 June while undergoing treatment in a city hospital. Padma Shri awardee Dr Bora (89) used to edit Assamese newspaper Rongpur and literary magazine Goriyosi. He was honoured with prestigious Sahitya Academy award and was also president of highly influential forum Asom Sahitya Sabha.

03.06.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista mineiro Fernando Lana (photo), de 72 anos, morreu nessa terça-feira (1º/6), no Hospital São Lucas, no Bairro Floresta, na Região Leste da capital mineira. De acordo com o Sindicato dos Jornalistas Profissionais de Minas Gerais (SJPMG), Lana foi vítima de complicações da COVID-19. Lana passou por diversos jornais mineiros, como Jornal de Minas, Estado de Minas e Diário do Comércio, além de emissoras de TV como a Alterosa.

03.06.2021. MEXICO. Zacarías Ramírez (photo), quien fuera editor en jefe de Forbes México (2012-2019), falleció este martes. Aristegui Noticias lamenta el fallecimiento del periodista Zacarías Ramírez, editor de Economía y Negocios en Aristegui Noticias.

03.06.2021. NICARAGUA. El Licenciado en Periodismo Leonel Antonio Fletes (photo) falleció a causa de un fulminante infarto cardiaco en Juigalpa, Chontales, la madrugada de este miércoles. Se dice que murió de un paro cardíaco asociado al covid 19. Leonel Antonio Fletes era director del Canal 17 Telecentro y corresponsal de Viva Nicaragua Canal 13.

02.06.2021. ECUADOR. El periodista deportivo de Radio Ambato, Enrique Moscoso Miranda (photo), falleció 30 de abril a causa de la COVID-19, luego de permanecer durante una semana en una Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos (UCI) del Hospital Docente de Ambato. Durante su trayectoria en el periodismo deportivo de Tungurahua, trabajó en Radio Continental, Radio Centro, Radio Líder y Radio Caracol. Durante los últimos años tuvo un programa deportivo en Radio Ambato. 

02.06.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Ribamar Oliveira (photo), repórter especial e colunista do jornal Valor Econômico, morreu em Brasília, vítima da covid-19, aos 67 anos. Ele ficou internado por quase 50 dias. Além do Valor Econômico, Ribamar passou pelas redações do jornal O Globo, Jornal do Brasil, O Estado de S. Paulo, além das revistas Veja e Isto é. Foi, ainda, assessor de imprensa do Banco Central e do ministério do Planejamento. O jornalista também ganhou vários prêmios, incluindo um Esso de Economia pela reportagem "O Escândalo dos precatórios".

02.06.2021. COLOMBIA. El conocido periodista Henry Arias Romero (photo) falleció en las últimas horas en Ibagué víctima de Covid-19. Director de deportes del Canal PYC, Henry Romero se destacó en radio y televisión.

02.06.2021. BRASIL. Faltando poucos minutos para terminar terça-feira (1º), o radialista, locutor e jornalista Willian Tofoli (photo) deu seu último suspiro. Aos 34 anos, o comunicador faleceu após longos 40 dias de luta contra o coronavírus. Multiprofissional, Tofoli era o responsável por fechar a programação diária da 99 FM de Presidente Prudente, com o programa noturno "Mais 99". Também era diretor de programação e locutor da Life FM de Adamantina.

02.06.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na manhã desta terça-feira, 1º, aos 60 anos, o jornalista e fundador da Tv Jaguar, Flávio Costa, (photo), vítima da Covid-19. O meio de comunicação é de Limoeiro do Norte, mas tinha influência nos municípios do Vale do Jaguaribe. A emissora lamentou a perda do também presidente da TV e celebrou a trajetória do profissional. No Ceará, 28 radialistas já morreram em decorrência de Covid-19. Sindicato solicitou que categoria seja incluída no grupo prioritário para vacinação. No Estado, a comunicação é considerada serviço essencial. Radialistas cearenses vitimados pela doença: 01 - Aderbal Soares (Fortaleza) 02 - Alexandre Rangel (Fortaleza) 03 - Raimundo Alfredo (Sobral) 04 - Carlos Alberto Moreira (Canindé) 05 - Carlos Bezerra (Crato) 06 - Carlos Dutra (Fortaleza) 07 - Chico dos Santos (Sobral) 08 - Cristiano Alcântara (Maracanaú) 08 - Evilásio Pires (Fortaleza) 10 - Flávio Moreira (Fortaleza) 11 - Francisco Inácio de Brito (Mucambo) 12 - Inácio de Brito (Sobral) 13 - Iraguassu Teixeira (Fortaleza) 14 - Irineu de Freitas (Canindé) 15 - Jéssica Moreno (Iguatu) 16 - Jonas Melo (Fortaleza) 17 - Marcos Dublê (Fortaleza) 18 - Moacir Luiz Dreyer (Fortaleza) 19 - Nacélio Cavalcante (Icó) 20 - Normando Sóracles (Juazeiro) 21 - Olivan Santos (Camocim)  22 - Osias Maciel (São Luís do Curu) 23 - Osvaldo Avelino (Sobral) 24 - Pedro Hallan (Fortaleza) 25 - Pedro Rocha Neto, Fichinha (Itapipoca) 26 - Rai Soares (Cascavel) 27 - Renato Freire Caitano (Canindé) 27 - Ricardo Cavalcante (Aquiraz) 28 - Sandro Guimarães (Aracati) (OPOVO online).
02.06.2021. INDIA. Jaipur (Rajasthan) based journalist  Tanveer Ahmed (photo) died of Covid-19  on 2 June. Tanveer  (36), who worked for Danik Bhaskar, Daily News, ETV, etc passed away while undergoing corona treatment at the hospital.

India: Jangaon (Telangana) based reporter Chilupuri Jagan died of Covid-19 on 2 June 2021. Jagan (54), who worked for Namaste Telangana newspaper, passed away while undergoing corona treatment. He was one of the recognised journalists of Telangana government in south India.

02.06.2021. BRASIL. O primeiro jornalista indígena de Mato Grosso morreu em decorrência da Covid-19, em Cuiabá, nesta terça-feira (1°). Vítor Aurape Peruare (photo), de 70 anos, era um líder da Aldeia Pakuera, terra indígena Bakairi, em Paranatinga, a 411 km de Cuiabá.
01.06.2021. INDIA. Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) based senior journalist Vinod Shivhare (photo) died of Covid-19 on 1 June. Vinod (52), who was associated with Hindi newspapers, passed away while undergoing corona related treatment at a government hospital  for nearly one month.

01.06.2021. INDIA. Mumbai based veteran journalist Radhakrishna Narvekar (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 1 June.   Narvekar (82), who used to edit Sakal Mumbai newspaper, passed  away while undergoing corona related treatment at the hospital. The former president of  Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh recovered from Covid-19 but later developed complications and finally succumbed to it.
01.06.2021. VENEZUELA. Muere por complicaciones derivadas por Covid - 19 destacado radiodifusor, cual fuese fundador de diversos medios radiales en la COL , presidente / director de la emisora Lagunillas Stereo 95.3 FM Freddy Medina (photo).
31.05.2020. INDIA. Imphal (Manipur) based senior journalist Sagolsem Hemant (photo) died of Covid-19 on 30 May. Hemant (65) worked for  various newspapers like Pudin, Eikhoigee Panthung, Ningtam Lanpao, etc and also led All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union as its president for two terms. The Meitei author-journalist passed way while undergoing corona treatment at the hospital.

31.05.2021. NEPAL. The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) is shocked and saddened by the sad

news of the ultimely demise of Rabindra Gautam, at the young age of 38 due to corona infection.

Gautam, who has worked for Image Channel, Abhiyan Aartgi Daily, Navtarang Weekly and others, has

been working as a Dolakha correspondent of Annapurna Post and station manager of Radio Bhimeshwar.

Corona has so far killed 19 journalists and infected more than 900 in Nepal. The rate of corona infection has been increasing for

the last few days. FNJ appeals to all journalists to engage in professional work by taking all possible health safety measures.

31.05.2021. GUYANA. Journalist Mondale Smith (photo) has passed away as a result of Covid-19. Smith was in his 40s. He was admitted to the Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit last week with severe complications. Smith started his media career at the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation in the early 1990s. He would later join the Evening News and eventually became one of the faces of Prime News newscast. Smith would later work at Kaieteur News, among several other places. The Guyana Press Association (GPA) has expressed condolences to his family and friends.

30.05.2021. ITALIA. Ancora una vittima, la 58esima, del Covid nel giornalismo et nella cultura del

Italia : è morto nei giorni scorsi, nel reparto Covid 3 dell’ospedale di Cuorgnè (Torino), il giornalista e

poeta Marco Lojacono (photo), nato nel dicembre 1935 a Palermo. Ha collaborato con il settimanale

«Il Risveglio popolare» del quale fu una firma conosciuta.

30.05.2021. BANGLADESH. The Financial Express executive editor and chief news editor Shahiduzzaman Khan (photo) died of Covid-19 at a hospital in Dhaka. He was 71. Shahiduzzaman breathed his last at Bangladesh Specialized Hospital where he was undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit. Shahiduzzaman was admitted to the hospital on May 07 and the senior journalist has been undergoing treatment there for the last three weeks and tested positive for the virus.

30.05.2021. BRASIL. Fábio Campana (photo), jornalista e escritor, morreu vítima da Covid-19, neste sábado (29), em Curitiba. Uma publicação feita no blog pessoal do jornalista confirmou a morte. Tinha 74 anos. Campana publicava colunas em uma rede de jornais do interior do Paraná e fazia comentários políticos para uma rádio. Além disso, era editor de uma revista e diretor de uma editora.

29.05.2021. ARGENTINA. El joven trabajador de radio, Pablo Andés Miranda (photo), falleció este viernes, afectado por coronavirus. Un conocido operador y locutor de radio de Santa Rosa, Pablo Andrés Miranda, de 48 años, falleció este viernes, afectado por coronavirus, según confirmaron compañeros de la actividad. Miranda era un conocido trabajador de las radios locales. Entre ellas, se desempeñaba en LU33 y Radio Patagonia.

29.05.2021. INDIA. Veteran journalist and author Basant Das (photo) has succumbed to Covid-19 on 28 May.  He was 81. Das, who used to work for Amrita Bazara Patrika and Jugantar, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital. The Oriya author-journalist led Utkal Journalist Union and was also associated with Indian Federation of Working Journalists. Das has written as many as 16 books including his recent book ‘Political History of Modern Odisha’.

29.05.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based senior defence journalist Sushil Sharma (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 28 May.  Sharma (55), who used to edit DefenceMonitor magazine, passed away while undergoing corona related treatment at a Noida hospital.

29.05.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Milton Coelho da Graça (photo) morreu aos 90 anos vítima de covid-19, no Rio de Janeiro. Milton co meçou no Diário Carioca, passou pelo Última Hora e O Globo e foi correspondente em Londres e Nova York. Milton chegou a ser preso e torturado durante a ditadura militar.

29.05.2021. INDIA. Mumbai based former journalist Ryan Stephen (photo) died of Covid-19 complications on 29 May. Stephen (50), now a known film producer passed away while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Goa.

- INDIA: Chennai (Tamil Nadu) based senior journalist R Jawahar  died of Covid-19 on 28 May. Jawahar (73), who is also regarded as a Left-wing writer, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at the hospital.

- INDIA: Angul (Odisha) based young journalist Raghunath Sahu died of Covid-19 on 28 May. Raghunath (29), who worked for Zee Kalinga news channel, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital in Bhubaneswar.
29.05.2021. PAKISTAN. Journalist-turned-politician and writer of many books, Malik Mushtaq Khattana, died of coronavirus in Mansehra on Friday. He was admitted to the Ayub Medical Complex Hospital in Abbottabad after he tested positive for Covid-19 last week. Khattana was the tehsil president of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf in Mansehra and an active social worker. He was a regular column contributor of a local daily, raising community issues through his pen. Mr Khattana had also remained the president of the local press club and wrote many books.
28.05.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Generoso Rodrigues (photo), de 78 anos, morreu nesta quinta-feira (27) vítima de complicações da Covid-19 em Mato Grosso. Generoso foi o pioneiro do jornalismo na região do Araguaia, fundador e proprietário da Revista Agora, com 40 anos de atuação na comunicação.

28.05.2021. ECUADOR. El periodista guayaquileño Rommel Ramos (photo), del medio digital La Data, falleció la noche del 26 de mayo tras haberse contagiado de la COVID-19. Amigos cercanos al comunicador confirmaron a Fundamedios que el deceso del periodista ocurrió luego de permanecer durante cuatro semanas en una Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos (UCI) de una clínica privada de Guayaquil. 

28.05.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. A famous BBC radio presenter from the UK recently lost her life and her family has claimed that the reason behind her untimely death was blood clots caused due to the AstraZeneca vaccine. Lisa Shaw, 44 (photo), got vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus. A week after taking the AstraZeneca jab, she started suffering from severe headaches and then fell seriously ill a few days later. Shaw was then admitted to the Royal Victoria infirmary in Newscastle and found she had developed blood clots. She was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for internal bleeding and a few days later she was declared dead. According to the public broadcaster, the vaccine is listed as one of the factors being considered in her passing. The document sites “complication of AstraZeneca COVID-19 virus vaccination” as a consideration.

27.05.2021. INDIA. Penchikalpet (Telangana) based journalist Junagari Ramesh (photo) died of Covid-19 on 26 May. Ramesh (38), who worked for a vernacular newspaper, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital in Kaghaznagar.

27.05.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na última terça-feira 25, no Hospital Santa Marcelina em Itaquera, São Paulo, o jornalista Rodinei Lafaete (photo) vítima de complicações da Covid-19. Rodinei Lafaete era correspondente do Direto do Planalto em São Paulo, onde atuava como Repórter Tô de Olho”, autodidata em direito do consumidor, presidente da Andecon – Associação Nacional de Defesa do Consumidor -  e criador e administrador do Blog Tô de Olho.

27.05.2021. ECUADOR. El periodista manabita Rubén Darío Vera Naranjo (photo), de Bahía Stereo, falleció 25 de mayo de un paro cardiaco, mientras se encontraba en recuperación por el virus de la COVID-19. Yuri Burbano, amigo de Vera, contó a Fundamedios que el periodista se infectó con COVID-19 y estuvo internado durante 60 días en el Hospital del Seguro Social de Bahía de Caráquez.

27.05.2021. PARAGUAY. El COVID-19 se cobró otra vida en el ámbito de la prensa, en este caso, un comunicador conocido en el departamento de Concepción, como presentador del noticiero del Canal 11 TV Horqueta. Se trata de Rafael Escobar (photo), oriundo de Horqueta, que solo tenía 34 años de edad y vivía en Capitán Sosa.
27.05.2021. COLOMBIA. El gobernador encargado de Antioquia, Luis Fernando Suárez Vélez, confirmó en su cuenta de Twitter el fallecimiento del periodista Liderman Ortiz Berrío (photo) por su contagio con COVID-19. El periodista Leiderman Ortiz Berrío había liderado una plataforma de comunicaciones en el bajo Cauca, donde se centraba en denuncias de corrupción y hechos violentos en esta región del departamento.  

27.05.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista João Batista Machado (photo) , de 77 anos, morreu em Natal nesta quarta-feira (26). Ele estava com câncer e contraiu Covid-19 durante o tratamento. Machado era membro da Academia Norte-rio-grandense de Letras desde 2012.
26.05.2021. ARGENTINA. Un conocido periodista y docente falleció por complicaciones a raíz de la Covid-19, en San Ignacio, departamento de Misiones. Sus ex compañeros lo despidieron con honores. José María Martínez (photo), conocido periodista y docente de la zona de Misiones, murió tras no resistir a las complicaciones de salud como consecuencia del coronavirus.
26.05.2021. INDIA. Bhubaneswar  (Odisha) based journalist  Prabudha Jagadev (photo) died of Covid-19 on 26 May. Jagadev (44) used to work for Hindustan Times, New Indian Express, The Telegraph, etc, he passed away while undergoing corona treatment at AIIMS- Bhubaneswar.

INDIA: Deboria (Uttar Pradesh) based journalist Suresh Kumar Chaturvedi (50) died of Covid-19 at hospital.
26.05.2021. INDIA. Ahmedabad (Gujarat) based veteran journalist  Mahesh Trivedi (photo) died of Covid-19 on 26 May. Trivedi (65), who worked for Indian Express, Times of India, etc, passed away battling corona complications at the hospital.
26.05.2021. INDIA. Phulbani (Orissa) based scribe Ashutosh Behera (45, photo) died of Covid-10 on 25 May. Worked for Odia daily Sarbasadharan, Ashutosh was also an active member of Kandhamal district press club. He passed away while getting corona treatment at a corona hospital.

26.05.2021. INDIA. Bangalore (Karnataka) based veteran journalist  Herohalli Srinivasaiah Doreswamy (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 25 May. More regarded as a freedom fighter, Doreswamy (103) passed away undergoing treatment at a private hospital. Earlier he was admitted in a  Bengaluru for corona treatment and discharged after some days. A native of  Harohalli near Bangalore,  Doreswamy took part in Quit India movement and later worked as a journalist for many years.

26.05.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based senior journalist Vidyut Prakash Mourya (photo) died of Covid-19 on 25 May. Vidyut (45), who used to work for Hindustan newspaper, passed away while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Hailed from Patna, the scribe fought the corona battles for a month but could not survive and he was cremated there as well.

25.05.2021. PHILIPPINES. Cesar Reyes died of COVID-19 complications Tuesday, May 25, at the Baguio General Hospital. Reyes, a long-time Baguio correspondent for People’s Journal and People’s Tonight, was 61. Reyes' demise from COVID-19 came after Philippine Star Cagayan correspondent Raymung Catindig also succumbed to COVID-19 towards the end of April in Ilagan City, Isabela.

25.05.2021. COLOMBIA. Falleció este lunes 24 de mayo en la noche el periodista Jhon Jairo Ocampo (photo), tras sufrir las secuelas del Covid-19. Ocampo fue editor económico de Noticias RCN, jefe de Prensa de Palacio y gerente de RTVC durante el gobierno de Juan Manuel Santos.

24.05.2021. BRASIL. Faleceu ontem, aos 66 anos, de complicações causadas pela Covid-19, a jornalista Ivany Rocha (photo). Ela ficou internada durante dois meses e cinco dias, no hospital do Instituto de Previdência dos Servidores do Estado de Minas Gerais (Ipsemg).

24.05.2021. BRASIL. Mais uma vítima da COVID-19 teve sua morte confirmada na noite deste domingo, 23 na cidade de Monteiro. O locutor de vaquejadas, radialista e funcionário público conhecido como Roberto Locutor (photo) teve sua morte confirmada através das redes sociais. Roberto atuou em emissoras de rádio como a IMPRENSA FM, Sertânia FM, Monteiro FM, Santa Maria, entre outras.

24.05.2021. INDIA. Chennai (Tamil Nadu) based young reporter Pradeep Kumar (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 23 May. Pradeep (28) was discharged from the heath center as he turned negative for novel corona virus infections, but later succumbed to the ailment.

23.05.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na madrugada deste domingo (23), aos 72 anos, o jornalista e historiador José Murilo Noleto (photo), vítima da Covid-19. Murilo Noleto estava internado há mais de um mês na Unidade de Terapia Intensiva (UTI) do Hospital Unimed, em Teresina. atualmente atuava como comentarista no Portal AZ.

23.05.2021. IRAN. 32 Journalists, Media Activists Die Of COVID-19 In Iran. Iran is one of the countries with the highest number of people infected with the coronavirus and according to the findings of the Afghanistan Journalists Center, at least 32 media journalists in Iran have died due to the virus between February 2020 and May 2021. More on: http://www.afjc.af
22.05.2021. INDIA. Mumbai (Maharashtra) based television journalist Roshan Dias (photo) died of Covid-19 on 22 May. Roshan (46), who used to work for  TV9 Marathi news channel, passed away while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

22.05.2021. BRASIL. Morreu nesta sexta-feira (21), em Juazeiro, o jornalista Jean Rego (photo), aos 47 anos. Ele estava internado com a Covid-19 na UTI de um hospital da região. O profissional trabalhava na Rádio Juazeiro. Durante a pandemia, Rego manteve a programação diária na rádio a fim de informar a população e acabou sendo infectado pela doença.

22.05.2021. MEXICO. Después de breve dolencia y a la edad de 74 años, esta mañana se desligó de la vida en Mérida el conocido periodista yucateco Martiniano Alcocer Álvarez (photo). "Don Martiniano” o "Profesor", como se le conocía en el ambiente periodístico, fue ingresado en un hospital por algunos problemas de salud y posteriormente se contagió del coronavirus Covid-19, lo que complicó su estado y finalmente le arrebató la vida. Se forjó como reportero y redactor en Diario de Yucatán, donde desempeñó varios cargos, como jefe de Información, editorialista y editor web.

22.05.2021. INDIA. Rajkumar Keswani (photo), an acclaimed journalist who had warned about irregularities that led to the Bhopal gas tragedy much before the world's worst industrial disaster took place in 1984, died of post Covid-19 complications in Bhopal on Friday, his son Raunaq said. He was 72.

- INDIA. Mancherial (Telangana) based journalist Choppadandi Mohan (34), who was associated with a Telugu daily,  succumbed to corona complications on 21 May while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Hyderabad. 

- INDIA. Nagaon (Assam) based rural journalist Humeswar Hira (63) died of Covid-19 on 22 May 2021

21.05.2021. INDIA. Indore (Madhya Pradesh) based senior journalist Prakash Biyani (photo) died from post Covid-19 complications on 21 May. Biyani (58) passed way while undergoing corona related treatment at a private hospital.
21.05.2021. INDIA. Muthaliyarpet (Puducherry) based rural journalist L Ramesh (photo) died of Covid-19 on 20 May. Ramesh (43), who used to work for a vernacular media outlet, passed away  while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

21.05.2021. BRASIL. Coronavírus mata um jornalista por dia no Brasil, aponta Fenaj. Ao todo, 213 profissionais perderam a vida em decorrência da doença. Pesquisa divulgada nesta quinta-feira (20) pela Federação Nacional dos Jornalistas (Fenaj) mostra que, em média, ao menos um profissional da área morre vítima de Covid-19 no Brasil. De acordo com números compilados, de 1º de janeiro a 30 de abril e 2021, 124 jornalistas morreram em decorrência do novo coronavírus no país. Na média, isso representa uma média de 31 óbitos por mês — registros que mostram crescimento no comparativo com 2020. No ano passado, no recorte para profissionais da imprensa, a média mensal de mortes foi de 8,3. Com a aceleração de vítimas no primeiro quadrimestre, a Fenaj contabiliza 213 jornalistas mortos por causa do novo coronavírus.

21.05.2021. COLOMBIA. Murió Alberto Urrego (photo), reportero gráfico, hermano del periodista Héctor Urrego. Trabajó en la revista 'Mundo ciclístico'. Contrajo covid, luego de cubrir 'Vuelta a la Juventud 2021'. Alberto Urrego  un gran profesional de la fotografía deportiva, en varias Vueltas a Colombia, clásicos RCN, Vuelta a España , tors de las Américas etc.

21.05.2021. ITALIA. Covid, morto il giornalista e fotografo Angelo Marchese (photo): aveva 64 anni. Direttore di User Tv, Angelo Marchese è morto ieri all’ospedale San Giuseppe Moscati di Avellino, dove era stato ricoverato dopo la sua positività al Coronavirus.

21.05.2021. PARAGUAY. El periodismo y la docencia misionera está de luto. Lamentamos informar que el Prof. José María Martínez Benítez (photo) falleció anoche a consecuencia del covid-19, estuvo internado 37 en UTI.

20.05.2021. BOLIVIA. Lamentablemente falleció el reconocido periodista Pablo Calucho (photo), tras luchar varias semanas contra el coronavirus, según informaron medios locales. Calucho se encontraba internado en terapia intensiva en una clínica en Santa Cruz. Calucho empezó a trabajar en los medios de comunicación cuando tenía 15 años, también se dedicaba a producir material de periodismo de investigación. Ademas, fue ganador del Premio Nacional de Periodismo 2013.

20.05.2021. BOLIVIA. El periodista deportivo Freddy Martínez Tapia (photo) falleció este miércoles en la ciudad de Potosí a causa de la Covid-19. Martínez también se destacó en la prensa escrita, en CORREO DEL SUR, siendo el primer editor de la sección deportiva del diario de la capital, en 1987. Cumplió esta función durante una década, mientras no dejaba su pasión por la radio.

20.05.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na noite desta quinta-feira (20) o jornalista e escritor alagoano Reinaldo Cabral (photo). Segundo comunicado da família, publicado em sua página, no Facebook, Reinaldo estava internado desde o último sábado, no Hospital Universitário, em Maceió, mas não resistiu às complicações da Covid-19. Seu texto e sua atuação como repórter investigativo eram bastante respeitados. Na década de 70, no Jornal do Brasil, foi responsável por uma série de reportagens que revelaram, pela primeira vez, nomes de traficantes internacionais que agiam em conjunto com criminosos brasileiros.

20.05.2021. MEXICO. Expresamos nuestras más sinceras condolencias a los familiares y amigos del periodista, historiador y catedrático, Francisco Verdayes Ortiz (photo), quien falleció esta mañana a causa del COVID-19. Ya como profesionista fundó la revista “Pioneros”, fue coordinador de comunicación social del gobierno estatal, asesor de prensa del ayuntamiento de Cozumel, director del periódico Novedades Quintana Roo, director de noticias de TV CUN, del grupo Sipse, locutor de programas radiofónicos en Radio Caribe y Radio Turquesa, docente en la Universidad del Sur y conferencista.

20.05.2021. TURKEY. Journalist Adnan Genç (photo) passed away due to Covid-19. Journalist, writer, former Istanbul Medical Chamber press consultant Adnan Genç passed away due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19). Journalist Adnan Genç was a former press consultant of the Istanbul Medical Chamber (ITO) and the coordinator of the ITO Physician Forum magazine. He was among the founders of Hemşin Magazine GOR.
20.05.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based news producer Shivani Dua (photo) died of Covid-19 on 19 May. Shivani (41), who worked for NDTV, was battling with corona infection  for some days and finally succumbed to the complication.

- Prakasam (Andhra Pradesh) based journalist B. Venkateswarlu, who worked for Vishalandhra newspaper, died of Covid-19 on 19 May.

19.05.2021. TURKEY. Journalist Semir Yazıcı (photo) from Iskenderun dies of covid. The heart of MEGA 
Media General Director Semir Yazıcı, who has been successfully working as a journalist for many years
in İskenderun, stopped at the hospital where he was treated for Covid-19.

19.05.2021. BRASIL. Parnamirim perdeu na manhã desta terça-feira, dia 18, o jornalista Erivan Fernandes Souza (photo), do Jornal City Tour. Erivan, que tinha 64 anos, estava internado na UTI e não resistiu às complicações ocasionadas pela Covid-19.

19.05.2021. INDIA. Bhagalpur (Bihar) based young journalist Sunil Abhimanyu (photo) died of Covid-19 on 18 May.  Sunil (35), who used to work for Hindi newspaper Hindustan, passed away while undergoing treatment at a private hospital.
18.05.2021. INDIA. Bageswar  (Uttar Pradesh) based senior journalist and author Diwakar Bhatta (photo) died of post  Covid-19 complications on 17 May night. Bhatta (58), who worked for Amar Ujala newspaper and edited Adharshila magazine, was hospitalized for nearly a month for corona treatments.

18.05.2021. BRASIL. O radialista Luis Fabiano de Oliveira (photo), conhecido por “Sassá” Oliveira, faleceu neste domingo (16), vítima da Covid-19. Esse foi o 94º morador de Irati que faleceu por complicações da doença. Sassá atuou mais de 20 anos como radialista. Iniciou sua trajetória aos 17 anos na rádio Vale do Mel FM, de Irati, no ano de 1996. Quatro anos depois, ele trabalhou na rádio 94, de União da Vitória. Em 2001 ingressou na Rádio Najuá.

- BRASIL. A TV Cultura se despediu neste final de semana do repórter cinematográfico José Gomes, vítima de Covid-19.

18.05.2021. PERU. A través de una carta dirigida al Ministerio de Salud (Minsa), la Asociación Nacional de Periodistas del Perú reiteró la “solicitud de vacunación a periodistas, fotoperiodistas, camarógrafos y otros trabajadores y trabajadoras de medios de comunicación”. Esta insistencia es realizada cuando el registro de la ANP marca la cifra de 161 periodistas fallecidos por covid, de los cuales 79 se contagiaron en actividad informativa. En ese sentido, el gremio expresó al ministerio que la situación “es catastrófica en el sector, especialmente en regiones”.

17.05.2021. INDIA. Renowned journalist and well-known TV anchor Anjan Bandyopadhyay (photo) died at a private hospital in Kolkata on Sunday night due to COVID-19. He was 56. Bandyopadhyay was the editor of Bengali news channel Zee 24 Ghanta. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed grief over Bandyopadhyay's death.

17.05.2021. INDIA. Mumbai based senior journalist Saroj Tripathi (photo) dies of Covid-19 on 17 May. Tripathi (65, photo), who worked for Nababharat Times, passed away while undergoing corona treatment.

17.05.2021. INDIA. Journalist Swamy Gowda (photo) succumbed to Covid-19 on Monday. He was 45. Gowda a native of Channarayapatna taluk was initially undergoing treatment at a hospital in his native, before he was shifted to Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences (HIMS) hospital six days ago. Gowda had served as the  president of Channarayapatna Taluk Journalists Association.

17.05.2021. INDIA. Bokajan (Assam) based television reporter Rubul Dihingiya (photo) died of Covid-19 on 17 May. Rubul (44) used to work for NewsLive channel and died while undergoing corona treatment at a Guwahati hospital.

17.05.2021. BOLIVIA. Murió ayer el periodista paceño Boris Iván Miranda Espinoza (photo, 37 años. ) corresponsal de BBC Mundo. La notícia fue confirmada por sus familiares. Su último trabajo periodístico fue sobre la morenada y se publicó hace unos días en el portal de BBC Mundo. Falleció de COVID Fue corresponsal de la BBC en Colombia y realizó coberturas en diferentes países de América Latina. El 18 de enero murió su padre Iván Miranda, quién también era periodista, aquejado por coronavirus.

16.05.2021. INDIA. A veteran Video Editor in the electronic media industry, Sudesh Vasudev (photo) died today. He was suffering from SARS-Cov-2 infection and was admitted to a private hospital in Delhi. Media fraternities in the National Capital and across India have expressed deep regrets on the untimely demise of Sudehsh, who they said was a master in video editing, for the field of TV news. Sudesh was the Chief of Video Editing at CNN News 18 and had also worked with NDTV.

16.05.2021. INDIA. Another 3 Journalists Lose Covid Battle In Odisha.They are Kailash Chandra Sahoo (75) of Patnagarh in Bolangir district, Ratikant Bal (38) of Badachana in Jajpur district, and Bishnu Prasad Patra (42) of Berhampur. Sahoo was working with Odia daily Pragativadi while Bal was with Ekamra TV. Patra was working for Odisha Bhaskar and Kalinga Darpana, reports stated.

16.05.2021. INDIA. Senior journalist Sunil Jain (photo) died on Saturday due to post-COVID-19 complications. The Financial Express Managing Editor had tested positive for the coronavirus and was admitted at AIIMS, Delhi. Paying condolences, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “You left us too soon, Sunil Jain. I will miss reading your columns and hearing your frank as well as insightful views on diverse matters. You leave behind an inspiring range of work. Journalism is poorer today, with your sad demise. Condolences to family and friends. Om Shanti.”

16.05.2021. UNITED KINGDOM/SOUTH AFRICA. Nick Downie (photo), who has died of Covid-19 on 12 May in South Africa aged 74, was a former SAS soldier widely regarded as one of the world’s best combat cameramen. Downie had been a professional soldier for six years. He later worked as a war correspondent, winning multiple awards. The Royal Television Society recognised his work with three awards.

16.05.2021. NEPAL. Over 750 journalists have been infected with Covid-19 and 14 succumbed to the death so far, according to the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ). Editor of Khabar Nepalgunj daily and Khabarnepalgunj.com Raes Sahi has died of COVID-19 on Saturday. He was undergoing treatment at the Teaching Hospital in Nepalgunj. Shanti Ram Karki chairperson of FNJ Channel Nepal Pratishtan Unit, passed away on Saturday morning at Manmohan memorial hospital in Swyambhu, Kathmandu. The 34-year-old journalist had tested positive for the Coronavirus on May 2.

16.05.2021. ARGENTINA. El conocido periodista y conductor radial Pablo Valmaceda (photo) falleció en horas de la mañana de este domingo, tras permanecer internado en el hospital Eva Perón de Granadero Baigorria a donde había ingresado días atrás contagiado de coronavirus.

16.05.2021. BOLIVIA. El reconocido periodista deportivo Pedro Yucra (photo), director del programa Mundo del Deporte, falleció luego de una dura batalla contra el coronavirus COVID-19. Yucra era directivo del Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Prensa de Quillacollo -Valle Bajo y su trabajo era bastante destacado en el área deportiva a nivel nacional. Yucra es la séptima víctima de la COVID-19 en el gremio. Cupertino Fernández, Édgar Sanabria, Edmundo Olmos, Fernando Balderrama, Fortunato Fernández y José “Chechi” Nogales completan la lista.

15.05.2021. ARGENTINA. El periodista José María Barrios (photo) murió durante la madrugada del viernes a los 61 años por complicaciones en cuadro de coronavirus. El periodista cordobés Barrios trabajó en la redacción central de la Agencia de Noticias Télam desde 1983, y en los últimos 15 años lo hacía desde Córdoba en la sección de Turf y Juegos.

15.05.2021. ARGENTINA. Sol Casella (photo) tenía apenas 23 años y se convirtió en una víctima más de la pandemia de coronavirus. Era periodista, trabajaba como redactora en la agencia de noticias de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Lomas de Zamora, donde también estudiaba, y su muerte causó conmoción en esa casa de estudios, donde la recuerdan como "una periodista joven, comprometida y alegre".

15.05.2021. COLOMBIA. El equipo de Noticias Día a Día cumple con el penoso deber de informar sobre el sensible fallecimiento de nuestro compañero de labores, Whiston Sandoval Rojas (photo), este viernes 14 de mayo de 2021. Fue director de RCN en la ciudad de Ibagué, trabajó en Amor Estéreo y FusaTV, en Fusagasugá. Noticias Día a Día sería su última casa, donde conducía el programa “Emprendedores” y al mismo tiempo producía “Economía y Finanzas”. El comunicador dejó de existir en el Hospital San Rafael de Fusagasugá, donde fue recluido tras presentar afectaciones respiratorias con las cuales luchó durante los últimos días.

15.05.2021. YEMEN. Yemeni journalist Ibrahim Naji (photo) died in Al-Dhalea Governorate, south of

Yemen, Saturday. A press source confirmed the death of the editor-in-chief of the Aden Post news website

Ibrahim Ali Naji as a result of being infected with the Covid-19. He previously worked for a number of media

outlets, including the Al-Mashad website in Al-Dhalea Governorate. Since the beginning of the outbreak of

the Corona virus in Yemen, a number of journalists have died due to being infected with the virus, in the absence of an

announced statistic.

15.05.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based senior journalist Gurpreet (Jarnail) Singh (photo) died of Covid-19 on 14 May. Singh (55), who worked for Hindi newspaper Dainik Bhaskar, passed away while undergoing medical attention for the corona infection. For some time, he was a legislator in Delhi Assembly.
15.05.2021. INDIA. Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) based senior journalist Mohammad Ali (photo) died of Covid-19 on 14 May.  Ali (55), who worked for Rashtriya Sahara newspaper, passed away undergoing corona treatment.

15.05.2021. INDIA. Bangalore (Karnataka) based senior journalist Mahadev Prakash (photo) died of Covid-19 on 14 May. The editor of Ee Bhanuvara, Prakash  (65) also used to present news in local television channels. He died during corona treatment at the hospital.
14.05.2021. INDIA. Chaygaon (Assam) based senior journalist Shivacharan Kalita (photo) died of Covid-19 on 14 May. Kalita (60), who worked for a number of Assamese newspapers, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at the hospital.
14.05.2021. INDIA. Pune (Maharashtra) based young journalist  Sandip Jagdale (photo) died of Covid-19 on 13 May. Sandip (45), who worked for Marathi newspaper Sakaal,  passed away during medical  attention to corona complications.
14.05.2021. INDIA. Kalaburagi  (Karnataka) based journalist  Jayatheerth Kagalkar (photo) died of Covid-19 on 13 May. Jayatheerth (53), who worked for Samyukta Karnataka newspaper, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital.
14.05.2021. INDIA. Pamarthi Pawan Kumar (38, photo), a young journalist, died with Corona. Pawan works as a business journalist in electronic media. He succumbed to his injuries on Friday (May 14) at the Viyyur Government Hospital in Krishna district. Pawan has worked in several Telugu news channels. His articles have also received national awards.

- Leading senior journalist Gopi was also reported missing with Corona five days ago. He was admitted to Corona Soki Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Gopi, another reporter working for a popular Telugu news channel, also died a few days ago with Corona.
- Veteran journalist AR Wig, 81, a former senior editor at Hindustan Times, died on Friday morning due to Covid-19 related complications at the Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality hospital.
14.05.2021. INDIA. Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) based journalist MO Shibu (photo) died of Covid-19 on 14 May.  Shibu (46), who used to work for Deshabhimani newspaper, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital.

14.05.2021. INDIA. Chitradurga (Karnataka) based television journalist Basavaraj Koti (photo) died of Covid-19 on 12 May. Basavaraj (35), who worked for  a private news channel, passed away while undergoing corona treatment.
14.05.2021. INDIA. Ferozepur (Punjab) based television journalist Rattan Lal (50, photo) died of Covdi-19 on 11 May. He died at a government hospital pursuing corona treatment.

14.05.2021. INDIA. Singhbhum (Jharkhand) based young journalist Rajesh Pati (photo) died of Covid-19 on 14 May. Rajesh (35), who was associated with News-11, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a Ranchi hospital.

14.05.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na noite da última quinta-feira (13), a jornalista cuiabana Márcia Caetano (photo), 60 anos, vítima da Covid-19. Ela estava internada em um hospital de Campo Grande, para onde tinha ido ajudar a filha, que contraiu a doença primeiro e faleceu há duas semanas.

14.05.2021. BRASIL. Faleceu nesta sexta-feira (14), em Campina Grande, a jornalista e Diretora Escolar Adriana Braz (photo), aos 50 anos. Ela estava internada havia cerca de 20 dias no Hospital Pedro I, em tratamento por complicações decorrentes da Covid-19. Adriana Braz era jornalista, com passagens pelo Correio da Paraíba e Jornal da Paraíba.

- Aos 66 anos, de complicações causadas pela Covid-19, morre a jornalista Ivany Rocha (Minas Gerais)

13.05.2021. COLOMBIA. Falleció en las últimas horas, víctima de las complicaciones desencadenadas por el covid-19, la comunicadora social Martha “Tica” Toncel, hermana del también periodista de Caracol Televisión, Carlos Toncel Sanjuan.

13.05.2021. USA. Former KHOU 11 reporter John "Rucks" Russell (photo) has died following a battle with COVID-19. Russell was a reporter for KHOU-11 between 2006 and 2017. From there, he went on to work as the Communications Director for US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee in Washington DC. According to Russell's Twitter bio, he was in D.C. at the time of his death and was working as a Senior Media and Communications Specialist for the Department of Health and Human Services’ Minority Health division.

13.05.2021. INDIA. Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) based young journalist Akhilesh Krishna Mohan (photo) died of Covid-19 on 13 May.  Akhilesh (35), who led the Fark India media outlet, lost his battle with corona virus at a government hospital.
13.05.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based senior television journalist Satyendra Prasad Srivastava (photo) died of Covid-19 on 13 May. Satyendra (45), who worked for Aajtak news channel, passed away during his corona treatment at Paras hospital in Gurugram.
12.05.2021. INDIA. Rourkela (Odisha) based video journalist  Sumanta Mohanty (photo) died of Covid-19 on 12 May. Sumanta (50), who was working with  Kanak news channel, passed away while undergoing treatment at a hospital.

- Belagavi  (Kannada) based journalist-writer Prakash Deshpande died of Covid-19 complication on 12 May.  Deshpande (70) worked for various Kannada and English newspapers.

- Ferozepur ( Punjab)  based senior journalist Rattan Lal died of Covid-19 on 11 May. Rattan (49), who worked for various electronic media outlets, died at Guru Gobind Singh medical college hospital while undergoing corona treatments.
12.05.2021. INDIA. Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) based senior journalist Shishir Dwivedi (photo) died of Covid-19 on 12 May. Dwivedi (65), who used to work for prominent newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, Jansatta, Veer Arjun, etc passed away during corona treatment.
12.05.2021. INDIA. Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) based senior journalist Shiv Anurag Pateria (photo) died of Covid-19 on 12 May. Pateria (62), who used to work for Lokmat newspaper, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital.
12.05.2021. INDIA. Guwahati (Assam) based veteran journalist, editor, litterateur Homen Borgohain (photo) died of post Covid-19  complications this morning (12 May). Celebrated Assamese journalist (88), who used to work for a number of mainstream newspapers, was treated for the  novel corona virus infection few days back. He fell ill on the night of Tuesday and was later declared dead at a private hospital.

11.05.2021. COLOMBIA. En la madrugada de este martes falleció el periodista, locutor y escritor William Rosado Rincones (61, photo), quien sufrió múltiples complicaciones en su organismo como consecuencias del contagio de covid 19. El periodista hizo parte del equipo del programa de noticias La Tribuna del Cesar, en Radio Guatapurí, a donde trabajó en los últimos 15 años. Tenía más de 25 años de experiencia en los medios de comunicación; además, fue escritor y autor de la biografía del cantautor Calixto Ochoa, El mundo de Calixto.

11.05.2021. INDIA. Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) based veteran journalist and media trade union activist Kaushal Kishore (photo) died of Covid-19 on 10 May. Kishore (70) worked for a number of daily newspapers and also led UP working journalists’ union and also Indian Journalist’s Union.
11.05.2021. INDIA. Bhubaneswar (Orissa) based  young journalist and popular radio jockey Shabnam Shirin (photo) died of Covid-19 on 11 May. Shabnam (38), who worked for Doordarshan, Kanak TV, STV, SOA, and News7, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

11.05.2021. COLOMBIA. Murió Humberto Pava (photo), periodista y exsenador del Valle. El periodista y exsenador Humberto Pava Camelo falleció este martes, luego de varios días hospitalizado por covid-19. Pava era gerente del medio de comunicación Radio Súper Cali.

11.05.2021. INDIA. Odisha lost another young Journalist to Covid-19. RJ Sabnam Sirin (photo), who was working with Radio 90.4, Voice of SOA Community died due to Covid-19 complications. She was 38.

11.05.2021. INDIA. Rayagada  (Odisha) based senior journalist Sarat Chandra Mangaraj (photo) died of Covid-19 on 10 May. Mangaraj (60), who used to work for vernacular newspapers like  Pragativadi, Samaya, Dhariti, etc, passed away during his hospital stay in Bengaluru.

10.05.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Luís Fernando Avelar (photo), de 47 anos, morreu nesta segunda-feira (10) vítima da Covid-19. Ele estava internado há dois meses em um hospital de Goiânia. Natural de Jandaia, Luís Fernando, durante os mais de 25 anos de profissão, exerceu vários cargos, como repórter, apresentador, produtor e editor. Ele trabalhou na TV Anhanguera e atualmente era editor-chefe na TV Serra Dourada.

10.05.2021. INDIA. Kolkata (West Bengal) based veteran journalist Kamal Bhattacharya (photo) died of suspected corona complications on 9 May. Bhattacharya (76), who used to work for Sangbad Pratidin, Jugantar and Amrit Bazar Patrika, passed away while he was under medication at his residence. He served Kolkata Press Club as its Secretary and also President later.
10.05.2021. INDIA. Ganjam (Odisha) based journalist Kishore Chandra Das (photo) died of Covid-19 on 10 May. Das (61), who was associated with Oriya daily Samaj, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital.
10.05.2021. INDIA. Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) based senior journalist Waqar Wizvi (photo) died of Covid-19 on 10 May.  Waqar (53), who was associated with Urdu newspaper Avadhnama, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital.
10.05.2021. INDIA. Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) based journalist Arvind Shukla (photo) died of Covid-19 on 10 May. Arvind (45), who used to work for popular Hindi newspaper Hindustan, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital.
10.05.2021. INDIA. Delhi based editor-journalist Umashankar Santhalia (40, photo) died of Covid-19 on 9 May. The editor of FameIndia magazine passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital.

- Dhanbad (Jharkhand) based journalist Vijay Rajak, who used to work for  Dainik Jagran, died of Covid-19 on 9 May.

- Khammam (Telangana) based reporter Talari Shyam died of Covid-19 on 9 May. Shyam (31), who worked for a vernacular daily named Manam, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at the hospital.

10.05.2021. ECUADOR. El reconocido periodista peninsular Enrique del Pezo (photo) falleciò hoy por complicaciones del COVID-19. El comunicador social tenìa una trayectoria de cuatro dècadas en varias estaciones de radio de Santa Elena y GYE. En redes sociales, amigos y colegas expresaron sus condolencias.

10.05.2021. CHILE/VENEZUELA. La narración deportiva está de luto por el fallecimiento del periodista y locutor Fernando Hernández (photo). El profesional quien por años estuvo al frente de Unión Radio Deportes Valencia (Venezuela) murió de COVID 19 en Chile. Desde hace unos años el periodista se había radicado en el país austral. Beisbol, baloncesto, fútbol eran la verdadera pasión del periodista; quien es recordado en Unión Radio como en Dat Tv.

09.05.2021. COLOMBIA. Falleció hoy la periodista, presentadora y locutora Alexandra Mora Niño (photo), víctima del Covid-19. Triste noticia, para el periodismo nacional. Solidaridad con sus familiares y amigos.

09.05.2021. INDIA. Khammam (Telangana) based journalist Talari Shyam, who worked for  vernacular daily newspaper Manam, died of Covid-19 on 8 May. Soon after he tested positive for corona infection, Talari (31) stayed inside home but lately he developed complications and finally succumbed to the ailments.
09.05.2021. INDIA. Madurai (Tamil Nadu) based senior photojournalist S Nambirajan (photo) died of Covid-19 complications on 8 May. Nambirajan (65), who worked for various Tamil  newspapers, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a government hospital.

09.05.2021. INDIA. Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) based senior journalist Sant Sharan Awasthi (photo) died of Covid-19 on 9 May. Awasthi (58), who used to work for popular Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran, passed away while undergoing corona treatments at the hospital.
09.05.2021. INDIA. Kochi  (Kerala) based journalist  Vipin Chand (photo) died of  Covid-19 on  9 May. Vipin (41), who was associated with Malayalam news channel Mathrubhumi News, tested positive for corona infection and undergoing treatment at the hospital, where he finally breathed his last following a massive heart attack on early Sunday hours.

09.05.2021. BRASIL. Morre o jornalista esportivo Fernando Caetano (photo) vítima da Covid-19. Morreu neste domingo o jornalista de 50 anos em Marília. Fernando Caetano trabalhou como repórter na Rádio Jovem Pan e depois teve passagens na TV por ESPN Brasil e Fox Sports.

09.05.2021. COSTA RICA. Oswaldo Alvarado (photo) periodista de la cadena Multimedios y músico del grupo Grupo Octavo falleció hoy por causas relacionadas con el Covid-19. El comunicador de 51 años, contaba con una amplia trayectoria que acumuló en medios como Repretel y Canal 7.

Ese día, también por covid-19, murió otro trabajador de Multimedios, Stanley Beita, un colaborador del departamento de Continuidad, que da servicio a televisión, radio y vallas, es decir, todo lo que saliera al aire en comerciales, tanto en la emisora como en el canal. Tenía 50 años, trabajó en Grupo Nación y luego, cuando las emisoras pasaron a ser parte de Multimedios, él también lo hizo.

09.05.2021. ARGENTINA. Lamentablemente, falleció a los 48 años el periodista Fabián Flores (photo), quien estuvo internado en la ciudad de Resistencia debido a la complicación que reviste su cuadro de salud a causa del COVID-19. Fabián Flores era periodista en la ciudad de Resistencia, pero se desempeñaba como conductor del programa deportivo "En Carrera" que se emite por Radio LT16 de Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña.

08.05.2021. VENEZUELA. El periodista y locutor carabobeño Sigfredo Romero Sánchez (photo) murió por complicaciones relacionadas al Covid-19 este viernes 7 de mayo. El periodista de 56 años, nativo de Puerto Cabello, fue ingresado a la sala de COVID-19 del Prince Lara luego de haber presentado dificultad respiratoria. Sigfredo Romero Sánchez alcanzó éxito con un programa que mantuvo por más de 25 años en radio Puerto Cabello. Desde el año pasado, Sigfredo Romero Sánchez conducía el espacio En contacto 100.3. Sigfredo Romero Sánchez es el segundo periodista de Puerto Cabello que muere a causa de COVID-19. El pasado 8 de marzo falleció por la misma causa el también periodista y locutor Henry Oviedo, quien había sido director de radio Puerto Cabello y corresponsal de El Carabobeño.

08.05.2021. ITALIA. Muore per Covid a 48 anni il giornalista e scrittore Pietro Nardiello (photo). Firma conosciuta nel mondo giornalistico della Campania, aveva collaborato con diverse testate locali e nazionali. Curava anche la trasmissione rafiofonioca «Tre Parole Fuori dal Vulcano», in onda su Radio Rai.

08.05.2021. COLOMBIA. Luis Gómez (photo), reconocido locutor y periodista baranoero, falleció la tarde de este viernes por Covid-19. Su deceso fue confirmado por su hijo Jossimar, en diálogo con Zona Cero. Luis Gómez trabajó en medios de comunicación como RCN, Caracol y también hizo parte de varias cadenas radiales. Actualmente manejaba su propia página web baranoaciberstereo.com y la reconocida Noti-Baranoa. En una semana muy dolorosa para el periodismo de la Región Caribe por el fallecimiento por covid19 del reconocido camarógrafo Julio Cárdenas y por periodistas Rafael Chica Guzmán, Jairo Enrique Charris ‘Paciencia’, Jaime Escalante y el aguerrido Luis Francisco Gómez.

08.05.2021. INDIA. Ranchi (Jharkhand) based young journalist Mrityunjay Shrivastav (photo) died of Covid-19 on 8 May. Mrityunjay (35), who used to work for Aaj Tak news channel, passed away at a covid care center after more than ten days of treatment.

08.05.2021. INDIA. Lucknow based senior journalist Subhash Mishra (photo), who used to work for Times of India, died of Covid-19 this morning (8 May). For some years, Mishra (55) was associated with  India Today, Financial Express too.
08.05.2021. INDIA. Hyderabad based television journalist Kaleswaram Sandeep (photo) died of Covid-19 on 7 May. Kaleswaram (35) worked in the news desk of V6 television channel central.

08.05.2021. INDIA. Koraput  (Odisha) based veteran journalist D Shankar Rao (photo) died of Covid-19 on 7 May. Rao (76), who used to work for Telugu newspaper Sakshi, was hospitalized after testing positive for corona infection, where succumbed to complications.

08.05.2021. INDIA. Dehradun (Uttarakhand) based senior journalist Rajendra Joshi (photo) died of Covid-19 on 7 May during treatment. A popular independent journalist who ran a news portal, Joshi  (53) was admitted to Arogyadham hospital after he tested positive for corona infection where he succumbed to complications.
07.05.2021. INDIA. Berhampur  (Odisha) based journalist Pradeep Kishore Sahu (photo) died of Covid-19 on 7 May. Pradeep (43) used to work for popular daily Oriya newspaper  Sambad. He passed away while undergoing treatment at a corona hospital for almost two weeks.

07.05.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based senior journalist Shesh Narain Singh (photo) died of Covid-19  on 7 May. Singh (55) was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Noida where the political commentator and an expert on foreign policy succumbed to the corona complications. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also mourned his untimely demise.

07.05.2021. ARGENTINA. Murió el periodista Pablo Calvo (photo) por coronavirus a los 53 años. Estuvo internado más de veinte días a causa del coronavirus en el sanatorio Otamendi de la ciudad de Buenos Aires. Pablo trabajaba en Clarín, había recibido un premio de manos de Gabriel García Márquez y entrevistado al Papa Francisco.

07.05.2021. URUGUAY. Falleció la comunicadora Sandra Dodera (photo). La comunicadora rionegrense contrajo covid-19 a mediados de abril. Dirigió durante años la revista digital La Fraybentina.

06.05.2021. BRASIL. Mais um jornalista perdeu a vida para a Covid-19. Morreu na manhã desta quinta-feira (6) o repórter esportivo da CBN e ex-atleta de futebol, Gersal Freire (photo), aos 61 anos. Gersal Freire estava internado há mais de uma semana no hospital Santa Isabel, em João Pessoa, onde foi intubado. Ele teve uma parada cardiorrespiratória e não resistiu. Morando e trabalhando há muitos anos na Paraíba, onde atuou também nas rádios Sanhauá, Tabajara, Correio e 104 FM, Gersal era natural da cidade de Floriano, interior do Piauí.

06.05.2021. TURKEY. Burhan Kazmalı (61, photo), a journalist living in Yalova, died in the hospital where he was treated for coronavirus. Kazmalı was the owner of the Atakent newspaper. Kazmalı previously worked in local newspapers and represented agencies in Yalova.

06.05.2021. USA. Bob Wallace (photo), longtime CBS 2 reporter and anchor, died at 80 after contracting Covid-19. Wallace, who worked at CBS 2 for more than two decades, died April 28 after contracting the coronavirus, his former television station confirmed Wednesday. Wallace won several Emmy Awards and was inducted into the Silver Circle of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2019.

06.05.2021. COLOMBIA. Luto en el periodismo. Falleció por Covid en la ciudad de Montería el periodista Rafael Benjamín Chica Guzmán (photo), Director del portal Web http://Chicanoticias.com. Desde hace varias semanas luchaba contra la Covid-19. Chica participó del proceso de formación de decenas de comunicadores cordobeses que vieron en él un ejemplo a seguir.

05.05.2021. INDIA. Hyderabad based senior journalist Bh Ramakrishna (photo) died of Covid-19 on 5 May. Ramakrishna (50), who worked for Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi, Deccan Chronicle, ETV, etc succumbed to corona-related complications while undergoing treatment at a government run hospital.

05.05.2021. INDIA. Delhi based senior journalist Arun Pandey (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 4 May. Pandey (55) used to work for Sahara group and he tested positive for corona infections almost three weeks back. He was hospitalized and later  recovered to some extent but finally Pandey succumbed to the  complications.
05.05.2021. INDIA. Nagpur (Maharashtra) based sports journalist Ruchir Mishra (photo) died of Covid-19 on 4 May. Ruchir (42), who was a cricket correspondent for Times of India, faced various corona related complications and finally succumbed to it. He also worked for Dainik Bhaskar and Hitavada.
05.05.2021. INDIA. Balangir (Odisha) based journalist Subhransu Sekhar Mishra (photo) died of Covid-19 on 3 May. Subhransu (45), who was working for  popular Odia daily Sambad, was admitted in Sabarmati general hospital of Cuttack after testing positive for corona infection and finally succumbed to it.
05.05.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based veteran media personality PL Razdan (photo) died of Covid-19 on 4 May. Well known as a radio broadcaster, Razdan (62) was battling with corona complications for some days and finally lost. He was honoured with various awards for his creative theatre and radio productions during his days with Akashvani Srinagar and Jammu.

05.05.2021. BRASIL. A jornalista Cléo Subtil (photo), de 47 anos, morreu na madrugada de quarta-feira (5), por causa de complicações provocadas por Covid-19. Internada no Hospital Cemetron, em Porto Velho no dia 20 de abril, Cléo foi intubada dois dias depois. A jornalista era Chefe da Assessoria de Comunicação da prefeitura de Porto Velho. Trabalhou mais de 20 anos na Rede Amazônica Rondônia, afiliada da TV Globo, como repórter e também como editora-chefe do telejornal Bom Dia Amazônia.

05.05.2021. HONDURAS. La periodista de El Progreso, María Elena Cubillo (photo), falleció este miércoles tras dar positivo de la COVID-19 y estar varios días hospitalizada en el Instituto Hondureño de Seguridad Social (IHSS) en San Pedro Sula, informaron sus familiares. Cubillo laboró como presentadora en Teleprogreso y recientemente se dedicaba a ser voz comercial de varias empresas.

05.05.2021. ITALIA. Ancora una vittima del Covid nel giornalismo italiano: si è spento all’ospedale Mater Olbia, dov’era ricoverato da un mese, Costanzo Spineo (photo), 83 anni. Giornalista popolare in Sardegna, sia perché era stato per ventotto anni firma di punta de La Nuova Sardegna, che per essere, ad un tempo, un volto noto delle tv locali, da Tele Costa Smeralda a Videolina fino alla neonata Gallura Live, dove conduceva il programma “A Ruota libera”.

04.05.2021. INDIA. Koraput based journalist  Sumit Onka (photo) died of Covid-19 on 4 May. Sumit (35) used to work for The  Pioneer from  Visakhapatnam, where he died during treatment on corona complications. He earlier  worked for Orissa Post  and Deccan Chronicle.

04.05.2021. INDIA. Indore based senior journalist Prabhu Joshi (photo) died of Covid-19 on 4 May. Also popular as a litterateur,  painter and telefilm producer, Joshi (58) was undergoing treatment after testing positive for corona infections.
03.05.2021. INDIA. Prayagraj based veteran journalist Dr Ram Naresh Tripathi (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 3 May while undergoing treatment at Nazareth hospital, Allahabad. Tripathi (73) used to lead Uttar Pradesh Journalists’ Association and also National Union of Journalists. His journalism career started Deshdoot newspaper (1971) and later shifted to highly circulated Navbharat Times. He was also a celebrated author.
03.05.2021. INDIA. Palghar based journalist  Raju Salvi (34) died of Covid-19 on 3 May. He used to work for a Marathi language newspaper. Raju tested positive for corona infection a few days back and was admitted to a corona-centre. Later he taken to a nearby hospital with oxygen bed,
but died on the way.

03.05.2021. INDIA. Dehradun based  senior journalist  Satya Prakash Aseem (photo) died of Covid-19 on 3 May. Satya Prakash (65) tested positive for corona-infection around 10 days back. The former editor of Hindi newspaper Aaj finally succumbed to corona-complications.

03.05.2021. ITALIA. E’ morta Rita Di Giovacchino (photo), giornalista e blogger del Fatto Quotidiano. Aveva 74 anni. Era ricoverata per Covid all’istituto Spallanzani. Per anni ha seguito la cronaca giudiziaria prima per l’Ansa, poi per Il Messaggero. Ha seguito tutte le inchieste e i processi più celebri: dal caso Moro agli attentati a Falcone e Borsellino.

03.05.2021. CANADA/ERITREA. Eritrean journalist, member of PEN Canada, stalwart supporter of writers in exile, Journalist-Professor Aaron Berhane (photo) has died from Covid-19 on May 1st, 2021 in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). Award-winning journalist, publisher, lecturer, writer, activist, life-long human rights advocate, Aaron was an esteemed member of the Eritrean Canadian community in Toronto and a co-founder and editor-in-chief of Setit, the first private newspaper in Eritrea.

03.05.2021. UKRAINE. The famous Kharkiv journalist Marusya Vasilyeva (photo) has died. This was reported by friends and colleagues of the journalist. On May 15, Marusa Vasilyeva would have turned 48 years old. Everyone knew Vasilyeva as a positive and responsive person.

03.05.2021. ARGENTINA. Fallecio el periodista paceno Hugo Jesus Miño (photo) por Covid-19. El periodista e un historico trabajador de prensa de la comunidad local, director de FM Diamante y Realidad Comunal.

03.05.2021. EGYPT. The Press Emblem Campaign mourns the death of three egyptian journalists in three days. All worked for Al-Ahram and succombed to Covid-19 complications: Sadeya Shoib (photo), Abdelhaseeb Al Khenani and Medhat Khattab.

03.05.2021. BELGIUM. Jos De Man (photo) was a Belgian lawyer, journalist and writer. As a lawyer he

became known for the television series Beschuldigde, sta op. De Man died on 3 May 2021, aged 88, from


03.05.2021. FRANCE/TUNISIA. Béchir Ben Yahmed (photo), Founder of pan-African magazine, Jeune Afrique has passed away at the age of 93 in Paris. The French-Tunisian journalist and businessman is reported to have died of COVID-19 on Sunday - the eve of this year's edition of World Press Freedom Day.

02.05.2021. INDIA. Mumbai based editor-journalist Shashi Baliga (photo), who used to edit Filmfare magazine, died of Covid-19 on 2 May. Ms Baliga (68) also worked for Hindustan Times, The Independent, The Metropolis, Savvy, Femina too.

02.05.2021. INDIA. A senior journalist Odisha-based journalist succumbed to Covid-19 in Bhubaneswar on Saturday. Pritiman Mohapatra (photo), who was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Bhubaneswar after testing positive for Covid 8 days ago, worked with Times of India. He was 48. In his career, he had also worked with The New Indian Express, Bhubaneswar.

- India: Hyderabad (Telangana) based photo journalist Syed Ahmed Mohiuddin died of Covid-19 on 2 May last. Popularly as Saleembhai, the smiling journalist (45) passed away while  undergoing corona treatment at a hospital.

- India: Another Hyderabad based journalist named Asad Shameem (65) also died of corona complications after facing a heart attack at home on 30 April last. Telangana sports writers association mourned the demise of  both the media personalities.

02.05.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Eduardo Carneiro (photo), 51 anos, morreu neste sábado (1°) por complicações da Covid-19, em João Pessoa. Eduardo estava internado em um hospital particular desde o início de março para tratar a doença. Em nota, a Associação Paraibana de Imprensa lamentou a morte de Eduardo. Ele trabalhou no Jornal A União, no Sistema Correio de Comunicação, Cabo Branco FM, na Revista Nordeste e já foi Secretário Executivo de Comunicação da Prefeitura de João Pessoa.

01.05.2021. COLOMBIA. El periodista Luis Fernando Ramírez (photo), director del programa radial matinal Despierta Antioquia, murió producto del Covid-19. El comunicador, al que los paisas escuchaban de 6 a 8. a.m. y en plataforma digitales, estaba internado en la Clínica La María, del noroccidente de Medellin.

01.05.2021. CUBA. La periodista Miriam Herrera Calvo (photo) falleció este viernes, 30 de abril, en La Habana, debido a secuelas derivadas del COVID-19, informó la Asociación Pro Libertad de Prensa (APLP), de la cual era miembro de la junta directiva y encargada de la Comisión de Atención a Periodistas y sus Familiares. La comunicadora fue diagnosticada con COVID-19 días atrás y estuvo hospitalizada en terapia intensiva bajo el diagnóstico de "crítica inestable" por varios días en el Hospital Naval de La Habana del Este.

01.05.2021. INDIA. Jalandhar (Punjab) based senior journalist SK Vyas (photo) died of post corona-complications on 1 May. Vyas (78) used to work for The Tribune, Punjabnewsexpress.com, Babushahi.com, etc.  After testing positive for Covid-19 some days back, he was admitted in a private hospital of Jalandhar, where Vyas finally succumbed to ailments.
01.05.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based Assamese journalist Anirban Bora (43, photo) died of Covid-19 on 1 May. He used to work for The Economic Times as an Illustrator and cartoonist.  Anirban, who hailed from Assam, was admitted in Vasundhara hospital of Noida after testing positive for corona infection and succumbed there to complications.

01.05.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based television anchor Kanu Priya (photo) died of Covid-19 on 30 April. Once a popular presenter of national broadcaster Doordarshan, Kanu Priya lately hoisted a special program titled Awakening Of Mind with Brahma Kumaris and Karmabhoomi. After testing positive for corona infection, she was hospitalized but finally succumbed to the complications.

01.05.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based senior journalist Kalyan Barooah (photo), who worked for The Assam Tribune, died of Covid-19 1 May. Barooah (60) was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in the national capital for some days. His wife Nilakshi Bhattacharya, also a journalist, succumbed to corona-complications yesterday.

01.05.2021. INDIA. Rourkela (Odisha) based veteran journalist and columnist Adwaita Prasad Biswal (photo) died of Covid-19 on 30 April at a private hospital. Biswal (80) was admitted a week ago after testing positive for corona infection. The founder-editor of Odia weekly Shramika Malika, Biswal used to work for a number of newspapers including Pragatibadi and Hindustan Samachar.
01.05.2021. INDIA. Bhubaneswar (Odisha) based journalist Debendra Samantray (photo) died of Covid-19 at a private hospital on 30 April. Debendra (54), who used to work for popular Odia daily Sambad, was hospitalized after corona related ailments and succumbed there.

01.05.2021. INDIA. Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) based senior journalist Ramendra Singh (56, photo), who used to work for popular Hindi daily Hindustan, died of Covid-19 on 22 April in the hospital.

- INDIA. Patna (Bihar) based senior journalist Sukant Nagarjun (65) died of Covid-19 on 30 April at his residence. He worked for Pataliputra Times, Navbharat Tmes, Samachar Bharti and Hindustan newspaper.

- INDIA. Adilabad (Telangana) based television reporter  Gajula Vijay died of  Covid-19 on 1 May. Vijay (45), who worked for  NTV news channel succumbed to the virus infection at the hospital.

- INDIA. Kondra Srinivas Goud (32), who worked for Hindi Milap newspaper, Cheela Sammi Reddy (50), working for Vaartha and  Jindelwar Sainath (45), a local news channel reporter also passed away while undergoing corona treatment at hospitals.

01.05.2021. INDIA. Khargone (Madhya Pradesh) based young journalist Trilok Ramnerkar (photo) died of Covid-19 on 30 April. Trilok  (30) was a spirited scribe and used to work for a local media outlet. He died while undergoing treatment.
30.04.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based popular television journalist Rohit Sardana (photo) died of Covid-19 just now (30 April).  Rohit (55) used to work for Aaj Tak news channel. Earlier he was associated with Zee News. The acclaimed journalist died of a massive heart attack after testing positive for corona-infection.
30.04.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based journalist Nilakshi Bhattacharyya (photo) died of Covid-19 complications this morning (30 April). Ms Bhattacharyya (55), who worked for The Times of India, was hospitalized a few days back with corona infections. She hailed from Assam and was associated with adventure sports groups in Guwahati.

30.04.2021. NICARAGUA. La periodista nicaragüense Ileana Lacayo (photo) falleció este jueves con síntomas de la covid-19 en un hospital en la Región Autónoma del Caribe Sur (RACS) de Nicaragua, informaron familiares y allegados. El movimiento Periodistas y Comunicadores Independientes de Nicaragua (PCIN), del cual fue parte de su Comisión Ejecutiva, lamentó el fallecimiento de Lacayo, quien era crítica con el Gobierno sandinista y trabajó en el Canal 2 de la televisión local.

30.04.2021. ECUADOR. El periodista deportivo de Radio Ambato, Enrique Moscoso Miranda (photo) falleció la tarde de ayer a causa de la COVID-19, luego de permanecer durante una semana en una Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos (UCI) del Hospital Docente de Ambato. Durante su trayectoria en el periodismo deportivo de Tungurahua, trabajó en Radio Continental, Radio Centro, Radio Líder y Radio Caracol. Durante los últimos años tuvo un programa deportivo en Radio Ambato. 

29.04.2021. PAKISTAN. Senior journalist Mirza Khurram Baig (photo) has died of coronavirus at a hospital in Karachi, his family and friends confirmed Thursday. The journalist (49) started his career from Pakistan Press International in 1990s. He went on to work with leading newspapers and TV channels such as The News, Express News and Dawn News. Baig was a popular figure in Karachi’s journalist fraternity.

29.04.2021. INDIA. Hazaribagh (Jharkhand) based  journalist Tripurari Singh (photo) died of Covid-19 on 29 April. The brave journalist in early Fifties was hospitalised after testing positive for corona infection, where he passed away.

- Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) based journalist Manoj Singh Rajput died of Covid-19 on 29 April. Rajput (55) used to work for Haribhoomi, Dabang Dunia, Dainik Lokdesh, Dainik Bhaskar newspapers. After he tested positive for corona the scribe was treated in various hospitals, but it did not work.

- Ranchi (Jharkhand) based journalist Khwaja Mujahiduddin died of Covid-19 on 28 April. The scribe of Hindustan newspaper died while undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

- Jamtara  (Jharkhand) based journalist Ashutosh Kumar Choudhury (47) died of Covid-19 on 22 April during treatment at a private hospital.

- Mihijam (Jharkhand) based journalist Yugal Kishor Yadav (44), who worked for a Hindi newspaper, died of Covid-19 on 28 April at a private hospital.

- Sahibganj (Jharkhand) based  Hindi scribe  Dhananjay Mishra (50) died of Covid-19 on 21 April.

- New Delhi based digital journalist Chandan Jaiswal died of Covid-19 on 22 April. Chandan (40) worked for Navoday Times.

29.04.2021. INDIA. Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) based senior journalist, writer, editor  Mahendra Gagan (photo) died of Covid-19 on 28 April. Gagan (68), who used to edit  Pehle -Pahal newsmagazine, succumbed to corona complications during his treatment.

29.04.2021. INDIA. Venga Reddy (photo) who worked in news desk of Eenadu from Vijayasada, Andhra Pradesh, died of Covid 19 on 29 April. Another Telugu journalist Madiraju Harikrishna Giri (45), who worked for ABN Andhra Jyothi at Shadnagar (Andhra Pradesh) succumbed to corona complications while undergoing treatment.
29.04.2021. INDIA. Kalahandi (Odisha) based television journalist Bhanu Prakash Rath (45, photo) died of Covid-19 while undergoing treatment in a Visakhapatnam hospital on 29 April. Popular as an anchor  of DD News, Bhanu used to work for  Naxatra News, Odisha times, etc.
29.04.2021. INDIA. Sambalpur (Odisha) based journalist Manas Ranjan Jaipuria (photo), who worked for ZEE News Odisha, died of Covid-19 complications this morning (29 April 2021).  Manas (45) recently returned from New Delhi and hospitalized after testing corona positive. He was earlier associated with Samaja, Nitidina,  Nutan Odisha, Prameya , Naxatra News, Nandighosh tv, MBC TV, Kanak News, etc.

28.04.2021. INDIA. Jaipur based journalist Anil Basnoi (photo) died of Covid-19 on 28 April.  Basnoi (60), who used to work for Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Rashtradoot, Samachar Jagat, Dainik Ambar etc, was admitted in a Jaipur hospital after testing positive for corona infection a few days back.
28.04.2021. INDIA.  Hyderabad (Telangana)  based senior journalist Sridhar Dharmasanam (56, photo) died of Covid-19 at TIMS hospital on 28 April. Sridhar used to work for a number of English and Telugu newspapers and also news channels including Jain TV. The mentor of Maa Hyderabad organisation,  Sridhar was a strong supporter of Telangana movement that resulted in creation of Telangana  State today.
28.04.2021. INDIA. Ghaziabad based journalist Raju Mishra (55, photo) succumbed to Covid-19 complications on 28 April.  Known for his health reports in Dainik Jagran, Niwan Times, etc, Mishra  was hospitalized after he tested positive for corona infection, but he could not survive.
28.04.2021. INDIA. Gwalior based young journalist Akash Saxena (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications on 27 April. He was treated in the hospital for more than three weeks, but it did not work and the smiling reporter finally succumbed to the ailments.

28.04.2021. COLOMBIA. El reconocido periodista Franck Piedrahita Bedoya (photo), quien se destacó con

su impecable labor en medios radiales como Todelar y en RCN, falleció en la madrugada del miércoles 28 de

abril a raíz del contagio del Covid-19. Piedrahita Bedoya fue corresponsal de medios impresos, como

Diario Deportivo, El País de Cali y el siempre recordado semanario Nuevo Estadio, y además era director del

programa La Bitácora Informativa que se emitía en las ondas de la estación de la universidad de Medellin.

28.04.2021. BANGLADESH. Veteran Bangladeshi journalist and freedom fighter Syed Shahjahan (photo) died of Covid-19 on Wednesday. He was 78. Former Ittefaq journalist Shahjahan breathed his last at about 5:30 pm at Uttara Crescent Hospital in the capital. Shahjahan was the press secretary of the country’s first acting president Syed Nazrul Islam. He was admitted to the hospital on April 23 after he tested positive for the virus.

28.04.2021. INDIA. Two journalists from Mancherial succumbed to Covid-19 while undergoing treatment in hospital in the last 24 hours. Kondra Srinivas Goud (32), a reporter for Hindi Milap died while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Karimnagar on Tuesday morning. Another senior journalist Sammi Reddy (50) from Vemanapalli mandal died of Covid-19 on Wednesday morning. He was associated with Vaartha newspaper. He had earlier worked for Andhra Prabha and other Telugu dailies. The journalists community expressed shock over the two deaths and sought government help for their families.

28.04.2021. INDIA. Mumbai based Senior journalist Sadanand Shinde (64, photo) died of Covid-19 on 25 April. Shinde used to work for Shree, Navakal, Punyanagari, Ratnagiri Times, etc.  A soft-spoken gentleman Shinde was always helpful to his colleagues.

28.04.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Arthur Godoy (photo) faleceu na madrugada dessa quarta-feira em São

Paulo. O jornalista estava internado há 30 dias por complicações da covid-19. Arthur também havia perdido

a esposa no mês passado pela doença.

28.04.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Carlos Garcia (photo), um dos grandes nomes do jornalismo brasileiro, morreu nesta terça-feira (27), aos 87 anos, vítima de Covid-19. O comunicador estava internado no Real Hospital Português (RHP), desde o dia 18 de abril. O Sindicato dos Jornalistas Profissionais de Pernambuco (Sinjope) e a Federação Nacional dos Jornalistas (Fenaj), manifestam condolências aos familiares e amigos.

28.04.2021. BRASIL. Faleceu, na manhã desta terça-feira (27), vítima das complicações da Covid-19, o radialista Helvecio Martins (photo). Helvécio teve atuação no rádio dos Sertões de Crateús e Região dos Inhamuns! Helvécio era um dos radialistas mais conhecidos no Interior cearense e fazia cobertura principalmente dos municípios do Serão Central e Inhamuns.

27.04.2021. BRASIL. Morreu nesta segunda-feira (26), o Radialista e Jornalista, Erry Justo (photo). Com 53 anos de vida, 30 destes dedicados ao entretenimento, à música e à informação. Como radialista trabalhou nas extintas Rádio Marapendi FM 99,9 e Rádio Cidade 102,9 (atual Oi fm) na capital do Rio de Janeiro.

27.04.2021. BRASIL. Faleceu na tarde desta terça-feira (27), na cidade de Marabá, sudeste do Pará, Sebastião

Costa da Silva (photo), mais conhecido como Tião Costa, de 60 anos, vítima de complicações da Covid-19.

Tião era muito querido no meio da comunicação do estado onde atuava como radialista, narrador esportivo,

locutor, comentarista e repórter da Rádio Clube de Marabá.

26.04.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based journalist Kakoli Bhattacharya (51, photo) died of Covid-19 on 23 April. Also known as a researcher and  translator, Ms Kakoli was hospitalized after testing positive for corona virus infection. She was associated with the Guardian correspondents since 2009. Started her journalism in the 1990s, Ms Kakoli worked for French daily Le Monde too.
26.04.2021. INDIA. Guwahati (Assam) based senior journalist Aiyushman Dutta (35, photo) succumbed to Covid-19 complications this evening (26 April 2021) at a private hospital. The talented journalist, who used to work for The Sentinel, tested positive for novel corona virus infection some days
back. Lately his attending doctors advised for specific drugs, which were not available in the city. A prolific feature writer Aiyushman was also a founder of Guwahati International Music Festival.

26.04.2021. INDIA. Jharsuguda (Odisha) based television journalist Amjad Badshah (photo) died of Covid-19 on 25 April while undergoing treatment in the hospital. Amjad (45) tested positive for the novel corona virus infection a few weeks back and he himself posted his status in facebook. Also popular as a journalism educator Amjad was initially admitted in Jharsuguda corona-hospital and later shifted to Rourkela, where he succumbed to corona complications  on Sunday afternoon.

26.04.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista  e radialista Raimundo Rosa de Sá (photo), mais conhecido como Raimundo Cazé, morreu na noite desta segunda-feira (26) aos 77 anos após complicações ocasionadas pela covid-19. De acordo com familiares, o jornalista chegou a tomar as duas doses da vacina covid-19, mas testou positivo para a doença há cerca de 10 dias, quando precisou ser hospitalizado. Raimundo Cazé atuava há mais de 30 anos na assessoria de imprensa da Assembleia Legislativa. O jornalista também passou por diversos veículos de comunicação do Piauí, como Jornal da Manhã, Correio do Piauí e as rádios Pioneira e Difusora. 

26.04.2021. ARGENTINA. El fallecimiento de Nahuel Matías Vallejos (photo), conductor radial, periodista y fotógrafo profesional golpeó duró a la comunidad de General Alvear. El comunicador de 33 años dio positivo a coronavirus y estuvo internado durante 12 días en terapia intensiva. Sus fotografías ilustraron infinidad de veces los medios mendocinos, entre ellos era un ferviente colaborador de Diario Los Andes.

26.04.2021. EGYPT. Journalist Mujib Rushdy (photo) died on Monday from the novel coronavirus. He was hospitalized in Cairo for three days. He was the managing editor of the labour newspaper. So far, 11 journalists died of Covid-19 in Egypt.
26.04.2021. COLOMBIA. En la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos del hospital San Juan de Dios de Armenia murió en la mañana de este domingo Gustavo Domínguez Sánchez (photo), considerado el mejor narrador deportivo que ha tenido el departamento del Quindío en toda su historia. Lamentablemente no pudo ganarle la batalla a la covid 19 y a pesar de los esfuerzos médicos y la tecnología puesta a su servicio no resistió y murió. 
25.04.2021. INDIA. Four journalists based in Nizamabad (Telangana)  died of Covid-19 in the second half of April 2021. There are Alladi Shekhar (48, worked for Sakshi newspaper), Venugopal (49, worked for TV-5 channel), Ch Madhu (editor of Jalapatham newspaper) and Dharshanam Ashok (worked for Andhra Bhoomi newspaper) (Express News Service).
25.04.2021. INDIA.  Agartala (Tripura) based freelance journalist Tanmoy Chakraborty (photo) died of post Covid-19 complications 25 April 2021. Tanmoy (40) used to work for NorthEast Now, News18 Assam/NE, Daily Desher Katha, etc. He studied journalism and mass communication in Tripura University.
25.04.2021. INDIA. Mumbai based senior photojournalist Vivek Bendre (photo), who worked for The Hindu and Sportstar passed away this morning (25 April 2021) with Covid-19 complications. Vivek (59) was an experienced and well-known photojournalist where cricket was his forte after hockey and tennis. He was admitted in a Covid-19 center of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation on 17 April as his oxygen levels dropped drastically and finally succumbed to the complications.

- India: Karimnagar (Andhra Pradesh) based journalist Ramjan Ali, who worked for highly circulated Telugu daily Eenadu, died of Covid-19 on 24 April.

- India:  Rayagada (Odisha) based news reporter Gopal Chandra Panigrahi died of Covid-19 complications on 25 April.

25.04.2021. INDIA. Chandigarh based television journalist Saket Suman (photo) died of Covid-19 on 25 April. Suman (40) used to work for Janta TV  as a news anchor. He was a promising television personality in north India.

25.04.2021. COLOMBIA. Una nueva voz del mundo radial ha sido silenciada por el coronavirus. En la madrugada de este domingo perdió la vida el comunicador social José Barraza (photo), quien fuera uno de los trabajadores incansables en la búsqueda de la noticia en emisoras como La voz de la Costa, la voz del Caribe, la Voz de la Patria, Atlántico y Radio Minuto, entre otras estaciones radiales de la ciudad de Barranquilla. Barraza quien hace dos semanas permanecía internado en un centro médico por complicaciones derivadas de la Covid-19.

25.04.2021. INDIA. Rahata (Maharashtra) based journalist Ashok Sadaphal (photo) died of Covid-19 on 24 April. Ashok (53), who used to work for Marathi newspaper Saamna, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at the hospital.
24.04.2021. INDIA: Ahmadabad (Gujarat) based senior photojournalist Shailesh Raval (55, photo), who worked for acclaimed news magazine IndiaToday as a photojournalist, died of Covid-19 complications on 23 April. Shailesh tested positive for novel corona virus infection a few days back and remained in home isolation. His oxygen level dropped drastically by Friday morning and finally he succumbed to it.

24.04.2021. INDIA. With COVID-19 spreading its wings across the State in second wave, four more journalists succumbed to the deadly virus in Ganjam district. The journalists who lost their lives to coronavirus are: Govind Behera (25) Kukudakhandi block Correspondent of ‘Odisha Express’; Manoj Kumar Sahu from Chikiti of ‘Nitidin’; Karunakar Sahu (55) from Seragada of ‘Anupam Bharat’ and Naresh Behera from Chhatrapur of Odisha File. The family sources confirmed their deaths due to COVID.

24.04.2021. BRASIL. A jornalista Nilza Murari (photo), de 55 anos, morreu nesta sexta-feira (23) por complicações da Covid-19. Ela estava internada para o tratamento contra a doença no Hospital Mater Dei, em Belo Horizonte, mas o estado de saúde se agravou durante a semana. Em março, Nilza já tinha perdido o pai, Jairo Murari, de 80, para a enfermidade causada pelo novo coronavírus.
23.04.2021. INDIA. Corona kills three senior journalists yesterday in the state of Maharashtra, Sopan 
Bongane, Ashok Tupe, Motichand Bedmutha. Motichand Bedmutha, the founder of Samay Sarathi in 
Osmanabad, former president of Osmanabad District Marathi Journalists Association, a senior journalist, 
passed away in Hyderabad. Ashok Tupe, a journalist from Loksatta in Shrirampur, also passed away
yesterday. Sopan Bongane (68) had served in prominent Marathi news papers during his career. The death
of three senior journalists on the same day in the state has spread mourning in the field of journalism along with their families.
23.04.2021. INDIA. Ten journalists working with media houses in Telangana died due to COVID-19 in the past week, according to the Telangana Working Journalists Federation (TWJF). Three journalists from Andhra Pradesh also died after testing positive for the coronavirus in this same period. Following are the list of names of journalists who died in April, as per journalist unions: 1. Jayaprakash, journalist, Karimnagar District, Telangana (April 13) 2. Srinivas, reporter, Andhra Jyothi Telugu Daily, Yacharam, Rangareddy District, Telangana (April 16) 3. Sainath, reporter, 99tv, Nirmal District, Telangana (April 17) 4. D Ashok, reporter, Andhra Bhoomi, Nizamabad District, Telangana (April 17) 5. Bura Ramesh, journalist, Vemulawada, Sircilla District, Telangana (April 20) 6. P Ramesh, journalist, Karimnagar, Telangana (April 20) 7. K Amarnath, senior journalist, Hyderabad, Telangana (April 20) 8. Chinta Naga Raju, reporter, Eenadu, Siddipet District, Telangana (April 21) 9. Ramachandra Rao, sub-editor, Sakshi, Hyderabad, Telangana (April 21) 10. Kalpana, CEO, Bathukamma TV, Hyderabad, Telangana (April 21) 11. P Tataiah, senior journalist, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh (April 22) 12. Chandrashekar Naidu, reporter, NTV  Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh (April 22) 13. Srinivasa Rao, reporter, Prajashakti Daily, Jaggaiahpet, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh (April 22) (with the News Minute)
23.04.2021. INDIA. Bareli (Uttar Pradesh) based rural journalist Govind Bhardwaj (52, photo) died of Covid-19 on 23 April.
23.04.2021. INDIA. Puducherry based senior television  journalist K Dharmaraj (photo) (alias Bharath) died of Covid-19 on 22 April.   Dharmaraj (34), who worked for Polymer TV, passed away while undergoing corona treatment at a private hospital.

23.04.2021. PERU. Conmoción en Cusco por fallecimiento de periodista Haydee Meza (photo). Haydee laboró en importes medios de comunicación de la región imperial como las redacciones del diario El Comercio en Cusco, la edición Sur de La República, y su etapa en la radio bajo las ondas de SSN-Noticias.

22.04.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista, escritor e artista plástico, Alípio Freire (photo), de 75 anos, morreu na 
manhã desta quinta-feira (22). Natural de Salvador, ele faleceu em São Paulo, em decorrência de 
complicações da Covid-19. Alípio foi um dos fundadores do Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) e fez parte
do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem-Terra (MST). Alípio chegou a ficar preso por cinco anos
e foi torturado ao se opor ao regime da ditadura civil-militar. Ele foi anistiado pelo Ministério da Justiça
em 2005 e é também autor de diversos livros.

22.04.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based talented journalist Ashish Yechury (34, photo), who worked for Newslaundry  digital media outlet, died of Covid-19 on 22 April 2021. The elder son of senior CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury, Ashish earlier worked for Times of India. He was admitted in Gurgaon Medanta Hospital with corona-complications a few days  back and breathed his last this morning. Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with politicians cutting across their party lines condoled Ashish’s untimely demise.

22.04.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based veteran journalist Zeyaul Haque (photo) died of Covid-19 on 22 April. Haque (73) worked for Qaumi Awaz, The Pioneer, National Herald, Times of India, Milli Gazette, The Encounter, etc. He wrote regular columns in Rajasthan Patrika and Hindustan. Haque succumbed to corona related complications, while undergoing treatment in the hospital.
22.04.2021. NEPAL. A journalist from Dang, Damodar Adhikari, died of coronavirus infection. According to his family sources, journalist Adhikari, 40, of Ghorahi sub-metropolis-17, Belbhar died on Tuesday night while undergoing treatment in Kathmandu.

22.04.2021. MAROC. Le critique d’art et journaliste Jamal Boushaba (photo) est mort, le mardi 20 avril à Casablanca, à lâge de 56 ans, après une brève maladie, liée à la Covid-19. Le coronavirus a emporté un des critiques d’art les plus emblématiques du Maroc. Jamal Boushaba a été critique d’art pour plusieurs journaux et revues comme TelQuel et autres. Il a également été chroniqueur pour la radio.

22.04.2021. INDIA. Moran (Assam) based journalist Jadu Chutia (49, photo) died of Covid-19 aggravated ailments on 21 April at Assam Medical College Hospital, Dibrugarh. Hailing from Tiloijan village in eastern Assam, Chutia was associated with Assamese daily Pratidin as a rural correspondent. He used to work as a teacher at Khowang Sonowal Charitable Girls’ English School.

21.04.2021. INDIA. New Delhi based outstanding auto journalist  Chanchal Pal Chauhan (45, photo) died due to novel corona virus infection related ailments on 21 April. A former employee of India Today, The Economic Times, BTVI, Chanchal Pal was working for ETAuto magazine. He succumbed to Covid-19 late last night.

21.04.2021. INDIA. Bhagalpur (Bihar) based senior journalist  Ram Prakash Gupta (photo), who used to work for popular Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran, died of Covid-19 complications on  21 April. Gupta (55) was hospitalised in Patna after testing positive for corona-infection and succumbed during treatments.

21.04.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Maximiliano Marques Pereira (photo), de 58 anos, morreu na noite desta terça-feira. Max Marques, como era conhecido, foi mais uma vítima da Covid-19 no Brasil. Ele estava internado no hospital Anchieta, no bairro do Caju, no Rio de Janeiro. Max trabalhou no Lance ! e nas editorias de Bairro, Cidade e Esportes do jornal O Globo. Recentemente atuava como colaborador no portal Jogada10.

21.04.2021. COLOMBIA. En las últimas horas, trascendió entre el gremio periodístico de Barranquilla la noticia sobre el sensible fallecimiento del periodista Helmer Correa (photo). El comunicador falleció esta mañana en la clínica Cardiovascular, donde permanecía desde hace varios días por complicaciones asociadas al Covid-19. Correa laboró en diferentes medios de comunicación y se destacó por su participación en en el programa Eco-Noticias Regionales que se emitía por emisoras ABC de Barranquilla.

21.04.2021. JAMAICA. Prominent Journalist and former Television Jamaica (TVJ) news anchor, Michael Sharpe (photo), who passed away April 20 at age 65, spent some 38 years in the media, from being a reporter to the level of management. At the time of his death, Sharpe was the news operations manager at the Jamaica News Network, a member of The RJRGLEANER Communications Group. According to Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor-Mckenzie, veteran journalist Michael Sharpe, died after testing positive for COVID-19 and not from taking the AstraZeneca Vaccine.

21.04.2021. VENEZUELA. En la mañana de este martes 20 de abril falleció el reconocido periodista apureño Francisco Javier Loreto (photo) por complicaciones derivadas de la COVID-19 en el hospital Pablo Acosta Ortiz de San Fernando de Apure. El comunicador, con más de 40 años de ejercicio, se encontraba recluido en la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos del centro hospitalario desde hacía una semana. Francisco Javier Loreto era el conductor y productor del programa radial «Con la Comunidad», por Alfa 97.5 FM del municipio Biruaca, y que mantuvo al aire por más de 30 años con información regional.

20.04.2021. MEXICO. El periodista morelense José Luis García Tapia (photo), de 55 años de edad, falleció víctima de Covid-19 el domingo en el hospital regional de alta especialidad “Centenario de la Revolución Mexicana” del ISSSTE en Morelos. Hijo del periodista Alfonso García Bueno, director del Avance de Morelos, uno de los primeros diarios de Cuernavaca, Pepe Gacitapia, como era conocido, ejerció por casi 40 años la profesión. Se inició como reportero a los 17 años de edad y trabajó distintos medios de comunicación en prensa escrita y electrónica a nivel local, entre ellos: Línea Caliente, Morelos Hoy, El Clarín, El Diario de Morelos, La Jornada Morelos, y a últimas fechas dirigía el portal electrónico El Avance de Morelos.

20.04.2021. COLOMBIA. Harold Lasso (photo), periodista y comunicador social del Valle de 33 años de edad, perdió la batalla contra el covid-19. Harold Lasso se venía desempeñando como Director de la Fundación “Guerreros de Dios”. Actualmente participaba en las campañas sociales realizadas en sectores populares, por parte de la emisora Tropicana Estéreo.

20.04.2021. BRASIL. Faleceu nessa terça-feira (20/4), em São Paulo, o repórter fotográfico Maurilo Clareto, o Lilo Clareto (photo), que se tratava da Covid-19 no Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz. Lilo foi por 11 anos repórter fotográfico de O Estado de S. Paulo e por sete anos trabalhou na revista Época.

20.04.2021. COLOMBIA. Falleció la tarde de este martes el reconocido periodista Víctor Cobo Solano (photo), quien por años hizo parte de varios medios de comunicación de la región donde cubría la sección de deportes. Según las primeras versiones, el periodista tenía varias semanas internado en una clínica de la ciudad tras presentar complicaciones en su estado de salud al ser diagnosticado con covid-19 a principios de abril. Hizo parte de varios medios de comunicación como Ondas de Macondo, Radio Guatapurí y RCN Radio.

20.04.2021. INDIA. Bhopal based hockey journalist and historian Baboolal Goverdhan Joshi (67, photo) died of Covid-19 complications on  20 April. Joshi used to maintain all necessary records of the national game of India since the early Seventies and wrote pieces for national newspapers. An engineer turned a genuine  fan of hockey, Joshi left behind his wife Krishna, sons Shravan and Neeraj along with a host of well-wishers.
20.04.2021. INDIA. Hyderabad based senior journalist Kosuri Amarnath (photo) died on  20 April while undergoing treatment for Covid-19 in the hospital. Amarnath (69) was one of the leading personalities dedicating his life for the rights and welfare of working journalists.  Amarnath became a member of Press Council of India (PCI) representing Indian Journalists Union (IJU). Starting his journalism career with Telugu daily Andhra Bhoomi, Amarnath also worked for Hans India newspaper. Later he edited Scribes News, a specialised IJU magazine dedicated for the benefit of journalists. Three more journalists in the Telugu States, died of Covid-19 on Tuesday: B Ramesh from Vemulawada, Suryapraksh from Visakhapatnam, and P Ramesh from Karimnagar also succumbed to Covid-19.

19.04.2021. FRANCE/SYRIA. Michel Kilo (photo), an exiled veteran Syrian opposition figure, died Monday of complications from COVID-19 in a hospital in Paris where he lived, family and friends said. He was 81. Kilo spent time in prison during the rule of late Syrian President Hafez Assad in the early 1980s and more recently from 2006-2009 under his son, current President Bashar Assad. Kilo was born in the Syrian coastal city and province of Latakia in 1940. He studied journalism in Egypt and Germany. As a columnist he wrote opinion pieces for two Arabic papers, the Lebanese daily Annahar and the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi. In 2011 he wrote several articles about the Syrian uprising for the As-Safir Lebanese daily newspaper.

19.04.2021. INDIA. Veteran journalist Tavishi Srivastva (photo) died of Covid-19 on 18 April 2021. Worked as the political editor of English daily ThePioneer in New Delhi, Ms Tavishi (73) was admitted in a corona-hospital in the morning hours as she faced breathlessness with high fever. Her condition slowly deteriorated and breathed his last in ICU during night hours.

18.04.2021. ARGENTINA. Este domingo, en horas de la mañana se conoció la noticia del fallecimiento del Dr. Roger Navarrete (photo). Fue un reconocido periodista de Casa de Gobierno, abogado y director de Radio Nacional. Hace unos días había publicado en su cuenta de Facebook, que él, su esposa y su madre habían contraído Covid-19.

18.04.2021. URUGUAY. Fallecio Jorge Rodriguez Benitez (photo). Víctima del COVID se acaba de ir Jorge Rodríguez Benítez, periodista, escritor, bohemio. Desde la redacción de Tiempo de Noticias hacemos llegar nuestro más sentido pésame a Martín Rodríguez y familia.

18.04.2021. BRASIL. Morreu neste domingo (18) o jornalista Luiz Fernando Cardoso (photo), editor do Café com Jornalista, vítima da Covid-19. Ele tinha 40 anos. Passou pelas redações de O Diário (Maringá); Notícias do Dia (Joinville-SC); Diário do Sudoeste (Pato Branco-PR); Jornal de Beltrão (Francisco Beltrão/Dois Vizinhos-PR); e Diário do Norte (Minaçu-GO). Trabalhou também na TV Maringá (Band) como editor e comentarista em telejornais. Na cidade, também colaborou com os jornais Gazeta do Povo e Folha de S.Paulo. Desde 2007, mantinha o Café com Jornalista.

18.04.2021. ARGENTINA. El fallecimiento del reportero gráfico Jorge Schweizer (photo) de 63 años, de su esposa Graciela Noriega y de su hijo Carlos de 34, que también era periodista, los tres por coronavirus y en sólo 48 horas, generó una conmoción en Santa Fe. Jorge era el jefe de Fotografía en el área de Comunicación Social del gobierno y afiliado histórico de la Asociación de Prensa de Santa Fe. Y su hijo, editor del periódico digital “Santo Tomé Siglo XXI”, de propiedad de la familia.

18.04.2021. EGYPT. Journalist Hazem Mounir (photo), head of the Egyptian Foundation for Training and Human Rights, died a short while ago, with the emerging corona virus (Covid-19). He was held in intensive care for about 17 days. The journalist, Hazem Mounir, was a member of the National Council for Human Rights, and one of the prominent human rights jurists. He wrote many articles in "Al-Watan" and a number of Egyptian and Arab newspapers.

18.04.2021. MEXICO. La madrugada de este domingo 18 de abril falleció el periodista Alejandro Aguirre Flores (photo) de 43 años perdiendo la batalla contra el Covid-19. Durante su trayectoria de más de 25 años laboró en medios escritos y la radio, en sus últimos años trabajó en el Diario de Xalapa donde cubría la fuente de deportes.

18.04.2021. BANGLADESH/INDIA: Cox's Bazar based journalist Nazrul Islam Bakshi (56, photo) died of Covid-19 on 18 April. Bakshi, also a popular cultural personality was in India for his wife’s treatment  at CMC hospital in Vellore (India). He tested positive for corona infection and was admitted in the same hospital where he breathed his last on Sunday.

18.04.2021. BANGLADESH. Senior cine journalist, organizer and presenter Shafiuzzaman Khan Lodi (photo) died of COVID-19 while undergoing treatment at Japan East-West Medical College Hospital in Dhaka. He was 65. Shafiuzzaman anchored various programs aired on radio and television that included Amar Chhobi which had been aired on Channel-i from 2000 for 18 years.

18.04.2021. INDIA. Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) based veteran journalist Vinay Srivastava  (photo) died of Covid-19 complications on 17 April. Srivastava (65) complained of uneasiness a day before and his oxygen level dropped to below 50 when he was communicating with the hospital. But the freelance journalist  died before admission to any hospital without treatments. Another Lucknow based journalist Himanshu Joshi (65), who used to work for United News of India,  passes away after testing positive for Covid-19 on 16 April.

18.04.2021. INDIA. Agra (Uttar Pradesh) based journalist Brijendra Patel (50) died of Covid-19 complications on 17 April. Following his corona test turned positive, Brijendra was admitted in the hospital, where the senior scribe breathed his last. Hailing from Kanpur, Brijendra worked for Hindi daily Hindustan. Earlier he was associated with newspapers like Dainik Jagran, Umar Ujala, Rashtriya Sahara, etc.

18.04.2021. PARAGUAY. Esta mañana, falleció la periodista Desire Cabrera (photo). Ella estaba internada en el Hospital Regional de Caacupé tras complicaciones por el COVID-19. Su partida enluta a familiares y amigos y genera una profunda tristeza en sus colegas, quienes la conocieron y compartieron con ella especialmente las coberturas de la festividad de la Virgen de Caacupé, pues ella residía en esa ciudad.

17.04.2021. ARGENTINA. Falleció este sábado el periodista Fernando Videla (photo) quien se encontraba internado en el Hospital Iturraspe. Videla tenía 61 años. El periodista el portal Arroyito Ciudad había dado positivo de Covid tras presentar algunos síntomas como ardor de garganta y muchas tos.

17.04.2021. BRASIL. Morreu, na noite desse sábado, 17, o jornalista, professor e pesquisador da cultura cearense Gilmar de Carvalho (photo), aos 71 anos, vítima de COVID-19. Gilmar estava internado desde o dia 20 de março, na Unidade de Terapia Intensiva (UTI) do Hospital Regional da Unimed.

17.04.2021. COLOMBIA. Tres periodistas más sucumbieron al virus. En una clínica de la ciudad de Montería fue reportado oficialmente el deceso del reconocido y carismático narrador deportivo Teobaldo Villalba (photo). Villalba, laboró como animador político de campañas políticas en Córdoba con su sello característico y como narrador y periodista deportivo en distintas empresas como La Costeña, donde estaba actualmente trabajaba, tenía su propio portal web “Teo lo Dice”. Esta 15 falleció en Casanare el colega periodista Omar Rey, quien participó en varias versiones de los Juegos Nacionales para Periodistas Deportivos. A los 81 años falleció el domingo pasado en Medellín el periodista antioqueño Rodrigo Pareja Montoya. El Covid-19 se llevó al veterano y respetado colega.

16.04.2021. ITALIA. È morto Ninni Cannella (photo) a causa del corona virus, dirigente del sodalizio calcistico del foggiano. Fotografo e giornalista tarantino di grande esperienza, serietà e notevole disponibilità. Aveva 62 anni.

16.04.2021. ECUADOR. Radiodifusor quiteño murió con COVID-19. Jorge Suárez Moreno nació en 1973 en Quito y se dedicó durante 25 años al periodismo radial. Formó parte de Exa FM, Radio La Única, Majestad FM, Francisco Stereo y Jc Radio la Bruja donde trabajó desde hace dos años.

16.04.2021. TURKEY. Cüneyt Circi (photo), a press worker who has been working in the Alanya press sector
for many years, lost his battle of life due to the corona virus. Cüneyt Circi, who died at the age of 64, has been
working for the Yeni Alanya Newspaper for 35 years.

16.04.2021. PERU. Esta madrugada falleció el periodista colegiado Juan Becerra Hernández (photo), en el hospital de Alta Complejidad de EsSalud “Virgen de la Puerta” de La Esperanza, víctima de la pandemia COVID-19. El hombre de prensa Juan Becerra fue Director Periodístico de la revista “Libertad” de la ciudad de Trujillo, impreso que estuvo más de 20 años en el mercado liberteño.

16.04.2021. VENEZUELA. En el Hospital Universitario Dr. Alfredo Van Grieken de Coro, pereció este jueves por complicaciones relacionadas al Covid-19 el conocido locutor, Leonel Ramón Martínez (photo). Leonel Martínez, tenía 51 años de edad, laboró como locutor en Vea Radio, Médano Radio y por largos años en la emisora “Radio Coro”, narrando el noticiero y al frente del programa navideño Naviritmo.

16.04.2021. INDIA. Lucknow  based journalist Ankit Shukla (35, photo), who worked for the influential Hindi daily Jagran, died of Covid-19 on 16 April 2021. Shukla, who covered legal affairs for his newspaper, tested positive for the infection a few days back. He was admitted in one of Uttar Pradesh’s important healthcare centres  RM Lohia hospital and later shifted to a specially monitored corona-unit, where died in the morning hours of Friday.

16.04.2021. IRAQ. Veteran AP producer, cameraman in Iraq dies of COVID-19. Khodeir Majid (photo), who covered Iraq's numerous conflicts as a video producer and cameraman for The Associated Press for over 17 years, has died, relatives said Friday. He was 64. The cause of death was complications due to the coronavirus. Majid joined the AP in Baghdad in March 2004, a year after the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003. He went on to cover the breakdown in security and sectarian bloodbath that prevailed for years, as well as the U.S. occupation, the rise of the al-Qaida terror network, and finally, the war against the Islamic State group.

16.04.2021. COLOMBIA. Víctima del Covid-19 falleció en la mañana de hoy jueves 15 de abril el reconocido periodista y presentador Omar Rey Martínez (photo), tras dos semanas de lucha contra el maligno virus. Poco después de su llegada a Yopal, emprendió una brillante carrera como locutor, presentador y periodista en medios como La Voz de Yopal de RCN, caracol y la Emisora de la Gobernación. Desde hace cerca de siete años había fundado la plataforma de noticias Casanare24horas.com y se desempeñaba como profesional de apoyo en el área de comunicaciones de las alcaldías de Yopal y Aguazul.

16.04.2021. BANGLADESH. Dhaka based television news producer Rifat Sultana (32) died due to pregnancy related complications on 16 April 2021. Associated with Bengali news channel Ekattor TV, Sultana tested positive for the corona-infection a few days back. She gave birth to a healthy baby on Friday before dying in the hospital.

15.04.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Francileno Góis (photo), de 50 anos, morreu vítima da Covid-19 nesta quinta-feira (15), na cidade de Pau dos Ferros, na região Alto Oeste do Rio Grande do Norte. Francileno, natural de Caraúbas, trabalhava no grupo TCM, em Mossoró, desde 2009, e construiu uma trajetória de destaque na crônica policial do estado.

15.04.2021. INDIA. Patnagarh (Balangir) based journalist Jatish Khamari (46, photo) died of Covid-19 at a Bhubaneswar based private hospital on 15 April 2021. He was associated with the highly circulated Odisha daily Sambad. Khamari contracted the novel corona virus infection a few days and he was hospitalised in Patnagarh. Later he was shifted to Bhubaneswar for better treatments, but succumbed to Covid-19 complications during the night hours on Thursday.

15.04.2021. BRASIL. Daniel Messeder (photo), jornalista automobilístico e editor do Motor1, faleceu nesta quarta-feira, 14, vítima de Covid-19. Internado desde o dia 08 de março em São Paulo, SP, não resistiu às complicações resultantes da doença. Nascido em 06 de janeiro de 1982, no Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Daniel passou a maior parte de sua vida na capital paulista. Teve seu primeiro emprego na revista 4×4 & Cia. O profissional também passou pelas publicações Oficina Mecânica, Hot, Carro e Autoesporte. Em 2012, Messeder assumiu como Editor-Chefe do site Carplace. Com a conversão do portal para Motor1.com, em 2016, Daniel passou a responder como Diretor Editorial da edição brasileira.

15.04.2021. NEPAL. A journalist, Kamal Mishra, 48, of Birtamod municipality-8 in Jhapa district died due to coronavirus on Wednesday night. He died while undergoing treatment at Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Teku. Journalist Mishra had returned from India to attend a religious program a few days ago. He fell ill soon after returning from India and admitted to the hospital for treatment.

15.04.2021. ARGENTINA. Falleció el periodista Mario López (photo), quien a su vez era el presidente de la Asociación Noroeste de Básquet en el departamento San Cristóbal. Mario López periodista de Multimedio San Guillermo, se encontraba internado en Santa Fe. López es el segundo periodista que fallece a consecuencia de haberse contagiado de Covid-19. Hace un tiempo atrás reportábamos el deceso de Miguel “Kapi” Dominguez, periodista y relator del CAM.

15.04.2021. MEXICO. La pandemia del COVID-19 ya ha cobrado la vida de 104 periodistas mexicanos. Datos obtenidos desde redes estatales y nacionales de periodistas en México compilados por ARTICLE 19 oficina para México y Centroamérica. Leer más sobre: https://articulo19.org/covid-19/periodistas-mexicanos-ante-el-covid-19/

14.04.2021. INDIA. Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) based senior journalist and cartoonist Pradeep Arya (58, photo) died of Covid-19 on 12 April 2021. Arya was associated with various Hindi newspapers like Deshbandhu, Nababharat, Lokswar etc for three decades. He tested positive for the infection a few days back. Initially he was in home isolation but later admitted to a local hospital where Arya succumbed to Covid-19 aggravated ailments.

13.04.2021. PEC press release. More than a thousand journalists have died from Covid-19 around the world // Comunicado de prensa de la PEC. Más de mil periodistas han muerto por la Covid-19 en todo el mundo // Communiqué de presse PEC. Plus d’un millier de journalistes sont morts du Covid-19 dans le monde

Read the PEC press release (English, Spanish, French and Arabic) on PEC NEWS

Ler em português:


12.04.2021. HONDURAS. Por COVID-19 muere periodista que laboraba en Conatel. Este domingo se conoció del fallecimiento de la licenciada en periodismo, Claudia Ordoñez (photo), tras perder la batalla contra la COVID-19. Claudia Ordoñez laboraba en la unidad de relaciones públicas de la Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Conatel). La comunicadora estuvo ingresada en el Instituto Hondureño del Seguro Social (IHSS), por complicaciones en su estado de salud por la COVID-19. Casi una decena de periodistas han muerto por el virus durante la pandemia en Honduras.

13.04.2021. BRASIL. O jornalismo brasileiro perdeu uma das suas principais figuras. Morreu na noite desta segunda-feira, vítima de complicações da covid-19, o jornalista Aloy Jupiara (photo), aos 56 anos. Ele exercia o cargo de editor-chefe do jornal O DIA e é um dos autores de dois livros “Os porões da contravenção” e “Deus tenha misericórdia dessa nação”, todos escritos em parceria com o jornalista Chico Otavio. Recentemente, ele participou do documentário sobre Castor de Andrade.

12.04.2021. FRANCE. Le journaliste, animateur et homme de théâtre marseillais Jeff Carias (photo) est mort à 52 ans, ce samedi 10 avril 2021, des suites de la Covid-19. Passé par France 3 Provence-Alpes, présentateur sur la chaîne LCM, auparavant publicitaire, producteur, Jeff Carias était aussi animateur dans le monde de l'entreprise, et homme de théâtre.

11.04.2021. ARGENTINA. Mauro Viale (photo), considerado uno de los iconos del periodismo argentino, murió este domingo a los 73 años en una clínica de Buenos Aires donde había sido internado este sábado con coronavirus. La noticia ha conmocionado el mundo político y periodístico del país suramericano. Según informó Radio Rivadavia, uno de los medios en los que el veterano comunicador se desempeñaba en la actualidad, Viale había recibido el jueves pasado la primera dosis de la vacuna contra la covid-19, pero dos días después se conoció que tras tener síntomas compatibles con el virus se hizo un hisopado y dio positivo.

10.04.2021. GUATEMALA. Este sábado 10 de abril se confirmó que dos periodistas guatemaltecos perdieron la batalla contra el covid-19. Uno de los periodistas trabajaba de manera independiente en el Palacio Legislativo. Los dos periodistas que fallecieron son: José Antonio Castro, quien trabajaba en el Congreso de la Republica como reportero gráfico. Y el segundo es Amafredo Castellanos, quien laboró en varios medios de comunicación.

10.04.2021. BRASIL. Morre jornalista Fernando Ribeiro (photo), aos 56 anos, por complicações da Covid-19 Ele tinha experiência em segurança pública e já foi comentarista da TV Verdes Mares. Recentemente, mantinha um site próprio e apresentava o Plantão da Plus na rádio Plus FM.

10.04.2021. VENEZUELA. El Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Prensa informó sobre el fallecimiento del periodista Armando Monroy (photo), quien murió a consecuencia de complicaciones por la COVID-19 este 9 de abril en el estado Vargas. El periodista, de 33 años de edad, trabajador del portal Caraota Digital, trabajó también como productor de Radio Caracas Radio y comunicador corporativo en fundaciones.

10.04.2021. GUATEMALA. El productor del programa de televisión “Que Chilero” de TV Azteca Guatemala, Frisly Macario (photo), falleció este sábado, según usuarios de redes sociales y compañeros de este, a causa del Covid-19. Frisly Macario era productor del programa Que Chilero, transmitido por TV Azteca Guatemala.

10.04.2021. BANGLADESH. Journalist Hassan Shahriar (photo) died of COVID-19 at a city hospital on Saturday.  He was a former president of the National Press Club and former executive editor of Daily Ittefaq. He was 76. Shahriar is the 48th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus.

10.04.2021. TURKEY. Journalist Metin Türkyılmaz (photo) dies from Covid-19. The agency Bizim, of which 
Türkyılmaz was a founding partner and worked for the last time, announced the bitter news yesterday morning.
Türkyılmaz, who was treated for Covid-19, was 55 years old.

09.04.2021. INDIA. Veteran Indian journalist Kapil Datta (photo), who was associated with the New Delhi based popular English daily Hindustan Times, passed away on 9 April after suffering from the novel corona virus infection related complications. Datta (65) was admitted at Vimhans hospital a few days back after testing positive for Covid-19 and developing breathlessness.

09.04.2021. BANGLADESH. Journalist Roman Shah Alam (photo) died of COVID-19 at Gazipur hospital on early Friday.  He was Gazipur correspondent of Daily Lakho Kanto. Roman is the 47th Bangladeshi journalist killed by the deadly virus. Roman was admitted to the hospital on April 1 after he tested positive for COVID-19.

08.04.2021. BRASIL. Morreu, nesta quarta-feira (7/4), a professora e jornalista Elizabeth Pazito Brandão (photo, 68 anos), em decorrência de complicações da covid-19. Beth estava internada há 11 dias, e, segundo amigos próximos, ela esperava autorização de algum familiar para passar por uma traqueostomia mas, após sofrer uma parada cardíaca, não resistiu e veio a óbito.

08.04.2021. COLOMBIA. El periodista deportivo Walberto Ahumedo (photo), oriundo del corregimiento de Pasacaballos, Cartagena, falleció tras estar internado desde hace más de nueve días en la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos del Hospital Universitario del Caribe.

08.04.2021. PARAGUAY. Falleció causa del Covid el colega Óscar Escobar (photo), periodista de dilatada trayectoria en el periodismo televisivo. Paz en su tumba.

08.04.2021. VENEZUELA. Nos llega la lamentable noticia de la muerte, por Covid 19, del periodista tachirense Jorge Zambrano (photo), con quien compartimos en El Impulso de Barquisimeto. Falleció esta madrugada en Maturín.

08.04.2021. PERU. Después de haber permanecido internado en el hospital de EsSalud a la espera de una cama UCI desde hace una semana, falleció el periodista huaracino Martín Inchicaque Quiñones (photo) a consecuencia de la COVID al tener el 70% de sus pulmones dañados.

07.04.2021. PHILIPPINES. Nestor Torre (photo), a prominent writer, director and journalist, has passed away. He was 78. According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, where Torre worked as a longtime columnist, he died from complications caused by COVID-19 on Tuesday.

07.04.2021. JOURNALIST'S DAY IN BRAZIL. DIA DO JORNALISTA. Brasil lidera em jornalistas mortos por Covid e PEC cobra prioridade na vacina

Read the MediaTalks article on:

De acordo com levantamento elaborado pelo Departamento de Saúde da FENAJ, a partir de notícias e de acompanhamento pelos Sindicatos da categoria no país, 169 jornalistas morreram entre abril de 2020 e março de 2021. O dossiê também mostra que, em três meses de 2021, o número de mortes supera todo o ano de 2020, quando foram registradas 78 mortes de abril a dezembro. Este ano, são 86 vítimas, percentual 8,6% maior que no total de 2020. Leia mais em:

07.04.2021. BRASIL. A jornalista Regina Helena Lucas de Andrade (photo) faleceu vítima de Covid-19. Ela comunicou que estava com a doença no dia 24 de fevereiro em uma rede social. Quatro dias depois de testar positivo para Covid-19, foi internada no Hospital Dom Vicente Scherer, no complexo da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Porto Alegre. Regina era gaúcha natural de São Gabriel e tinha 59 anos. Se formou em jornalismo pela Ulbra e  trabalhou em lugares como o Correio do Povo e a Câmara de Vereadores de Porto Alegre.

06.04.2021. INDIA. India’s veteran journalist and academician Fatima Zakaria (85, photo)
succumbed to Covid-19 complications on 6 April 2021 at a private hospital in Aurangabad  of Maharashtra. She used to work for Mumbai’s Sunday Times. Honoured with prestigious Padma Shri award,  Ms Fatima was the wife of Maharashtra’s former minister and Islamic scholar Rafique Zakaria and mother of global media personality Fareed R. Zakaria.

06.04.2021. MEXICO. Falleció por Covid la periodista Adriana Tavira Garcia (photo). La Federación de Asociaciones de Periodistas Mexicanos, A.A. (FAPERMEX) y el Colegio Nacional de Licenciados en Periodismo (CONALIPE) con profunda pena participan el fallecimiento de su compañera y amiga Adriana Tavira Garcia, directora del periódico Impulso y Secretaria de Protección a Periodistas del Consejo Directivo de la Fapermex período 2019-2022.

06.04.2021. PERU. En la mañana de hoy, el conocido reportero gráfico del Diario “La República”, Reneyro Sandor Guerra Maza (photo), falleció víctima de la Covid-19 a sus 49 años de edad. El talentoso fotógrafo y periodista piurano, será recordado como una persona carismática, alegre y gentil, que siempre estuvo dispuesto a ayudar a quien lo necesitó en cada momento de su vida.

05.04.2021. INDIA. ANI (South Asia’s leading Multimedia News Agency) mourns the death of our colleague Sabaji Mohan Palkar (photo), a video journalist in Mumbai who fought a valiant battle against Covid, but succumbed yesterday. As a front-line worker, he brought to the world India’s fight against Covid.

05.04.2021. URUGUAY. Falleció Ángel Eduardo Ornella García (photo), de 64 años de edad; el reconocido docente y periodista era positivo a Covid-19. Ornella fue docente de Educación Moral y Cívica, en UTU y en el liceo local, llegando a ocupar el cargo de subdirector del Liceo “Álvaro Figueredo” de Pan de Azúcar. Supo cumplir también una destacada labor en el ámbito deportivo, siendo técnico de fútbol y dirigente de la Liga Zona Oeste de Fútbol, además de integrante del equipo deportivo de la radio local y en el último año, desempeñándose como periodista en medios gráficos.

05.04.2021. RUSSIA. Sports commentator Vladimir Gendlin (photo), who was 84 years old, died. Doctors call the cause of death pneumonia, but his son believes that his father actually had a coronavirus. He was a sports commentator, boxing expert. Twice became a laureate of the national television competition TEFI. Since the beginning of the 90s, he was the author of the "Big Ring" boxing program on NTV. Until 2016, he was the main commentator in boxing fights on NTV and on Channel One.

05.04.2021. MEXICO. El periodismo deportivo de Culiacán se encuentra de luto, tras el repentino fallecimiento de Félix Javier Moreno Hernández (photo), quien laborar por casi 20 años en El Sol de Sinaloa. Falleció la noche del domingo a los 55 años de edad, luego de complicarse su estado de salud a causa del Covid-19.

04.04.2021. BRASIL. O empresário e jornalista Hércules Dias (photo), 68 anos, morreu neste domingo (4) vítima da Covid. Ele tinha cerca de 50 anos de atuação no jornalismo em Goiás e Tocantins e era dono de portais de notícia nos dois estados. Conhecido pelos amigos como HD, Hércules trabalhou como radialista, cronista esportivo, repórter policial, repórter televisivo, assessor de comunicação. Ele passou por várias instituições públicas e privadas e colunista em diversos veículos ao longo da carreira.

04.04.2021. ECUADOR. El periodista y fundador del canal orense OK TV, Milton Serrano Valencia (photo), murió esta mañana a causa de la COVID-19, a la edad de 69 años. Su hijo, Milton Serrano Piedra, confirmó a Fundamedios el fallecimiento del reconocido periodista orense que fundó el primer canal de noticias en la provincia de El Oro, en el litoral sur del Ecuador.

04.04.2021. BRASIL. Três jornalistas catarinenses morreram vítimas da Covid-19 entre esta sexta-feira (2) e sábado (3): Ozias Alves Júnior (50), editor e fundador dos jornais Em Foco; Savas Apóstolo (39, photo), que trabalhou no Jornal Notícias do Dia; e Ney Padilha (77), um dos grandes nomes do rádio e do esporte no Estado.

03.04.2021. NIGERIA. The National Publicity Secretary for the Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin (54, photo), is dead. Mr Odumakin, a public analyst, activist and politician, died of complications from coronavirus disease at the intensive care unit of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, on Saturday morning. He was employed by The Punch Newspaper as a reporter, and later joined The Guardian Newspapers. Mr Odumakin resigned from the Guardian in 1993 and established Effective Company Limited, a media and publishing company in partnership. Mr Odumakin, who was appointed the spokesman for the presidential campaign of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2011, later turned his back on Mr Buhari in 2015 when he supported the then outgoing President, Goodluck Jonathan.

02.04.2021. BANGLADESH. Journalist Jagdish Chandra Ghosh (photo), a retired teacher from Faridpur and a senior member of the Faridpur Press Club, died of COVID-19 on April 2. He was 93. Locally he was known as Tarapada Sir. He breathed his last on Friday at 8:15 pm in the ICU of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College Hospital (BSMMC) in Faridpur.

02.04.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista e escritor Vilmar Berna (photo), de 64 anos, morreu hoje (2) vítima de complicações da Covid-19. Um dos pioneiros do jornalismo ambiental e consultar ambiental em Niterói e São Gonçalo, ele estava internado desde o último dia 20. Vilmar participou da fundação de várias organizações da sociedade civil dedicadas às lutas ambientais, entre as quais se destacam a Univerde, em 1980, em São Gonçalo; os Defensores da Terra, em 1984, na cidade do Rio de Janeiro; e a Rede Brasileira de Informação Ambiental (REBIA), em Niterói.

02.04.2021. PERU. El periodismo deportivo y el fútbol peruano están de luto. El reconocido periodista Carlos Enciso Pérez Palma (photo) falleció este jueves víctima del coronavirus, informó su familia. Enciso fue Jefe de Prensa de la Comisión Estados Unidos 94 y, posteriormente, jefe de prensa de la Asociación Deportiva de Fútbol Profesional (ADFP) por muchos años. Además, fue fundador de Ovación, junto al recordado Pocho Rospigliosi, y fue corresponsal del Perú en la revista El Gráfico de Argentina.

02.04.2021. COLOMBIA. El periodista Jaime Zamora Marín (photo) falleció este Jueves Santo, tras presentar complicaciones derivadas de la Covid-19 y estaba internado en uno de los centros de salud de Bogotá. El “Negro Zamora", como era llamado por sus amigos más cercanos, hizo un largo recorrrido por la radio colombiana desde Radio Sutatenza, pasando por Todelar hasta crear su propia  estación: Jazmar Estéreo en Villeta, Cundinamarca.

01.04.2021. BRASIL. Morreu, na tarde dessa quinta-feira (01/04), o jornalista alagoano Átila Viera (photo), de 41 anos. Ele estava internado no Hospital da Mulher, em Maceió, onde faleceu em decorrência de complicações causadas pela Covid-19.

01.04.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista, escritor, professor e médico veterinário Hermano de Melo, de 73 anos, morreu na noite desta quinta-feira (1º), em decorrência de complicações da covid-19. Hermano publicou artigos e crônicas nos jornais Correio do Estado, O Estado MS e escrevia sobre temas diversos, na área social, política e ecológica no blog “Liberdade, Liberdade”.

01.04.2021. INDIA. Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) based photo journalist Tajnoor Khan (photo) died of Covid-19 complications on 31 March. Tajnoor (50) died while undergoing treatment at a corona care centre.

01.04.2021. MEXICO. Arturo González Orduño (photo), director de noticias y de televisión de Grupo Fórmula, perdió la vida la madrugada de este 1 de abril por complicaciones derivadas del virus del SARS-CoV-2. Grupo Fórmula lamentó el fallecimiento del periodista originario de la ciudad de Puebla, de 61 años de edad, a través de sus redes sociales.

01.04.2021. BRASIL. A jornalista Carla Carneiro (photo), de 48 anos, morreu na madrugada desta quarta-feira (31) em Uberaba vítima da Covid-19. A jornalista trabalhou na TV Integração por 16 anos. Atuou por quatro anos e meio em Uberaba e depois na unidade de Divinópolis, onde permaneceu até 2015.

01.04.2021. ECUADOR. El periodista ecuatoriano Pablo Aníbal Chávez murió a causa del virus de la COVID-19. El Comunicador, que nació en 1963, fue el conductor del programa “Buenas Tardes Pastaza”, que se transmitía de lunes a viernes por Radio Mokawa, 93.9 FM. Chávez se convierte en el segundo comunicador que muere en el ejercicio de sus funciones a causa de la COVID-19 durante el 2021.

01.04.2021. ARGENTINA. Esta madrugada falleció el fotoperiodista Adrián Lugones (photo), tras semanas de estar internado en el hospital Centro de Salud por las complicaciones derivadas del covid-19. El reportero gráfico actualmente trabajaba como corresponsal de la agencia Télam y era miembro de la Asociación de Reporteros Gráficos de la República Argentina (ARGRA). También colaboró con diversos medios locales.

31.03.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na tarde da última terça-feira (30), o jornalista e radialista, Kleber de Sousa Vieira (photo), aos 62 anos, vítima de complicações causadas pela Covid-19. Kleber foi professor na Universidade Estácio de Sá e atuou como jornalista nas rádios Bandeirantes AM 1360, Rádio O Dia, Brasil Rádio TV e na Rádio Fla. Atualmente trabalhava como repórter na Rádio Difusora de Petrópolis, na Região Serrana do Rio.

31.03.2021. BRASIL. João Batista Matos (Patriota) (photo), de 46 anos, morreu na manhã desta quarta-feira (31) em São Luís por complicações da Covid-19. Atualmente, o vereador era vice-líder do governo municipal na Câmara de São Luís. João Batista Matos era natural de São Luís e era formado em Rádio e TV pela Universidade Federal do Maranhão (UFMA). Antes de atuar na vida política, ele trabalhou nos jornais "O Estado do Maranhão", "O Imparcial" e nas emissoras de rádio FM Esperança e Mirante AM.

31.03.2021. PARAGUAY. El periodista Gustavo Ramon Ayala (37) (photo) fallecio este mercolies a consecuencia de complicaciones por un cuadro de Covid-19 a Ciudad Del Este. Ayala ejercio el periodismo en varios medios de communicacion escritos, radiales y televisivos de la zona.

30.03.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na manhã desta terça-feira (30), após uma parada cardiorrespiratória, o jornalista Armando de Amorim Anache (photo), conhecido como Armandinho. Ele estava internado no CTI do Hospital da Cassems, em Corumbá, após ser infectado pela covid-19. Atualmente ele morava em Aquidauana onde comandava o site Pantanal News.

29.03.2021. INDIA. Pramod Srivastava (photo), 48, member of the Uttar Pradesh State Accredited Journalist Committee 2021, died on Saturday evening. Two days ago, he had tested positive and was admitted to KGMU on March 25 in a serious condition. Doctors said he died due to respiratory failure. At least six journalists, who took part in the elections that took place on March 21, have also tested positive, so far. One of them was admitted to SGPGIMS, late on Saturday evening. The state information department has arranged for a special Covid test camp for journalists on Sunday and has asked all those who participated in the elections, to get themselves tested.

29.03. BRASIL. Denilson Pinto (photo), de 53 anos, morreu por complicações da covid-19 nesta segunda-feira (29), na Capital. Ele é o terceiro profissional da imprensa de Campo Grande à perder a luta contra a doença. Com vasta experiência na reportagem e assessoria de imprensa, Denilson Pinto foi editor de jornais como o extinto Diário da Serra (1992/1993) e Correio do Estado (2001/2008).

- O jornalista Luiz Fernando Fedeger, de 78 anos, morreu nesta segunda-feira (29) por complicações da covid-19. Ele estava internado na Unidade de Terapia Intensiva do Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças, em Curitiba. Luiz Fernando Fedeger trabalhou como narrador de futebol e era proprietário do semanário Impacto Paraná.

29.03.2021. BRASIL. A jornalista piauiense Rosenira Alves (photo) morreu, na tarde segunda-feira (29), vítima de complicações da covid-19, na cidade de Sao Luis. A informação foi confirmada pelo Sindicato dos Jornalistas Profissionais do Estado do Piauí (Sindjor/PI). Ela tinha 59 anos e estava internada há duas semanas em um hospital de São Luís. Atualmente, a jornalista estava trabalhando como colunista em um jornal do Maranhão.

28.03.2021. HONDURAS. Este domingo se informó del fallecimiento a causa de la COVID-19 del licenciado en periodismo, Francisco Orlando Rodríguez García (photo) en la capital hondureña. Francisco Orlando Rodríguez laboró por varios años como camarógrafo en el área de comunicación del Registro Nacional de las Personas (RNP). Al menos una decena de comunicadores sociales han muerto durante la pandemia de COVID-19 en Honduras.

28.03.2021. VENEZUELA. El popular presentador venezolano Dave Capella (photo) falleció este domingo a los 38 años de edad por complicaciones vinculadas a la covid-19, informó el canal Venevisión. “La gran familia de Venevisión, la junta directiva, personal ejecutivo y empleados cumplen con el penoso deber de comunicar el sensible fallecimiento de nuestro compañero de labores Dave Capella”, dijo el canal en un comunicado.

28.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista esportivo Paulo Stein (photo) morreu hoje (27), aos 73 anos, no Rio de Janeiro, por complicações decorrentes da covid-19. A informação foi divulgada pela Associação dos Cronistas Esportivos do Rio (Acerj), em sua página na rede social Facebook. Paulo Stein era uma referência no jornalismo esportivo e foi narrador e comentarista de emissoras como a TV Manchete e o SporTV.

27.03.2021. GUYANA. Communications specialist and journalist Namela Baynes-Henry (photo) died of COVID-19 on Thursday. Local media reported that the 63-year-old passed away in the Intensive Care Unit of the Infectious Diseases Hospital where she had been admitted after testing positive. The Guyana Press Association has extended its sympathy to Baynes-Henry’s family and loved ones. Henry was the founder of the First Look Morning Show and First Look News on Channel Nine.

27.03.2021. GUATEMALA. Fredy Rodas (photo), quien realizaba enlaces para Noti 7 desde Suchitepéquez falleció producto del covid-19. Carlitos Rodas, hijo del gran Periodista de Suchitepéquez Fredy Rodas, quien falleció a causa del Covid-19, agradece las muestras de solidaridad y cariño on Twitter. Promete continuar con el legado de su padre.

27.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista e advogado José Carlos Cataldi (photo) morreu aos 67 anos na tarde de ontem (26) vítima de complicações da covid-19. Cataldi foi um dos fundadores da emissora de rádio CBN e trabalhou por vários anos na Rádio Nacional. Também teve passagens pelas TVs Record, Manchete e Educativa.

26.03.2021. URUGUAY. Este jueves falleció el periodista deportivo, relator y comunicador Alberto Sonsol (photo) a los 63 años, a causa de COVID-19, informó Subrayado. Con casi cuatro décadas de carrera, Sonsol era una de las caras y voces más reconocidas del periodismo deportivo uruguayo. Actualmente era el relator principal de las transmisiones del fútbol uruguayo para la empresa Tenfield. Trabajaba también en Canal 10, donde conducía la sección deportiva de Subrayado, además de participar de otros programas de interés general y entretenimientos, y también era el conductor de “La Hora de los Deportes” en el canal estatal desde hace muchos años. A su vez, trabajaba en radio El Espectador, en los programas “Tuya y mía” y “Bien igual”.

26.03.2021. MOLDOVA. One of the founders of the Independent Press Association, editor-in-chief of the Rezinskaya newspaper Cuvantul, journalist Tudor Yaschenko (photo) has died. According to the director of the Center for Invetigative Journalism Cornelia Kozonak, Yaschenko «lost the battle with the virus».

26.03.2021. ITALIA. È morto Ezio Cartotto (photo). Aveva 77 anni, è deceduto nella notte tra giovedì 25 e venerdì 26 marzo dopo une decina di giorni di ricovero all’ospedale “Sacco” di Milano per Covid-19. Cartotto è stato un giornalista, uno scrittore, entrato nella Democrazia Cristiana si è occupato della formazione dei giovani del partito e per diversi anni ha diretto il settimanale della Dc milanese “Il popolo lombardo”.

26.03.2021. PAKISTAN. Two senior journalists of Pakistan died due to covid-19 today. The deceased, Sohail Abdul Nasir (left) and Johar Majeed (right), were working in different media organisation of Pakistan. Johar Majeed, a resident of Rawalpindi, was associated with Daily Ausaf. Sohail Abdul Nasir was associated with Daily Nawai Waqat.

25.03.2021. INDIA. Kailassinh Pardeshi (55, photo), who worked for Saamana, a Marathi daily newspaper owned by Maharashtra’s ruling political party Shiv Sena, succumbed to Covid-19 complications at a rural hospital in Jalgaon district on 25 March. He was taking medicines at home before admitting in the hospital. He was working for Saamana as a journalist since 1990.

25.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista José Alexandro de Oliveira (photo), conhecido como Sandro Oliveira, morreu por causa da Covid-19 na madrugada desta quinta-feira, 25, no Hospital da Mulher, em Maceió. Sandro tinha 42 anos. Formado em jornalismo pela Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Sandro foi diagramador da Gazeta de Alagoas entre os anos de 2006 e 2018. Ele também trabalhou em várias agências de publicidade.

25.03.2021. URUGUAY. El pasado miércoles, falleció el periodista agropecuario de Radio Cuareim de Artigas, Gabriel Couto (photo). Estaba internado en el CTI de Salto por Covid-19. Tenía tan solo 37 años. Varios mensajes se pueden ver leer en las redes sociales lamentando la pérdida de una gran persona y profesional, querido por todos.

25.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista paraibano Juarez Amaral (photo) morreu de Covid-19, aos 71 anos, na madrugada desta quinta-feira (25), em Campina Grande, no Agreste da Paraíba. Juarez foi o fundador do O Jornal de Verdade. Ele começou em 1985 na Rádio Caturité AM (hoje FM), depois, de 2003 a 2017, foi apresentado na Cidade Esperança AM e por último na Rádio Arapuan FM, onde saiu do ar ainda 2017.

24.03.2021. MEXICO. Alberto Ciurana (photo), presidente de Contenidos y Distribución de TV Azteca falleció a causa del COVID-19. Alberto Ciurana, quien hiciera gran carrera como ejecutivo en Televisa y TV Azteca, además de Univision, se desempeñaba desde 2017 como presidente de Contenidos y Distribución de TV Azteca. La industria de la televisión en México, así como una larga lista de famosos, unieron condolencias para la familia de Alberto Ciurana, quien falleciera la noche de este martes 23, a causa de complicaciones por COVID-19.

24.03.2021. KENYA. The media fraternity is mourning the death of veteran journalist Reuben Githinji (photo) who succumbed to Covid-19 complications on Wednesday. The Star newspaper reporter based in Embu died aged 52. According to his sister Grace Wacheke, the journalist passed on at 8.30am at the Murang'a Hospital where he was undergoing treatment.

24.03.2021. BRASIL. Morreu nesta quarta-feira (24) o jornalista e radialista Helio Costa (photo), por complicações causadas pela covid-19. Ele estava internado há vários dias em um hospital de Curitiba. Segundo informações de familiares, o quadro clínico se agravou e ele não resistiu. Helio era morador de Colombo. Costa também era escritor e poeta.

23.03.2021. BANGLADESH. Weekly Narsindir Khobor news editor Tofazzal Hossain (photo) died COVID-19 like symptoms on Tuesday night. He was 53. The journalist breathed his last about 10:30 pm while on the way to go Dhaka for admitting hospital. Tofazzal Hossain, also office secretary of the Narsingdi Press Club got the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on February 25. He was suffering from a high fever and breathing-related complications for the last few days.

20.03.2021. MALI. Le journaliste Adam Thiam (photo), auteur pour de nombreux titres de presse dont Jeune Afrique, est mort du Covid-19 à 67 ans dans la nuit du 18 au 19 mars. Il était devenu le directeur de la communication à la présidence. Mais c’est surtout au Républicain, fondé par Tiebilé Dramé en 1992, qu’il exercera avec le plus de talent son métier de journaliste. Ses interventions dans les médias internationaux étaient scrutées, que ce soit sur RFI, la BBC, la Deutsche Welle ou Africable. Il en était de même pour ses enquêtes, telle celle qu’il avait menée sur l’affaire « Air Cocaïne ».

22.03.2021. VENEZUELA. Este 22 de marzo, recibimos con profundo pesar la noticia del fallecimiento en Maturin del respetado comunicador social, Gilberto López a la edad de 73 años, a consecuencia del Covid-19 en Monagas. Se le recuerda como exdirector de El Sol de Maturín, jefe de prensa de Aciem y de la Cámara Petrolera Capítulo Monagas.

22.03.2021. KENYA. Former Nation FM presenter and ex-Gina Din Communications managing director, Lorna Irungu-Macharia (photo), has passed away. She died at a city hospital where she had been admitted after contracting Covid-19. As a renown media personality, her name rekindles memories of popular 1990s TV game show Omo Pick-a-Box, the Vijana Tugutuke voting campaign and an upbeat, energetic and feisty young woman who was always ready to use her talents to champion a cause. Ms Irungu also hosted Club Kiboko for five years between 1994 and 1999, while also producing magazine show Maisha and a youth talk show dubbed Niaje. She later hosted State of The Nation, a radio show at then-Nation FM.

22.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista e memorialista, Anísio Gorayeb (photo), faleceu neste domingo (21) vítima da Covid-19. A morte do jornalista impactou cidadãos, órgãos públicos, entidades e personalidades em Rondônia e houve centenas de manifestações nas redes sociais.

22.05.2021. USA. Eric Spinato (photo), Top Booker for Fox Business, dies of coronavirus. Spinato was 52. Spinato most recently was senior head booker and story editor for Fox Business. He returned to Fox News in 2007 to help launch the business channel, having previously worked for CNN and MSNBC. He started at Fox News in 1998 on the Fox Files team and then went on to become senior producer and head booker.

22.03.2021. SPAIN. Jorge Lozano (photo, 70), catedrático de Periodismo de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Información de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) ha fallecido este lunes por covid-19 tras semanas de lucha contra el virus. Fue director del Grupo de Estudios de Semiótica de la Cultura, catedrático de Teoría de la Información en la UCM, exdirector de la Academia de Roma, secretario de redacción de la 'Revista Occidente' y profesor.

22.03.2021. BRASIL. Jornalista Rosivaldo Sena (photo) faleceu nesta segunda-feira (22), aos 65 anos, em decorrência de complicações da covid-19. Rosivaldo iniciou no jornalismo muito jovem, no extinto jornal O Estado de Mato Grosso, onde atuou como linotipista. Passou por todas as funções dentro do jornalismo, inclusive respondendo pela editoria geral do Jornal Diário de Cuiabá, onde foi ainda repórter policial, secretário de redação, entre outros.

22.03.2021. VENEZUELA. Fallecieron dos periodistas zulianas por coronavirus. El pasado domingo 21 de marzo falleció la periodista Yoleida Casanova y su hija, Phoenix Boemon, también comunicadora social institucional, debido a las secuelas del covid-19. Ambas trabajaban en comunicaciones institucionales en el estado Zulia, donde vivían.

22.03.2021. BRASIL. Taylor Luis Melha Abreu (photo), de apenas 26 anos, foi mais uma vítima da Covid-19 em Campo Bom. O jovem, que recentemente se formou em Jornalismo pela Universidade Feevale, teve uma marcante passagem pelo Jornal Repercussão, de Sapiranga. Taylor encerra uma dura batalha contra o Coronavírus, após um longo período de internação no Hospital Lauro Reus, sendo a vítima mais jovem registrada pela doença no município.

20.03.2021. ECUADOR. Este 20 de marzo de 2021, el periodista y gestor cultural quiteño, Pablo Rodríguez (photo), de 44 años de edad, falleció a causa de la COVID-19. Pablo Rodríguez, un profesional reconocido en el ámbito del rock ecuatoriano, inició su carrera en la radio, fue parte de varios programas radiales y en la prensa escrita como en el Diario El telégrafo, entre 1999 y 2000, y Rock y Metal de Últimas Noticias, entre 2003 y 2010. Trabajó para el Diario Hoy y como corresponsal desde Ecuador para la revista española Heavy Rock. Entre 2007 y 2011, condujo el programa “Hoy Music”, por TV Hoy.

20.03.2021. RUSSIA. More than 20 Russian journalists have died from COVID-19. More than 20 Russian journalists have died from the coronavirus, hundreds have been ill with COVID-19, said Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia Vladimir Solovyov at the opening ceremony for the Golden Pen of Russia journalism award.

19.03.2021. KENYA. Former NTV anchor Winnie Mukami (photo) has passed away after contracting Covid-19. She became a household name in 2003 when she began anchoring NTV News when the station was launched. She had started her career journey at KBC as a TV and radio current affairs presenter and producer where she worked for two years. In 2010, Ms Mukami left NTV after seven years to found her own public relations firm, Winners Frontiers International Limited, which she ran to date.

19.03.2021. USA. Pablo Sánchez (photo), longtime Washington correspondent and award-winning producer for Univision, dies of covid-19 at 75. Sánchez who lived in Bethesda (Maryland) died of complications from covid-19 on Feb 24. For many years, Sánchez was the co-host of Spanish-language medical call-in program called «Hablemos de Salud» aired weekly on the public broadcasting network MHz. He retired from Univision in 2019 and was producing a documentary about bullfighting (with the Washington Post).

18.03.2021. BRASIL. Morreu nesta quinta-feira (18/03), aos 39 anos, o jornalista iguaçuano Rafael Marinho (photo), diagnosticado com covid-19. O jornalista teve importante participação na imprensa da Baixada Fluminense nos últimos anos. Além de atuar na assessoria de diversos políticos e empresários da região, ele foi editor do Jornal Hora H, da página Baixada Viva Notícias e atualmente se dedicava ao portal De Olho em Nova Iguaçu, que havia fundado no final de 2020.

18.03.2021. TURKEY. Seçkin Türesay (photo), one of the veteran names of the Turkish press, died in Istanbul at the age of 77 due to the coronavirus. At Hürriyet Newspaper, he worked as Managing Director, Editor-in-Chief, General Publication Manager and Publication Coordinator. Türesay won the Journalist of the Year Award twice.

18.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Juliano Lantmann (photo), conhecido por cobrir o Londrina Esporte Clube (LEC), e que atualmente estava na Rádio Norte 100,3 FM, morreu nesta quinta-feira (18), aos 42 anos, em Jataizinho. Juliano estava infectado pela Covid-19 e vinha em recuperação, mas teria sofrido um infarto. O profissional, que passou pela Igapó FM e pela Rádio Alternativa FM, testou positivo para o novo coronavírus duas vezes nos últimos dois meses. Da primeira vez, em janeiro, e a segunda no último dia 9 de março.

16.03.2021. KENYA. Journalist Robin Njogu (photo) succumbed to COVID-19 related complications on Monday night after battling the disease for close a month at the Aga Khan Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit in Nairobi. The late Robin was the Managing Editor in charge of Radio at Royal Media Services (RMS). He started his journalism career at Capital FM before moving to Nation FM.

16.03.2021. PERU. Según el registro de la Asociación Nacional de Periodistas del Perú (ANP), 135 periodistas murieron por covid en un año. De los fallecidos por covid, 61 se contagiaron en actividad periodística y 74 de manera comunitaria. 131 son hombres y 4 mujeres. El mes con el mayor número de decesos fue julio del 2020, cuando fallecieron 25 hombres y mujeres de prensa; seguido por agosto 2020 con 21 decesos. Mayo 2020 y febrero 2021 registran 18 fallecimientos cada uno. Leer más:


16.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Marcio Nogueira (photo) morreu na manhã desta terça-feira (16), aos 42 anos, vítima da Covid-19, em Poá. A informação da morte foi confirmada pela filha do jornalista, Clara Nogueira, nas redes sociais. Marcio ficou conhecido em todo o Alto Tietê por trabalhar durante 16 anos na Radio Metropolitana, de onde saiu em janeiro deste ano.

15.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Robson Filene de Oliveira (photo), morreu nesta segunda-feira, 15, por complicações causadas pela Covid-19. Ele foi diagnosticado com a doença no último 7 de março, um dia após completar 52 anos de idade. Robson trabalhou nos jornais Diário da Manhã e Tribuna do Planalto.

15.03.2021. MEXICO. Después de 39 años de actividad periodística, falleció este 15 de marzo el comunicador Hugo Sánchez Izquierdo (photo), debido a complicaciones por coronavirus. El periodista llevaba más de 30 años dedicado a la radio, y gran parte de ese periodo en la Red de Cinco Radio con Javier López Diaz. Fue director editorial del diario La Opinión.

14.03.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na manhã deste domingo (14), em Belém, o apresentador de televisão e ex-vereador Ronaldo Porto (photo). Ele estava internado em um hospital particular na capital devido complicações da Covid-19. Nas redes sociais, é grande a mobilização de jornalistas e fãs de Ronaldo, um dos grandes nomes da comunicação no Pará.

14.03.2021. COLOMBIA. El periodismo de Córdoba está de luto. José Higinio Rossi (photo), destacado colega del departamento falleció el domingo 14 de marzo tras estar varios días en UCI por complicaciones del Covid-19. Rossi fue periodista de varias emisoras de la capital cordobesa.

14.03.2021. ITALY. Italian photographer Giovanni Gastel (photo) passed away today in Milan, from complications of COVID-19, at the age of 65. In 1981 he started working for numerous fashion magazines, including: Vogue, Elle, and Vanity Fair, also collaborating with world-famous brands such as Dior, Trussardi, Krizia, Tod's, and Versace. Famous for his cinematic portraits and disruptive irony, his style of photographing has changed the perception of the image of fashion: elegant, refined, and spontaneous, all at the same time.

14.03.2021. VENEZUELA. El periodista y miembro del equipo de Reuters Venezuela, Rafael Jiménez (photo), falleció este sábado en Caracas a causa del coronavirus. La información fue confirmada por el corresponsal de la agencia de noticias en México y Centroamérica, Diego Oré Oviedo, quien abundó que Jiménez dio una larga lucha contra el virus.

14.03.2021. SPAIN. Fallece en Valencia a los 54 años por culpa del COVID-19 José Manuel Reina (photo), técnico de radio del Valencia CF, figura muy querida en el periodismo valenciano. El compañero, que pasó por las grandes cadenas de radio nacionales y autonómicas, llevaba en la radio oficial del club desde que se inauguró hace algo más de un lustro.

14.03.2021. BRASIL. José Roberto Ercolin (photo), radialista e apresentador da Jovem Pan em Sorocaba, faleceu neste sábado (13), aos 58 anos, devido a um infarto fulminante. A Jovem Pan, empresa onde atuou por 30 anos, manifestou-se nas redes sociais, demonstrando luto pelo momento. A parceria com a rádio durou 30 anos, atuando como apresentador no principal jornal da Rádio Ipanema, o Jornal da Ipanema, e também do Jornal da Manhã da Jovem Pan Sorocaba, onde teve sua última apresentação na sexta-feira, dia 12 de março.

14.03.2021. NEPAL. About 500 journalists across the country had tested positive for Covid-19 until mid-December. As many as five journalists died due to the virus, according to the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) About 1,300 journalists, which is approximately 10 percent of all journalists affiliated with the organization, lost their jobs during the pandemic. Read more on:


12.03.2021. BRASIL. A Covid-19 gerou mais uma vítima fatal na Comunicação gaúcha. O jornalista Tulio Moreira (photo) não resistiu à doença e faleceu, aos 64 anos, na última quinta-feira, 11. Moreira apresenta o cargo de secretário adjunto de Comunicação e de Segurança, em Canoas. Ele também ocupou a Secretaria de Comunicação de Esteio e foi proprietário do Jornal Correio de Notícias e da Revista Fatos Metropolitanos.

12.03.2021. BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA. Retired journalist of RTV FBiH Suzana Đozo (photo) 
died in Sarajevo as a result of the coronavirus. She was born in 1956 and was one of the most
important names in radio journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She worked as a journalist at
Radio BiH, Radio Stari Grad. She will be remembered as the author of numerous reports and as a
voice believed in the most difficult war years. She has won numerous journalistic awards for her work, and she has selflessly
passed on her knowledge to generations of final year journalism students.

12.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Nilo Alves (photo) morreu nesta sexta-feira (12), em Palmas, vítima do novo coronavírus. Nilo, que tinha um portal de notícias, também era ativista cultural, escritor e somava mais de 30 anos de carreira musical. Nilo Alves era diretor executivo do Jornal Pagina Alberta.

12.03.2021. PERU. Gerardo Flores (photo), periodista de GOLPERU, falleció este viernes a causa del coronavirus. Desde el mes de febrero, el encargado del ras de campo de la conocida empresa televisora, se encontraba luchando por su vida.

12.03.2021. CUBA. El Círculo de Ciencia y Técnica de la Unión de Periodistas de Cuba (UPEC) lamentó hoy el fallecimiento de Lucía Sanz Araujo (photo), directora de la Revista Pionero, publicación que dirigía desde 2005. La pandemia de la COVID-19 le arrebató la vida, después de largos días y noches de lucha contra la mortal enfermedad, deploró la agrupación en una nota.

11.03.2021. VENEZUELA. Murió por Covid-19 periodista Diogenes Carrillo. El reconocido periodista deportivo y locutor venezolano Diógenes Carrillo, se encuentra recluido en un centro de salud en el centro de Caracas, tras haber sido diagnosticado con covid-19 el pasado 28 de febrero.

11.03.2021. BRASIL. Morre o jornalista Tulio Moreira (photo), vítima de Covid-19. O colega de jornalismo Tulio Moreira, que foi diretor e editor do Correio de Notícias de Canoas, além de acumular funções na Prefeitura de Canoas, foi mais uma das vítimas da Covid-19.

10.03.2021. Global Investigative Journalism Network - Journalists and COVID-19: Global Deaths Reach 860, Led by Latin America

10.03.2021. INDIA. Senior journalist and former head of journalism department of Makhanlal University Kamal Dixit (photo) died of Covid-19 in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) on Wednesday. On his death, the Director General of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Prof Sanjay Dwidedi has expressed deep sorrow. Prof Dwidedi said that Kamla Dixit will always be remembered for his contribution to journalism.

09.03.2021. ITALIA. Covid, morta a 49 anni la giornalista casertana Valeria D’Esposito (photo). Il Covid si è portato via anche lei: Valeria D’Esposito, giornalista e volto noto del portale web che aveva fondato, Visit Campania. Era stata lei stessa, pochi giorni fa ad annunciare sul suo blog che aveva contratto il Coronavirus.

09.03.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na manhã desta terça-feira, dia 9, o sindicalista e jornalista Paulo Mori (photo), figura conhecida no meio político de Taboão da Serra. Segundo informações de amigos, ele estava com Covid-19. Mori também era pastor.

08.03.2021. ITALIA. Il giornalista e fotografo Antonio Villari (photo) morto di Covid a 69 anni: lutto nel Salernitano. La comunità di Pellezzano, piccolo centro della provincia di Salerno, piange la scomparsa di Antonio Villari, giornalista e fotografo molto noto in città. L'uomo è morto a causa di complicazioni insorte dopo la positività al Coronavirus.

08.03.2021. RUSSIA. Mikhail Ershoy (photo), a journalist, writer and critic dies on March 7 fo coronavirus in Tver. The man worked on the GTRK channel, wrote reviews and theatrical plays. He died after receiving the first of two doses of coronavirus vaccine, the newspaper Argumenty i Fakty – Tver writes on Monday.

07.03.2021. BRASIL. A jornalista Elisângela Neponuceno (photo), 47 anos, proprietária dos sites MT de

Fato e Nobres Notícias, morreu na madrugada deste domingo (07.03), vítima de reinfecção pela Covid-19, em

Cuiabá. Segundo a família, nesse sábado (6), foi confirmada a reinfeção pela Covid-19, através do exame RT-

PCR. Em setembro de 2020, Elisângela foi infectada pela primeira vez.

07.03.2021. ITALIA. Covid, muore a Marsala il giornalista di Campobello Vito Licata (photo). Aveva 68 anni. Giornalista con la passione per lo sport, era direttore del sito www.campobellonews.it, seguito dal figlio Aldo.

07.03.2021. ARGENTINA. En la ciudad de Santiago, falleció este sábado 6 de marzo el reconocido periodista magallánico Francisco Eterovic Domic (photo), afectado por el covid-19. Francisco Eterovic Domic desarrolló una vasta trayectoria en numerosos medios de comunicación de la región, como periodista, reportero, entrevistador y locutor de radio, siendo corresponsal del diario El Mercurio y de La Opinión Austral de Río Gallegos.  Colaboró con Radio Magallanes y otras emisoras regionales.

06.03.2021. BRASIL. Faleceu na última sexta-feira (5/3), em decorrência da Covid-19, o empresário

paraibano José Carlos da Silva Júnior (photo). Dono da Rede Paraíba de Comunicação, afiliada da

Rede Globo que detém as operações das tevês Cabo Branco (João Pessoa) e Paraíba (Campina

Grande), o empresário estava internado no Hospital Sírio Libanês, em São Paulo, desde 18 de

fevereiro após testar positivo para a Covid-19.

06.03.2021. República Dominicana. El Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Prensa (SNTP), pidió al Ministerio de Salud Pública vacunar a los periodistas y otros servidores de medios de comunicación cuánto antes, ya que estos profesionales se encuentran en la primera línea de exposición al contagio de la covid-19. José Beato, secretario general del SNTP, recordó que unos 27 comunicadores han fallecidos víctimas del covid-19, de todos los estratos sociales y de diferentes provincias del país.


04.03.2021. SOUTH AFRICA. Journalist and broadcaster Karima Brown (54, photo) has died of Covid-19 on Thursday. Brown anchored eNCA’s weekly show «The Fix» and was a regular political analyst on the channel. She has been hospitalised for several weeks where she had been battling Covid-19 related complications.

04.03.2021. SPAIN. The world of malagueño journalism is in mourning at the news of the death from coronavirus yesterday morning (Wednesday 3), of the well-known announcer Diego Gómez (photo), aged 84. The Málaga Press Association expressed their sincere condolences to the family and colleagues of this great announcer and teacher of journalists, who had entered Málaga Regional Hospital a couple of weeks ago, suffering from coronavirus symptoms. This multifaceted professional actor, editor, broadcaster, and television presenter, leaves an indelible mark on all who have heard his voice linked to Holy Week in Málaga for more than 40 years.

04.03.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. National newspaper reporter and news agency boss Frank Gilbride (photo with his wife) has died of Covid-19 just two weeks after his 61st birthday. He starts as a reporter at Welsh news agency Dragon before coming to London to work for national newspapers including The Sun, Evening Standard and Daily Mirror. He later left London to return to his native Scotland in the 1990s where he set up the agencies Press Team and Newsflash.

04.03.2021. BRASIL. O advogado e radialista Célio Rezende de Faria (photo), de 66 anos, morreu na manhã desta quinta-feira (4/3) vítima da covid-19. Ele estava internado em Goiânia há duas semanas. Irmão do narrador esportivo César Rezende, Célio trabalhou durante anos como radialista esportivo e era muito querido no meio.

04.03.2021. AUSTRIA. Im Alter von 92 Jahren Journalist Klaus Emmerich (photo) ist an Corona gestorben. Er war viele Jahre als ORF-Korrespondent in Washington und Brüssel tätig. Noch in seiner Pension hat er viele Bücher veröffentlicht. Emmerich starb im Alter von 92 Jahren.

04.03.2021. PEC press release. COVID-19. In one year, from March 2020 to the end of February 2021, at least 840 journalists died from Covid-19 in 68 countries, more than 2 per day on average, the heaviest toll in the media community since World War II.

Read the PEC press release in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic on PEC NEWS

03.03.2021. LITHUANIA. Yuri Stroganov (photo), editor-in-chief of the Russian-language edition of 
Lithuania "Express Week", has passed away. This was reported by the Russian Embassy in Lithuania
on its website. Earlier it was reported that the journalist fell ill with coronavirus.

03.03.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. Bob Satchwell (photo), former editor and co-founder of Society of Editors, has died aged 73 after developing pneumonia and Covid-19. One of the best known and respected figures in the industry, Bob co-founded the Society of Editors in 1999 having started his career as a reporter on the Lancashire Evening Post in 1970. He later becoming assistant editor for the News of the World, and then edited the Cambridge Evening News from 1984 to 1998.

03.03.2021. ARGENTINA. Falleció el periodista Omar Cabral (photo). Luego de varios días de lucha contra una neumonía grave provocada por el Covid-19, este miércoles falleció el periodista pilarense Omar Cabral. Conductor desde hace varios años de los programas Pilar Tevé y Mi Pilar, de la señal Telered.

02.03.2021. HONDURAS. Este lunes se informó del fallecimiento del veterano relator y periodista deportivo, David “El Puma” Andino (photo) a causa de complicaciones por COVID-19 en un centro hospitalario de la ciudad de Tegucigalpa, capital de Honduras. “El Puma”, como era conocido David Andino en el gremio periodístico, relató por varias décadas los partidos de la Liga Nacional en la emisora Radio América.

02.03.2021. INDIA. Senior journalist Sanjay Bohra (50, photo), who was based in Jaipur (capital of Rajasthan province in western India), died of Covid-19 complications on  2 March 2021. Bohra, who was associated with BBC, Hindustan Times, Asian Age, DNA, Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika, was suffering from novel coronavirus infection and lately admitted to Rajasthan Health Sciences University hospital where he succumbed to the infection.

02.03.2021. BRASIL. Morreu nesta segunda-feira (1º), o jornalista Murilo Gatti (photo), em Maringá. Ele completaria 42 anos nessa terça-feira (2). No hospital, ele contraiu a Covid-19 e acabou falecendo. Murilo Gatti era editor-chefe do portal de notícias Maringá Post e do programa Tribuna da Massa, principal noticiário da TV Tibagi (Rede Massa).

- 02.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Fernando Arivelton de Souza Gomes, de 44 anos, mais conhecido como Fernando Lobão, morreu por complicações provocadas pela Covid-19 nesta segunda-feira (1º), em Goiania, conforme relatou a mãe dele, Alana Gomes. Ele estava entubado na Unidade de Terapia Intensiva (UTI) do Hospital e Maternidade Célia Câmara.

02.03.2021. INDIA. Bollywood reporter and entertainment journalist Aarti Shejwalkar sadly, passed away due to COVID-19 complications yesterday. She was 31. The untimely demise of such a kind soul prompted many celebrities to mourn the loss online. At the forefront was actor Varun Dhawan who took to his Instagram stories to share a picture of himself with Aarti. The picture was clicked during a popular awards show, and they are both seen flashing big smiles at the camera.

02.03.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Elessandro Alves, de Ariquemes (RO, photo), morreu vítima do coronavírus nesta segunda-feira (1°) aos 43 anos. O communicador era bastante conhecido na cidade e já chegou a comandar a direção da TV Alamanda, afilioada do SBT. Ele também já apresentou o Programa Giro Cidade.

01.03.2021. MEXICO. Murió por Covid-19 Gerardo Valtierra (photo), ex comentarista deportivo de Televisa. Con 32 años de experiencia en los medios de comunicación, Gerardo fue reportero de cancha en partidos de fútbol, así como analista y jefe de información en Televisa. De igual forma presenció competencias internacionales como Mundiales de Fútbol y Juegos Olímpicos.

01.03.2021. KAZAKHSTAN. Kazakh journalist Kazis Toguzbaev (photo)  died at the age of 72 after being 
treated for coronavirus. He worked for the newspapers “Soz” and “Azat”. In January 2007, he was awarded
the Freedom Prize for his contribution to the promotion of democratic values in Kazakhstan. Since
September 2008, Kazis Toguzbayev has worked as a correspondent for Azattyk - the Kazahk edition of
Radio free Europe/Radio Liberty.

01.03.2021. GHANA. Popular Ghanaian photographer Emmanuel Bobbie of Bob Pixel (photo) has died on Thursday, February 25. Reports say he suffered from COVID-19 complications. Bobbie is known for his professional works for high profile politicians and celebrities.

01.03.2021. USA. Jeffrey Paley (photo), Journalist, Gallerist and Investor, Dies at 82. He died of complications of the coronavirus on Feb. 27 at a hospital in Manhattan, his wife, Valerie Paley, said. He worked in particular as a news editor and op-ed writer at The International Herald Tribune in Paris.

28.02.2021. España. Fallece de Covid-19 el periodista de El Correo José Manuel Cortizas (photo). El periodista deportivo de El Correo  José Manuel Cortizas ha fallecido este sábado a los 58 años a causa de la Covid-19, según ha informado este diario vasco. Cortizas, especialista en baloncesto, seguía la actualidad y los partidos del Bilbao Basket.

28.02.2021. USA. Robert Ray Comstock (photo), a fixture in the New Jersey press corps from the 1950s through the 1980s who served as Executive Editor of The Record for more than a decade, died Thursday. He was 93. Comstock also had stints working as the press director for Gov. Brendan Byrne, as an associate professor at Rutgers University, and after leaving journalism, working in public relations. Comstock died of complications from COVID-19.

26.02.2021. BRASIL. O radialista Juarez Sousa (photo), 58 anos, faleceu na manhã desta sexta-feira (26), devido a complicações da Covid-19 e infecções de origem bacteriana. Ele estava internado desde o começo do mês em São Luís há algumas semanas. Juarez foi repórter da Rádio Educadora e Rádio Difusora AM, além de ser ligado ao radialismo esportivo. O radialista também era cantor, defensor da cultura maranhense e chegou a gravar dois albuns.

25.02.2021. BRASIL. Morreu o jornalista Paulo Becker (photo), 64 anos, morador de Juara (300 quilômetros  

de Sinop). O comunicador foi internado em um hospital do município, no dia 7 de fevereiro, após ser

diagnosticado com a covid-19.  Natural de São Sepé, no Rio Grande Do Sul, Becker trabalhava, atualmente, na

TV Amplitude de Juara, afiliada da Rede Record, onde apresentava o principal jornal diário da emissora.

24.02.2021. COLOMBIA. Muere de covid-19 el periodista colombiano que dio voz a los secuestrados. El periodista colombiano Herbin Hoyos Median (photo), de 53 años, director del programa radial "Las voces del secuestro", que durante años permitió a miles de cautivos recibir noticias de sus familiares, murió este martes víctima del coronavirus. Hoyos comenzó en 1994 et programa radiofónico "Las voces del secuestro", que se escuchaba los domingos a partir de la medianoche por Caracol Radio, después de ser secuestrado durante 17 días por la guerrilla de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC).

23.02.2021. GUATEMALA. Fallece icono del periodismo zacapaneco. A la edad de 75 años, Nehemias Castro Valladares falleció a causa de Covid-19 este martes en el oriental departamento del pais. Trabajo en radio, prensa escrita y television en diversos medios locales.

23.02.2021. FRANCE. Le photographe Raymond Cauchetier (photo) est mort des suites de la covid-19. Photographe de plateau des films de Godard, Truffaut et Chabrol, Raymond Cauchetier avait accompagné la Nouvelle Vague. Il s’est éteint lundi, à l’âge de 101 ans, des suites de la covid-19. Il a publié plusieurs ouvrages de photographies sur la guerre d’Indochine.

21.02.2021. ARGENTINA. El reconocido periodista Abel Guariste (photo) falleció víctima del Covid-19, tras una internación en un nosocomio de esta ciudad. El creador del exitoso ciclo televisivo “Mundo Veloz” tenía 75 años. Guariste, nacido en Balcarce, se radicó joven en esta ciudad e hizo una gran carrera como especialista en automovilismo y productor televisivo.

21.02.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na manhã deste domingo (21), aos 42 anos, em Goiânia, o narrador

Cleiber Júnior (photo), que trabalhava nas rádios Bandeirantes de Goiânia e Cidade de Jaraguá. O

locutor estava internado desde o início deste mês, quando testou positivo para o novo coronavírus.  

- O jornalista e ex-presidente do PSDB Amazonas Coraci Fernandes, 60 anos, faleceu nesta quinta-

feira (18/2) em decorrência da Covid-19. Ele estava internado desde janeiro, quando deu entrada na

UPA Campos Sales, zona Norte de Manaus.

- O jornalista e estudante de Direito Diego Mesquita dos Reis, 27, morreu na noite desta quarta-feira (18), vítima de

complicações da Covid-19. Ele estava internado em um hospital em Brasilia (DF) há mais de um mês.

18.02.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. Journalist and historian Christopher Lee (photo) has died at the age of 79 after contracting coronavirus. Across a six-decade career, he worked abroad as a defence and foreign affairs correspondent and wrote books on topics including the royal family and British society and culture throughout history. Lee joined the BBC as a defence and foreign affairs correspondent in his 20s and was posted to Moscow and the Middle East. He later swapped journalism for academia. Lee wrote more than 100 radio plays and series but was best known for This Sceptred Isle on BBC Radio 4.

17.02.2021. ITALIA. Giornalismo sardo in lutto per la morte di Piero Mannironi, (67 anni, photo) storica firma del quotidiano La Nuova Sardegna, testata per la quale da inviato ha seguito alcuni dei più rilevanti fatti di cronaca isolani. Dall’inizio dell’anno le sue condizioni di salute erano state messe a dura prova dal Covid-19, ma dopo il ricovero e la fase sintomatica più critica sembrava essersi ristabilito. Nelle ultime ore il quadro clinico è precipitato a causa di ulteriori complicazioni.

17.02.2021. USA. Former Detroit TV Anchor Karen Hudson-Samuels (68) Dies One Day After Taking Covid Vaccine. Karen Husdon-Samuels’ career in broadcast journalism spanned over four decades in Detroit. She makes her name at WGPR-TV as an anchor, producer and news director. The Detroit media icon was found dead at her home by her husband last Tuesday, just one day after taking the Covid-19 vaccine but the official cause of her death is still unknown. «We suspect it may have just been a stroke but because of the normal side effects of the vaccine it may have masked that. Hopefully we’ll know soon from the autopsy report», said her husband (CBS). The Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) regrets this tragic accident and hopes that it is not linked to Covid-19.

17.02.2021. MEXICO. Juan Arvizu Arrioja (photo), ganador el Premio Nacional de Periodismo en 1997 y destacado cronista de El Universal, falleció la mañana de este miércoles por complicaciones de Covid-19. De acuerdo con los familiares de Arvizu Arrioja, el periodista fue hospitalizado hace más de dos semanas al presentar complicaciones por coronavirus.

16.02.2021. USA. El presentador y humorista cubano Fernando Hidalgo (photo), figura destacada de la televisión en español en el sur de Florida, falleció este martes en Miami a los 71 años por complicaciones de salud ocasionadas por la covid-19. La noticia de la muerte de quien fue durante años la estrella de "El Show de Fernando Hidalgo" en MegaTV se extendió rápidamente por medios y redes sociales, donde en numerosos mensajes se ensalza su figura y se lamenta su pérdida.

15.02.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Chagas Pereira (photo), de 65 anos, morreu de Covid-19 no último domingo (14) em Porto Velho. Ele era editor de política e economia do jornal Diário da Amazônia. Chagas estava internado há 32 dias na Unidade de Terapia Intensiva (UTI) do Hospital de Campanha, mas não resistiu e morreu na noite de domingo.

- O jornalista Otinaldo Lourenço morreu neste sábado (13), aos 86 anos, em João Pessoa. Ele estava internado em recuperação da Covid-19 desde o início de fevereiro, no Hospital Memorial São Francisco.

15.02.2021. MEXICO. El comunicador Hugo Isaac Robles Guillén (photo), de 68 años de edad, icono del periodismo radiofónico en San Cristóbal, falleció este domingo a causa de Covid-19, informaron autoridades de salud. Hugo Isaac condujo durante más de 40 años los noticieros matutino y vespertino de la estación Suprema Radio -conocida popularmente como WM- junto con su compañero, el también periodista, Alejandro Díaz López. Hace más de tres décadas fundó y dirigió el semanario ¿Qué Pasa?, de circulación local, y fue corresponsal de diferentes medios de comunicación con sede en Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

15.02.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. A former editor described as a “true gent” has died aged 89 after contracting coronavirus. Tributes have been paid to Mike Colton (photo), who edited the Peterborough Standard for 13 years. Mike later joined the Petersborough Telegraph and served as its features editor in the 1980s and 1990s.

14.02.2021. CUBA. El fotógrafo cubano Raúl López (photo) murió el sábado en La Habana a los 78 años a

causa de Covid-19, informó su sobrino, el también fotógrafo del diario oficial Granma, Ricardo López Hevia.

Nacido en Camagüey, trabajó durante más de cuarenta años en el diario Granma. Su lente captó imágenes de

todos los ámbitos de la sociedad, aunque fue en la fotografía deportiva, sobre todo en disciplinas como el


12.02.2021. BRASIL. Radialista Alberto Gemaque (photo) morre por covid. O radialista Alberto Gemaque faleceu na madrugada desta quinta-feira, 11, por conta da covid-19. Gemaque estava sendo atendido no Hospital Geral de Roraima (HGR) desde o dia 22 de janeiro. Dois dias depois teve uma piora no quadro e foi levado para um leito semi-intensivo do hospital, onde precisou fazer uso de oxigênio.

12.02.2021. Czechia. Zdeněk Hoření (photo) (born February 9, 1930 in Frýdštejn) died of Covid-19. He was

a Czechoslovak journalist and politician of the Communist Party, who was editor-in-chief between 1983 and

1989 of the KSČ central organ Rudé právo.

11.02.2021. COLOMBIA. La Federación Colombiana de Periodistas (FECOLPER) difundió el martes 9 de febrero los resultados de su informe "Periodistas en Pandemia. El virus de la indiferencia". Este documento denuncia y relata la situación de los derechos humanos de los periodistas en Colombia, una situación que durante el año 2020 empeoró acentuadamente por distintos hechos de amenazas, intimidaciones, interceptaciones ilegales y acosos judiciales, y que se vio agudizada con la pandemia del COVID-19. Como consecuencia directa del virus, se reportaron 112 periodistas y trabajadores de los medios contagiados y 36 muertos.

10.02.2021. BOLIVIA. Fallece el destacado periodista Augusto Peña (photo). El radialista perdió la vida la noche de este martes en la ciudad de La Paz. Decenas de condolencias surgen en redes sociales, destacando su trayectoria en distintos medios de comunicación. El comunicador recién había estrenado el programa ‘Claro y Preciso’ en ATB Radio y estuvo frente a los micrófonos hasta la pasada semana. Su muerte por Covid-19 se suma a la de otros destacados periodistas en los últimos días, como Iván Miranda y Edwin Flores Araoz.

10.02.2021. CUBA. El colectivo de Radio Habana Cuba informa del fallecimiento este martes del periodista Pedro Pablo Figueredo Rodríguez (photo) como consecuencia de secuelas de la Covid 19. Nacido en Minas, Camagüey, hace 68 años, Figueredo Rodríguez desarrolló una larga carrera en los medios cubanos de prensa. Fue director de Radio Rebelde, Radio Arte, subdirector de Radio Progreso, periodista en Prensa Latina y en la actualidad se desempeñaba como director de la revista informativa Desde Mi Habana, de Radio Habana Cuba.

10.02.2021. VENEZUELA. Fallece periodista José Luis Zambrano Padauy (photo) , de 49 años, por

Covid-19. Además de trabajar en importantes medios de comunicación del estado Zulia, como Panorama, José

Luis Zambrano Padauy también fue articulista de El Pitazo.

10.02.2021. Perú. Zuliana Lainez: 108 periodistas han fallecido por Covid-19 en el territorio peruano. «La cifra peruana es la más alta a nivel mundial, hasta hoy tenemos 108 periodistas fallecidos por Covid-19 en todo el territorio nacional y, especialmente, son los colegas que hacen reportería y fotoperiodismo al interior del país”, así lo indicó la secretaria general de la Asociación Nacional de Periodistas (ANP), Zuliana Lainez (photo), para TVPerú Noticias. Por dicha razón, la periodista Lainez sostiene que el Gobierno debería considerar y tratar al sector periodístico como un servicio esencial.


09.02.2021. JORDAN. Tuesday, the 66-year-old Jordanian journalist Khaled Al-Zubaidi (photo) died from coronavirus. Prior to his death, Zubaidi wrote on Facebook : «I tried to beat the coronavirus...But its complications are increasing». Additionally, he urged everyone to protect themselves from the virus. «Protect yourselves, your families and the people. This pandemic is serious».

08.02.2021. MEXICO. Tras varios días de luchar contra el covid-19, este lunes por la madrugada la  prestigiada periodista Azucena Rosado Sosa (photo) falleció al interior del Hospital Regional de Coatzacoalcos. La comunicadora es considerada como pionera del periodismo digital en el sur de Veracruz. Con más de 30 años ejerciciendo la labor del periodismo, Azucena fue víctima del Sars-Cov2, cuyo vius contrajo hace dos semanas, complicandose los síntomas y presentando problemas de respiración que la llevaron a ser intubada hasta este lunes 8 de febrero que perdió la vida.

08.02.2021. COLOMBIA. Luto tras muerte por covid-19 de reconocido periodista en Santander. Oswaldo Contreras (51, photo), periodista deportivo, estaba luchando contra el virus desde el año pasado. Oswaldo Contreras era un reconocido periodista del diario Vanguardia que durante más de dos décadas trabajó informando sobre todos los acontecimientos deportivos de la región. 21 periodistas han fallecidos por Covid-19 en Colombia.


08.02.2021. BRASIL chega a quase 100 mortes por Covid-19 entre jornalistas. Pesquisa realizada pelo Departamento de Saúde da Federação Nacional dos Jornalistas (Fenaj) revela que desde o início da pandemia de Covid 19 no Brasil até o final de janeiro de 2021, pelo menos 93 profissionais de impren-sa (da ativa e aposentados) perderam a vida após contrair a doença. Esses dados podem não refletir a crua reali-dade das mortes na categoria, pois não existe um mecanismo oficial de registro dos casos.A pesquisa foi realizada por meio de buscas em notas de jornais, informações coletadas com os sindicatos de jornalistas de todo o país e re-latos vindos diretamente de amigos e parentes das vítimas. No entanto, é plausível imaginar que tais informações estejam subnotificadas, o que leva a crer que esse número possa ser ainda maior. No início de fevereiro foi registrada mais uma vítima, uma cinegrafista de São Pau-lo, elevando esse número para 94.


08.02.2021. BENIN. Jean Hounza (photo), journaliste d’origine béninoise est décédé, samedi 6 février, à Cotonou, emporté par le coronavirus. Il avait 82 ans. Il a dirigé la radio nationale béninoise. La révolution marxiste des années soixante-dix le pousse à l’exil. Il atterrit à Radio France Internationale (RFI) et passe la majorité de sa carrière à RFI 3, là où, dans le cadre de la coopération, étaient réalisées les productions pour les radios francophones. Son dernier séjour, chez lui, lui sera fatal. Il devait reprendre l’avion pour la France le 3 février. Malheureusement son test Covid s’est révélé positif. Il est mort dans son lit, quatre jours après.

08.02.2021. HONDURAS. El reconocido periodista de Television Educativa Nacional (TEN), Canla 10 y del telenoticiera Abriendo Brecha, Nelson Flores (52, photo) falleció esto domingo a causa del Covid-19 en un cnetro asistencial de la capital hondureña. Flores trabajó durante más de dos décadas en Abriendo Brecha y Canal 10 como reportero y antes en Televicentro, donde fue camarógrafo. También laboró en Hondured, en El Periódico y CHN radio.

07.02.2021. España. Ha fallecido a los 73 años de edad el periodista cordobés José Ignacio Blanco (photo). Ha sido una víctima más del covid-19. Este polifacético comunicador de las ondas de radio y de la televisión, ha sido una de las personas que han disfrutado íntegramente de esta profesión. Trabajó en Radio Córdoba y Radio Popular. José Ignacio Blanco también realizó en el canal de televisión Onda Mezquita un programa propio de entrevistas a personajes de la capital cordobesa.

07.02.2021. ARGENTINA. El periodista deportivo Adrián Di Blasi (photo) falleció este domingo luego de haber contraído coronavirus. El "Gordo" -como lo apodaban sus colegas- permanecía internado hace más de veinte días por una insuficiencia renal generada por la covid-19. Tenía 54 años. Di Blasi fue "la voz" del club Quilmes, club al que relataba desde hace más de 30 años. Actualmente trabajaba en Relatores con Vos y Radio Continental.

06.02.2021.RUSSIA. The veteran of journalism Mokrotovarov Vladimir Aleksandrovich (photo) died from Koronavirus. He devoted more than 40 years to journalism. In the nineties he worked as deputy editor-in-chief in the city newpaper Krasnodarskie Izvestia. He create a new newspaper in February 1996 Kuban Segodnya where he worked until he retired.

05.02.2021. INDIA. Popular Indian scribe dies of post-corona complication. Vikas Sharma (photo), a young and popular Indian television news anchor, passed away on 4  February 2021 due to post-corona complications. Associated with Republic TV, Vikas was recovering from Covid-19 and not feeling well for some days. He was admitted to Kailash hospital in  Noida (near New Delhi) and  breathed his last in the evening hours. Hailed from Kanpur locality in Uttar Pradesh of central India, Vikas left behind his wife, two minor children and a host of relatives and well-wishers. Meanwhile messages of mourning started pouring from different corners including the non-media personalities.

05.02.2021. España. El periodista Carlos Nuñez Otero (photo) ha fallecido este viernes en Barcelona a

causa del covid-19. Nuñez trabajó en EL PERIÓDICO durante varias décadas en la sección iCult como

crítico musical y también desarrolló su profesión en la sección de Gente. Además de trabajar en este diario,

Nuñez colaboró en varios medios como Radio Sabadell o La Xarxa.

05.02.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. A newspaper editor who later ran a physic magazine has died aged 92 after

contracting coronavirus. Tributes have been paid to Kay Hunter, pictured, who edited the Diss Express between

1971 and 1976 and later returned in 1991 to work as a columnist. During her career, Kay also edited and

contributed to the specialist magazine Psychic News.

04.02.2021. BRASIL. O repórter cinematográfico Jadson Simões (photo), conhecido carinhosamente

como Dedé Simões, morreu aos 39 anos nesta terça-feira, 2, em decorrência de complicações causadas

pelo novo coronavírus. Em nota conjunta, o Sindicato dos Jornalistas de Sergipe (Sindijor/SE) e a

Federação Nacional dos Jornalistas (Fenaj) desatacaram o “profissional de indiscutível qualidade

funcional, defensor da democracia e da liberdade de imprensa, bem como dono de um carisma ímpar”.

04.02.2021. BOLIVIA. Fallecen los periodistas Edwin Flores y Carlos Torres por secuelas de la Covid-19

El periodista de larga trayectoria y formador de varias generaciones de estudiantes, Edwin Flores Araoz

(photo), falleció este miércoles dejando luto en su familia, el gremio de la prensa y la academia

universitaria. Flores falleció en la ciudad de Cochabamba, donde fue internado bajo un diagnóstico de

insuficiencia respiratoria post-Covid-19.

- El periodista Carlos Torres Ramírez falleció en la ciudad de Sucre, el 3 de febrero, según el reporte del diario Correo del Sur. Torres desempeñó funciones en medios de comunicación como radio La Plata, Panamericana y Radio Antena 2000, entre otros.

03.02.2021. VENEZUELA. Luego de permanecer varios días hospitalizado el periodista y político venezolano, Pastor Heydra (photo), falleció este martes 2 de febrero en el estado Nueva Esparta, por un accidente cerebro vascular derivado del COVID-19. El dirigente de Acción Democrática fue ministro de información durante el gobierno de Carlos Andrés Pérez. Como periodista se desempeñó en varios diarios venezolanos y se le conocen al menos 10 libros publicados.

03.02.2021. ITALIA. Lutto nel mondo del giornalismo pontino: ci ha lasciati il collega Gianfranco Compagno (photo). All’età di 70 anni si è spento all’ospedale Santa Maria Goretti dopo aver combattuto contro il coronavirus. Estremamente attivo, puntuale e attento alla realtà locale, era sempre presente alle conferenze stampa, con il suo immancabile papillon che lo caratterizzava. Il triste annuncio questa mattina, anche attraverso un commosso post su Facebook, da parte dei suoi colleghi de “Il Giornale del Lazio” con cui ha collaborato.

03.02.2021. PANAMA. La pandemia del Covid-19 ha llenado de luto al gremio de la

comunicación social en Panamá. En 2020, la Fundación Forum Nacional de Periodistas registró

14 profesionales fallecidos y solo en lo que va del 2021 ya se han reportado varias víctimas

nuevas, como el periodista Homero Londoño, famoso por su programa radial “Despierta Panamá”,

y Manuel Buenaventura (photo) admirable reportero gráfico de El Siglo. Asimismo, en la

pandemia se han apagado las llamas del camarógrafo José Tuñón, Gilberto De Icaza Arosemena, funcionario de la Lotería

Nacional de Beneficencia; Jorge Ruiz Almacellas, miembro del Sindicato de Periodistas de Panamá y Ramón Jiménez Vélez,

exdirector de noticias de RPC, El Siglo y de la Escuela de Periodismo de la Universidad Santa María la Antigua (USMA). Otros

que murieron  y siempre serán recordados por ejercer con tesón la labor informativa son: Efigenio Tapia, periodista deportivo;

Angélica Torres, periodista en la C.S.S; Kendal Royo, presentador y productor; Manuel “Funket” De León, productor; Emilio

Gastelú, fotógrafo; Euclides Corro, periodista; entre otros.

03.02.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. Tributes have been paid to Valerie Bootle (80, photo), who spent 27 years with the Maidenhead Advertiser. She died at home on 23 January after recently spending time in hospital for advanced MS complications, where she caught Covid-19. Valerie began her career working in Coventry and Plymouth in the late 1960s, before she moved on to the nationals with the Sunday Observer and Sunday Times.

03.02.2021. GHANA. The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Network Broadcasting Company Limited, owners of defunct Radio Gold, has died. Kwasi Sainti Baffoe-Bonnie (photo), who was born in 1950 in the Western North Region of Ghana, died on Monday, February 1. There are reports that he died after contracting Covid-19.

03.02.2021. PEC press release. The Covid-19 is claiming more and more victims in the media community. At least 735 journalists have died from Covid-19 in 63 countries in 11 months, or 66 per month on average, the Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) announced on Wednesday in Geneva

Read the PEC press release on PEC NEWS in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic

31.01.2021. USA. South Dakota's Mel Antonen (photo), national sports reporter and SD Sports Hall of Famer, dies at 64. Mel Antonen, renowned sports journalist, died Jan. 30 of complications from COVID-19. He was a long-time USA Today and MASN-TV baseball reporter who covered nearly three dozen World Series.

30.01.2021. POLAND/VATICAN. Former radio program director has died. The Polish Jesuit Andrzej Koprowski (photo) was program director at Vatican Radio for a decade. The 80-year-old died this Friday in a hospital in Warsaw after a Covid-19 infection. From 2003 to 2015 Father Koprowski directed the programs of Vatican Radio, first as assistant and then as director. He returned to his native Poland in 2015, where he worked in the media sector and translator. He also devoted himself to pastoral care.

30.01.2021. MOçAMBIQUE. Calane da Silva (photo), jornalista, escritor, docente universitário e declamador moçambicano morreu hoje aos 76 anos, vítima de complicações de saúde associadas à covid-19, disse à Lusa fonte próxima do malogrado. Calane da Silva era um dos intelectuais mais multifacetados de Moçambique, tendo-se destacado no jornalismo escrito e de televisão, na literatura e na docência. Trabalhou na delegação da Lusa em Maputo, na Televisão Experimental de Moçambique, atual TVM (onde chegou a diretor de informação e administrador), no diário Notícias e ainda no semanário Domingo, também da capital moçambicana.

30.01.2021. PAKISTAN. Renowned poet, journalist and educationist Prof Qazi Jamil died of coronavirus on Friday night. He was 71. Qazi Jamil was admitted to the coronavirus ward of the Haripur District Headquarters Hospital about two weeks ago when his condition worsened. He remained on ventilator for over a week but could not survive. Prof Qazi Jamil edited weekly Urdu newspaper ‘Paigham-i-Sarhad’ till 1979 when its declaration was cancelled during the Zia era. Qazi Jamil later joined the education department as lecturer of Urdu and got retired as professor from Government Postgraduate College for Boys, Haripur, in 2009.

29.01.2020. USA. Sonny Fox (photo), the one-time host of "Wonderama" and among the best-known figures in the history of New York television, has died, his daughter confirmed in a statement Thursday. Fox, who was 95 and had been living in an independent care facility in California, died Sunday night after a short illness related to COVID-induced pneumonia. A Renaissance man whose long career spanned radio and TV — including, briefly and memorably, as host of "$64,000 Challenge" — Fox found lasting fame at "Wonderama," a Sunday morning children's television program.

29.01.2021. SWEDEN/PORTUGAL. Swedish journalist Annette Kullenberg (photo) dies of Covid in Portugal. She sadly passed away January 28 in Hospital de Cascais in Portugal at the age of 82 after suffering from Covid-19. She was known as an outspoken writer and debater while working at «Aftonbladet», where she worked 25 years before she quit in 2002. Kullenberg also served as a foreign correspondent stationed in Buenos Aires and Barcelona for six years. Since 2009, Kullenberg wrote columns for «Expressen».

29.01.2021. USA. Corky Lee (photo), the legendary photographer who dedicated his life to capturing the lives of the Asian American community, has died. He was 73. The photojournalist died Wednesday in New York City due to complications from COVID-19. The son of two Chinese immigrants was known as the "unofficial Asian American Photographer Laureate" and captured photos of the social and political lives of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

29.01.2021. España. El Arzobispo Castrense de España y presidente de la Comisión Episcopal para las Comunicaciones Sociales, Monseñor Juan del Río Martín (photo), ha fallecido este jueves, 28 de enero, como consecuencia de las afecciones provocadas por la COVID-19, según ha informado el Arzobispado Castrense. Ha muerto a los 73 años. Monseñor Juan del Río (Ayamonte, Huelva 1947-Madrid 2021) llevaba el periodismo en las venas desde que montara, allá por el año 1988, la Oficina de Información de los Obispos del Sur de España. Su pasión por la cultura, por las relaciones entre la fe y la comunicación, le había atrapado. No en vano pertenecía a una Escuela de grandes sacerdotes y periodistas, lo que antiguamente se llamaba el apostolado de la pluma. Entre proyectos de diálogo y encuentro con los periodistas, le sorprendió el virus traicionero (escrito por Asociacion de la Prensa de Madrid APM)

29.01.2021. PANAMA. El periodista, Homero Londoño (photo) falleció luego de estar hospitalizado por complicaciones del covid-19. El comunicador ejerció su carrera en el medio radial, dirigía en la radio Sol el programa Despierta Panamá y junto a otros invitados analizaba el acontecer nacional. También laboró en KW Continente y Radio Mía.

28.01.2021. USA. The Asian American Journalists Association is saddened to hear about the death of longtime journalist David Ibata (photo), a founding member of the Chicago chapter. David died on Tuesday from Covid-19 and pneumonia, according to family. He was 66. The longtime Chicago Tribune and Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor was a pioneer within AAJA.

28.01.2021. RUSSIA. Oksana Grann (photo), journalist of Oryol State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, dies of coronavirus. The 53-year-old reporter passed away after five weeks of fighting COVID-19. Oksana Grann began her career in the staff of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Oryol" in 1997. Prior to that, the young journalist had worked for the Tonis TV company in Kharkov.

27.01.2021. BRASIL. A triste notícia se espalhou rapidamente e lotou, de imediato, as redes sociais, com mensagens de amizade, afeto e gratidão a José Silveira (photo), grande jornalista, mestre de uma geração de também grandes jornalistas, que passou pelas mais importantes redações do país. Foi secretário de redação do Jornal do Brasil, chefe de redação da sucursal da Folha de S. Paulo, no Rio, pilotou o projeto de renovação do então jornal Ultima Hora. Silveira, 87 anos, morreu nesta terça-feira, 26, de Covid-19, no Rio de Janeiro.

- Jornalista da Serra, Jair Motta morre com covid-19. Aos 59 anos, profissional assessorava três sindicatos em Caxias do Sul. Ele deixa a esposa Vânia, também jornalista, e o filho Pier.

- Morre, vítima da Covid-19 em Rondônia, o jornalista e radialista Odair Calado 52 anos. Odair estava internado e intubado há vários dias, e na manhã desta quarta-feira acabou não resistindo.

27.01.2021. EMIRATES. Ansif Ashraf (photo), an Indian entrepreneur and journalist, died of Covid-19 on Wednesday in Sharjah (UAE). He was 37. The businessman was best known for owning the British Herald, a UK online news site and magazine which he bought in 2018. He got his start in media six years prior at the Cochin Herald, a weekly newspaper founded by his father in 1992. The British Herald reported that Ashraf died in Sharjah (UAE).

27.01.2021. ITALIA. È morto Michele Fusco, era malato di Covid. Aveva 66 anni. Tra le sue principali esperienze professionali, una lunga permanenza a Il Giorno prima come cronista sportivo, poi da inviato politico, dal 2001 la direzione di Metro a Milano. Si è occupato anche di televisione e di radio, et è tra i fondatori di Linkiesta. Tra le sue ultime esperienze, la collaborazione con il quotidiano online Gli Stati Generali. È il 44° giornalista ucciso dal virus. Vedere l'elenco su:


26.01.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. Tributes to TV and radio personality Sujata Barot (photo) who died after

contracting Covid-19 January 23. Sujata was one of the first South Asian faces in local media and made her

name across multiple platforms including BBC Radio Leicester. She was one of the first female, South Asian

presenters on Radio Leicester and went on to present on Radio 2 as well as working with actor Sanjeev Bhaskar

on the Network East television show.

26.01.2021. USA. Veteran NBA reporter and NBA TV host Sekou Smith (photo) has died of COVID-19 at the age of 48. Smith was a senior analyst, NBA Digital, at Turner Broadcasting with more than 25 years of experience as one of the defining sports writers to narrate the story of the game. Smith was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan but adopted Atlanta as his home in his adult life.

26.01.2021. BRASIL. Jornalista Osmar Morais Santos (photo), de 46 anos, morre de Covid-19 em Boa Vista. Osmar Morais era dono do portal de noticias Jornal Roraisul, qui noticia matérias da região Sul Roraima.

26.01.2021. TURKEY. Tanju Cılızoğlu (86), one of the powerful and master pens of the Turkish press, passed away. Cılızoğlu,

who has lived in Kocaeli for many years and published the newspaper Change 41, succumbed to the pandemic in the hospital

where he was treated in Ankara.

25.01.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. A former regional newspaper editor has died of coronavirus less than a month after having to watch the funeral of his mother from his hospital bed. Kevin Hughes (photo), 63, died at Wrexham Maelor Hospital having tested positive in December. He worked on the Chester Chronicle, being appointed editor of the Flintshire Chronicle, and in 2017 he was elected to represent the area on Flintshire County Council.

25.01.2021. BRASIL. Jornalista alagoano, Manoel Miranda (photo), morre aos 62 anos em Recife. O jornalista atuou em diversos veículos alagoanos, como Jornal de Alagoas, Instituto Zumbi dos Palmares, Tribuna de Alagoas, TV Gazeta, Gazeta de Alagoas e CBN Maceió. Atualmente exercia o cargo de assessor de comunicação do PDT, em Alagoas.

25.01.2021. MEXICO. El reconocido periodista Martín Mendoza Flores falleció este lunes a los 77 años,

tras complicarse su estado de salud debido al COVID-19. El comunicador había ingresado al Hospital

General de Culiacán (Sinaloa) desde el pasado 16 de enero. Durante 28 años publicó la columna “Elenco

Político” en el periódico El Debate.

24.01.2021. INDIA. Senior journalist and former editor of Marathi daily Sarvamat Nandkumar Sonar 

died of Covid-19 in Ahmednagar on Sunday. He was 50. Mr Sonar hard worked for many local Marathi

newspapers during his three-decade long career in journalism.

24.01.2021. BOLIVIA. En una semana fallecieron seis periodistas y camarógrafos de TV. Los periodistas Iván Miranda Balcázar, Óscar Pérez Quiroz, José Nogales (photo), Jorge Laura y los camarógrafos Félix Vargas Condori y Lucio Peralta fallecieron como consecuencia del coronavirus entre los dias 17 y el 22 de enero. Información difundida por la Asociación Nacional de la Prensa ver www.noticiasfides.com https://urlz.fr/eNnA

23.01.2021. USA. Larry King (photo), the longtime CNN host who became an icon through his interviews with countless newsmakers, has died. He was 87. King hosted "Larry King Live" on CNN for over 25 years, interviewing presidential candidates, celebrities, athletes, movie stars and everyday people. King had been hospitalized with Covid-19 in early January at Cedrars-Sinai in Los Angeles. UPDATE JANUARY 29: Larry King's widow has revealed his cause of death, saying that it was not COVID-19 even though he had been hospitalized with it earlier this month. His widow, Shawn King, said: "It was an infection, it was sepsis".

23.01.2021. BRASIL. Morreu na madrugada deste sábado, 23, o jornalista iguaçuense Plácido José de Oliveira (photo) aos 60 anos. O jornalista teve complicações da covid-19, e não resistiu e faleceu onde estava internado, no Hospital Costa Calvalcanti. Plácido auava no setor de turismo de Foz.

21.01.2021. COLOMBIA. Luto en el periodismo : Carlos Sepúlveda (photo) perdió la batalla contra el Covid-19. El conocido periodista quien dedicó más de 40 años de su vida a la radio falleció en Ibagué (Tolima) luego de permanecer varios días en unidad de cuidados intensivos.

21.01.2021. BANGLADESH. Journalist Afzal Mohammad (photo) died of COVID-19 at a hospital in the capital on Thursday. He was 31. Former Channel 9 reporter Afzal worked as senior research associate at Broadcast Journalist Center, Bangladesh till his death. Afzal tested positive for COVID-19 on January 1 and he was hospitalized on January 3. He is the 44th journalist who died of the novel coronavirus in Bangladesh.

20.01.2021. España/Chile. El periodista y escritor español Pedro Jesús Fernández (photo) falleció este martes a los 64 años de edad en Santiago de Chile, informaron a Efe fuentes de la Embajada de España en el país sudamericano. Fernández ocupaba el cargo de consejero de Información de la Embajada española en Chile y estuvo hospitalizado desde comienzos de noviembre del año pasado debido a unas complicaciones pulmonares causadas por la covid-19 que finalmente acabaron con su vida. Además de su labor como funcionario del Estado, Fernández colaboraba en el diario El País en su sección de Viajes, en la que publicó numerosos artículos.

20.01.2021. BRASIL. Norian Segatto, diretor da Federação Nacional de Jornalistas (Fenaj) e membro do Conselho Fiscal do

SJSP, afirma que os dados preliminares apurados pelo Departamento de Saúde da Fenaj apontam até o dia 16 de janeiro, houve

71 mortes de jornalistas brasileiros, com crescimento da curva de mortes a partir de novembro. “Apenas nos 16 primeiros dias

de janeiro deste ano já superamos a marca de mortes de dezembro inteira, que foi o pior mês do ano de 2020. Neste início de

janeiro temos registros de 13 óbitos contra 12 de todo o mês de dezembro. É uma situação alarmante, ainda mais se

considerarmos que esses números ainda não correspondem à realidade, que, infelizmente, é pior”, constatou Segatto.


20.01.2021. BOLIVIA. El periodista y destacado catedrático de la Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA), Iván Miranda Balcazar (photo), falleció en las últimas horas debido a complicaciones en su salud como consecuencia de Covid-19. También fue responsable del Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencia Política, director del Centro de Alto Rendimiento Académico, ocupó la Dirección de Televisión Universitaria de la UMSA, fue presidente de la Red Universitaria Boliviana de Información (RUBI), vicepresidente de la Federación Latinoamericana de Periodistas y secretario ejecutivo de la Federación de Trabajadores de la Prensa de Bolivia.

20.01.2021. MEXICO. El periodista y ex dirigente boxístico Martiniano Cruz (photo), falleció este fin de semana en su natal Cuautla, tras más de siete décadas de vida, víctima de Covid-19. Martiniano, además de dedicarse a la docencia, fue periodista deportivo, labor que desempeñó al colaborar en diversos medios de comunicación, entre ellos El Sol de Cuautla en la década de los 80, y el ESTO, el diario de los deportistas.

- El periodista, empresario y filántropo tlaxcalteca, Sergio Eduardo Hernández Muñoz, de 49 años de edad, perdió la batalla contra la Covid-19 la tarde de este sábado 16 de enero al resentir complicaciones respiratorias. Antes del año 2000 ingresó a Televisa como reportero de la Sección de Espectáculos, donde permaneció por más de una década, para luego pasar por breves periodos en Tv Azteca y Telemundo.

19.01.2021. TURKEY. 20 journalists lost their lives due to the outbreak of coronavirus in 10 months in Turkey. With a letter

sent to the Minister of Health Koca, TGS (Journalists’ Union of Turkey) asked journalists to be given priority in the Covid-19


19.01.2021. MEXICO. ARTICLE 19 MX. De abril del 2020 al día de hoy, tenemos

conocimiento que 82 periodistas han fallecido a causa del Covid19; 73 hombres y 9

mujeres (photo). La seguridad de periodistas, trabajadoras/es y personas

comunicadoras está particularmente en riesgo, porque se encuentran en las primeras

líneas para informar. Muchas personas periodistas han fallecido por falta de medidas

de protección adecuadas al realizar su trabajo. Por ello, llamamos al gobierno de

México y a las y los dueños de las empresas de comunicación asegurar la protección

y acceso a servicios de salud a fin de prevenir más contagios y decesos de periodistas

a causa del virus (Articulo 19 via Twitter).

17.01.2021. USA. "Little Walter" DeVenne (photo), who started broadcasting doo-wop and oldies on the MIT student radio station in 1967 and then just kept going across the Boston radio dial before settling on WODS with "Little Walter's Time Machine," died yesterday from Covid-19, according to a posting on the Boston Radio Interest mailing list.

16.01.2021.RUSSIA. Press secretary of Russian Greenpeace Evgeny Usov (photo) dies from coronavirus in St. Petersburg. Petersburg journalist, spokesman for the Russian branch of Greenpeace, Evgeny Usov, died on Saturday, January 16, at the age of 58. According to the St. Petersburg Union of Journalists, the eco-activist fell ill on January 1 and was soon hospitalized in the hospital in St. Petersburg.

16.01.2021. UNITED KINGDOM. Trailblazing journalist and former Sunday People editor Bridget Rowe (photo) has passed away, aged 70. Bridget died on Tuesday after contracting Covid-19 in hospital, her son Peter Nolan said. Born in March 1950, Bridget rose to the top of Fleet Street when journalism was still very male-dominated. She worked at magazines including 19, Petticoat, Club, Look Now and Women’s World before joining The Sun as assistant editor. After stints as editor of the News of the World’s magazine Sunday, Woman’s Own and TV Times, Bridget became editor of the Sunday Mirror in 1991. So far, at least 19 other UK journalists have died of coronavirus according to an article published on January 15 in PressGazette. See:


15.01.2021. MEXICO. El periodista y exvocero nacional de Morena, Raul Correa Enguilo (photo) falleció a causa de complicaciones asociadas al covid 19. Funcionarios y periodistas lamentaron la muerte de quien fuera reportero en medios como El Universal, Uno más Uno y La Jornada. La Fraternidad de Reporteros de México lamentó el fallecimiento de quien fue uno de sus fundadores.

15.01.2021. USA. Civil rights photographer Tom Lankford (photo, 85) dies of Covid-19. He took memorable photographs of the civil rights movement for the Birmingham News. The cause was complications of Covid-19, his daughter said. Mr. Lankford always took pride in his reporting, which earned him at least eight awards from The Associated Press and other organizations. And he believed his journalism helped push forward the civil rights movement in Birmingham.

15.01.2021. SOUTH AFRICA. Covid-19 claim lives of 4 SA journalists in one week. The South African National Editors’ Forum (SANEF) is mourning the deaths of four journalists who died in the past week from Covid-19 complications. SANEF has learnt with great sadness of the passing of Sunday Independent news editor and investigative journalist Solly Maphumulo (photo) ; Former Cape Argus photographer Enver Essop (54) ; resource coordinator in the SABC newsroom in KZN, Ismail Jinnah (65), and senior political journalist Knowldege Simelane of Ilanga Newspaper in KwaZulu-Natal (with the South African).

15.01.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Fernando Soares (photo), de 53 anos, morreu na nesta quinta-feira (14) por complicações da Covid-19, em Campina Grande. Fernando se dedicou por alguns anos ao relacionamento com a imprensa por meio da Associação Comercial de Campina Grande. Também foi presidente da Associação Campinense de Imprensa (ACI). O jornalista atuou, ainda, como assessor de comunicação da Federação das Câmaras de Dirigentes Lojistas da Paraíba (FCDL-PB).

15.01.2021. RUSSIA. On January 15, a famous sports journalist Valery Malko (photo) died at the age of 56 in Togliatti. He worked as a commentator on the main sporting events of the city, was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Sports Review of the Samara Province", the author and host of the "Fan Club" program. In December last year, in social networks, he announced that he was admitted to the hospital with a coronavirus.

15.01.2021. MEXICO. Más de seis periodistas mexiquenses han fallecido por COVID-19 en lo que va de enero: Francisco Javier Maldonado Muñoz (photo) periodista destacado en Querétaro ; Rosa linda García Rocha quien ejerció periodismo en el Valle de Toluca ; Manuel Macías Vázquez quien ejerció periodismo en Ecatepec ; Alfonso Torres que desempeñó su trabajo en el Valle de México ; José Luis Arzate Chávez, fotógrafo ; Santos Sánchez Albarrán, reportero del periódico “El Informante” (with asisucede.com)

15.01.2021. UKRAINE. According to the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU), 14 media workers have died from the coronavirus in Ukraine so far. Mostly these are people from the risk group, retirement age. But, according to the head of the NSJU, Sergei Tomilenko, young media workers also died.

13.01.2021. BRASIL. Jornalista que escreveu próprio obituário antes de ser intubado morre em Manaus. O jornalista Israel Pinheiro, 38 anos de idade, morreu ontem, vítima da covid-19. Ele era assessor do vereador Raulzinho (PSDB) e atuava como repórter no Blog da Amazônia. Atuava também como líder comunitário na Zona Norte de Manaus. Seu núcleo de atuação eram os bairros Terra Nova e Novo Israel.

- O jornalista e radialista André Luiz de Oliveira, de 59 anos, faleceu nesta madrugada de quarta-feira, dia 13. A confirmação foi feita pela família. Ele estava internado no hospital de Florianópolis, em Santa Catarina, houve suspeita de Covid-19 e teste foram aplicados.

12.01.2021. USA. Thomas Blackburn, who joined NCR as assistant news editor in 1965 and remained a regular columnist and contributor into the 1990s, died in Florida on Jan. 2 from complications of COVID-19. He was 86. After leaving NCR, Blackburn wrote for New Jersey's Trenton Times, followed by the Miami News and finally The Palm Beach Post, according to his obituary in the latter publication.

11.01.2021. BANGLADESH. 42nd and 43rd journalist died of Covid-19. Aslam Hossain (photo), publisher and editor of Jashore district's local newspaper daily Noapara, died of Covid-19 in Dhaka on Sunday January 10. He was 60. Aslam, also Noapara Press Club President, died at Labaid Hospital.  He tested positive for Covid-19 on December 3 last year.

11.01.2020. BANGLADESH. Senior journalist Mizanur Rahman Khan died of Covid-19 at a Dhaka hospital on Monday. Saily Prothom Alo joint editor Mizan was admitted to a private hospital in early December. Including Aslam and Mizan, a total of 43 journalists and media workers died of Covid-19 since April 2020, according to Our Media, Our Rights.

11.01.2020. BRASIL. O jornalista Stanley Gusman (photo) morreu na noite deste domingo, 10, aos 49 anos, após ter complicações relacionadas à Covid-19. O apresentador da TV Alterosa, afiliada do SBT em Minas Gerais, estava internado em estado grave devido ao coronavírus na UTI do Hospital Villa da Serra, em Belo Horizonte.

10.01.2020. SPAIN. Muere la periodista valenciana Maria Amparo Peris Pallardó. Fue redactora de Radio Nacional de España, pertenecía a Mujeres Periodistas del Mediterráneo y era académica de la RACV por Rocafort.

10.01.2020. BRASIL. O jornalista e produtor Raphael Acioli (photo), de 36 anos, morreu no Recife no domingo (10). O profissional, que foi assessor de artistas como Wesley Safadao e Joelma, estava internado há 46 dias no Hospital Memorial São José e, de acordo com a família, o falecimento ocorreu por insuficiência renal e hepática, agravadas pela Covid-19.

10.01.2021. ITALIA. Ha combattuto per giorni, poi le sue condizioni di sono aggravate. Il Covid ha fermato per sempre il cuore di Giuseppe Catania (photo), decano del giornalismo vastese. Il 3 gennaio aveva compiuto 91 anni. Nato nel 1930, in provincia di Messina, si era trasferito a Vasto con la famiglia nel 1943. Per oltre 60 anni, ha raccontato con i suoi articoli la vita vastese.

09.01.2020. PERU. El reconocido periodista deportivo y exdirigente del Juventud Perú, José Ricardo Alfaro (photo), partió a la eternidad causa del nuevo coronavirus. El integrante del Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos del Perú-Filial La Libertad estuvo internado en el Hospital de Alta Complejidad “Virgen de La Puerta” de La Esperanza. El periodismo liberteño y deportivo está de luto en Trujillo. “Lobito” se convierte en el sexto periodista de la región La Libertad que fallece a causa del Covid-19.

08.01.2021. PERU. En horas de la noche del pasado viernes 8 de enero, se dio a conocer la lamentable noticia del fallecimiento de Dante Mateo (73), recordado periodista y narrador deportivo que cautivó con su voz en varios goles de la Selección Peruana y clubes del torneo peruano. Según información de RPP, medio en el que laboró por varios años, todo hace indicar que la causa del fallecimiento del recordado narrador deportivo fue debido a complicaciones por la COVID-19.

08.01.2021. SOUTH AFRICA/ETHIOPIA. One Of The Sidama’s Staunch Voices, Habte Yakob Balicha Succumbs To Covid-19. Habte Yakob Balicha, 45 years old, has been key Media personality for the last decade. He has combined activism and Media management as he has tirelessly worked with the Sidama’s prominent politicians and human defenders from the land he sought refuge in South Africa. With the support of and in consultation with the Sidama Diaspora, Habte has started the Sidama TV in collaboration with the Oromia Media Network (OMN) which has facilitated the establishment of the Sidama Media Network (SMN). He was one of the key founding members of SMN.

07.01.2021. RUSSIA. Igor Saskov, (photo), a well-known journalist in the region, suddenly died in Abakan at the age of 48. The death of Igor Saskov was reported today by the 19rus.info news agency, where he worked as an editor. On Saturday, January 2, Saskov was admitted to the Abakan hospital. On Tuesday, January 5, he was transferred to an artificial respiration apparatus. On Thursday morning, January 7, Igor Saskov died.

07.01.2021. BRASIL. Jornalista Izinha Toscano (photo) morre aos 31 anos vítima de Covid-19. Com uma carreira premiada no jornalismo amazonense, Izinha foi finalista nos prêmios ‘Milton Cordeiro’ e também da Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Amazonas (Fapeam), quando ganhou na modalidade Estudante da categoria Internet, em 2013. Ex-repórter do Portal Amazônia, ela se destacou também no mesmo ano no Prêmio Onça Pintada, com reportagens sobre sustentabilidade na Amazônia.

- O jornalismo alagoano perdeu Ailton Carlos de Lima Villanova, que morreu aos 79 anos por complicações da covid-19. O jornalista estava internado há dias e faleceu na noite dessa quinta-feira (7). Pelas redes sociais, o filho de Ailton, Leo Villanova lamentou a morte do pai e agradeceu o apoio de familiares e amigos.

06.01.2021. USA. A leader of communications, policy, and journalism organizations, Tiffany Shackelford

(Age 46, photo) died December 27, 2020, after contracting COVID-19. At the time of her death, Tiffany

was executive director of the Society for News Design, a nonprofit organization for media leaders and visual

journalists. She was also associated with the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

From 2016 to 2019 she was the chief strategy officer and communications director for the National

Governors Association. Previous career highlights included leading the Association of Alternative Newsmedia and the

publishing practice for Phase2 Technology, and serving as assistant managing editor of Stateline, a news site funded by The Pew

Charitable Trusts that pioneered online-only content delivery in 1999. In the latter role, she helped found and served as

executive director of Capitolbeat, an association of statehouse reporters and editors. She also started and ran the Online News

Association's first local group in Washington, DC. Tiffany was born in Jacksonville, Fla., on July 31, 1974.

06.01.2021. UNITED KINGDOM/SOMALIA. One of the most famous veteran journalists of the BBC Somali Service has died in London, England. Ahmed Abdinur (photo) whose name and voice are well known in Somalia, died of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to his wife, Seynab Yasin Hirsi, a former female journalist. The news of his death came as a shock to the BBC staff in general, and to his colleagues and to all who saw him as a role model. Ahmed Abdinur joined the BBC in June 1996 and became a reporter for the Somali Language Service in Mogadishu.

06.01.2021. BRASIL. Marco Antônio Viezzer (photo), faleceu, aos 76 anos, na madrugada desta quarta-feira (6), no Hospital Arcanjo São Miguel, em Gramado. Marcão comandou o jornal Nova Época, desde 1986 até 1999, quando fundou o Jornal de Canela, seguindo na função de diretor do veículo de comunicação até meados de 2010. Por alguns anos, foi responsável pelo único jornal impresso de Canela. Ainda, Viezzer assumiu o comando da Associação de Diários e Jornais do Interior, a Adjori, e foi presidente do PDT canelense.

06.01.2021. BRASIL. O jornalista Adão Nereu (photo), de 62 anos, morreu na noite de terça-feira (5) após contrair Covid-19, em Bauru (SP). Adão fez carreira em Bauru, onde foi apresentador durante 15 anos do Globo Esporte na TV Globo Oeste Paulista, atual TV TEM, no tempo em que o programa era gravado na cidade. Na cidade, Nereu também trabalhou no Diário de Bauru, Jornal da Cidade e foi assessor na Câmara de Vereadores. Depois, passou pela TV Fronteira, em Presidente Prudente, e TV TEM, em Jundiaí.

06.01.2021. COLOMBIA. Periodistas, productores, grabadores y personal de radio, acompañados de autoridades, expresaron las condolencias a la familia de Danilo Salgado Gracia (photo) quien murió tras su contagio con el coronavirus. Salgado Gracia, de 61 años, era una persona apreciada en la actividad radial en la que prestó servicios en Todelar y Radio Cadena Nacional (RCN), en la que completaba más de 30 años.

04.01.2011. BRASIL. Jornalista Agnaldo Oliveira (photo) morre vítima de Covid-19, em Manaus. Ele foi repórter na Rede Amazônica e gerente de jornalismo do canal de televisão Amazonsat. Foi vencedor de vários prêmios de jornalismo.

04.01.2021. COLOMBIA. «El palabrero de la radio», el periodista guajiro que murió por COVID-19. Enrique Herrera (photo), uno de los communicadores más reconocidos del departamento, luchó durante 21 días por sobrevivir a la enfermedad. Como un defensor de lo justo, apático a la corrupción, soñador con una Guajira diferente y crítico de los gobiernos es recordado Enrique Herrera.

01.01.2021. BRASIL. Na manhã deste dia 01 de janeiro, foi confirmada a morte da jornalista Ananda Valente (photo), de 30 anos, mais uma vítima da Covid-19. De acordo com as primeiras informações, Ananda, que era assessora de imprensa do Centro Universitário de Volta Redonda (Unifoa), estava internada no Hospital Regional desde o último dia 17 e na madrugada desta sexta-feira acabou não resistindo.

01.01.2021. MEXICO. Dos más. El comunicador y periodista Carlos Félix Gaxiola (photo), falleció el primer día de el 2021 víctima del Covid-19. El deceso de quien fuera colaborador de El Sol de Cuernavaca y El Sol de Cuautla, deja consternación en el periodismo morelense al que sirvió con profesionalismo durante por lo menos 30 años. Félix fue docente de niveles medio superior y superior, y contribuyó a la formación de generaciones de periodistas que expresaron su duelo a través de redes sociales desde que se conoció la noticia por la tarde de este viernes. Para el 31 de diciembre tambien murió Rigo Alemán reportero de la zona sur del Estado.

05.01.2021. PEC press release. More than 600 journalists died of Covid-19 in 59 countries in ten months in 2020, that is to say 60 per month, or two per day on average, announced Tuesday in Geneva the Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) // Plus de 600 journalistes sont morts du Covid-19 dans 59 pays en dix mois en 2020, soit 60 par mois, ou deux par jour en moyenne, a annoncé mardi à Genève la Presse Emblème Campagne (PEC) // Más de 600 periodistas murieron por la Covid-19 en 59 países en diez meses en 2020 (o sea 60 por mes, o dos por día), en promedio, anunció la Campaña Emblema de Prensa (PEC) este martes // Comunicado de imprensa PEC: Mais de 600 jornalistas morreram de Covid-19 em dez meses em 2020.

Read the PEC press release on PEC NEWS English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic

31.12.2020.  BRASIL. Após 22 dias lutando contra a covid-19, o jornalista Guilherme Villalba
Zurutuza Filho (photo) morreu na noite de ontem (30), no hospital El Kadri, em Campo
Grande. Ele havia completado 64 anos no dia 23 de dezembro, quando já estava internado.
Conhecido em toda imprensa regional, Guilherme Filho trabalhou no extinto Diário da Serra,
comandou a comunicação do governo do Estado durante as gestões dos ex-governadores
Wilson Martins e André Puccinelli. No início do ano o jornalista assumiu a direção de jornalismo da CBN Campo Grande.

31.12.2020. BRASIL. O jornalista e escritor Gustavo Roman (photo) morreu aos 45 anos de idade nesta quarta-feira, 30, em decorrência de complicações da Covid-19. O comentarista e narrador do DAZN no Brasil permanecia internado nos Estados Unidos desde o mês de novembro e publicava nas redes sociais o avanço do tratamento contra a doença.

29.12.2020. ITALIA. Ancora due altre vittime del covid-19 in Italia. E' morta per Covid Livia Giustolisi (69 anni, photo), giornalista, prima a Repubblica, poi ad Epoca e quindi per 30 anni alla Rai. Livia è stata anche motore del premio 'Giustizia e Libertà' intitolato al padre Franco, firma storica del giornalismo d'inchiesta, inviato speciale di Paese Sera, L'Ora di Palermo, Il Giorno, Tv7 e a lungo firma dell'Espresso, autore fra l'altro del saggio "L'armadio della vergogna" sulla stragi naziste in Italia.

In Campania questa volta la vittima si chiamava Mario Anzevino, aveva 44 anni, ed era un professore in una scuola di Afragola, in provincia di Napoli, e anche giornalista pubblicista e navigator della Regione Campania. Mario aveva contratto il covid all’inizio del mese di dicembre.

29.12.2020. INDONESIA. Banu Astono who was born in Surabaya on January 14, 1965, started joining the Kompas daily on January 15, 1990. He passed away on Monday (28/12/2020) due to Covid-19.

29.12.2020. URUGUAY. El docente de artes plásticas, publicista, periodista y diseñador gráfico Thomas Lowy falleció este martes. Nacido en 1947, el artista también fue director de Cultura de la Intendencia de Montevideo a finales de los ochenta, y entre 1995 y 2000, fue director nacional de Cultura del Ministerio de Educación y Cultura. Lowy también fue fundador, miembro del Consejo editor y diagramador del Semanario Jaque, que a comienzos de los ochenta fue esencial para el periodismo uruguayo.